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Vowing to 'Padlock Revolving Door' in DC, Warren Teases New Anti-Corruption Legislation


Vowing to 'Padlock Revolving Door' in DC, Warren Teases New Anti-Corruption Legislation

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Change is coming," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) declared in a national address on Tuesday, revealing plans to introduce "sweeping anti-corruption legislation to clean up corporate money sloshing around Washington."


Slim chance that the tyranny is reversed. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that political candidates from both pretend opposing sides are all controlled opposition for the grander scheme of . extending total control. The decades long downward spiral proves we’re being played as the assault only strengthens.


Right - since at least the days of Nixon, the agencies have been corrupted by
appointing rightwing/corporate appointees – but it has certainly accelerated in
recent years – and especially with the reckless of the Donald.
And it’s kind of reminiscent also of the “W” days with 9/11 and a two or three wars,
“Crusades” which “god” told him to activate. Yeah … so far “W” is still winning with
moving Catholic Charities/organizations which push faith-based teachings on to
subsidies by the American taxpayer. We’ve been paying since then for RCC to
preach to the public.

Obama’s attack on Social Security by destroying the COLA’s was another win for
the right wing. More money in the Social Security SURPLUS for them to steal.

But I’d say, the Donald is showing signs of catching up.

Btw, on the Eagles/Kneeling controversy where a reporter at the White House today
tried to bring it back from the lie of “Patriotism” to the reality of GUN VIOLENCE in
America especially in regard to police brutality against “blacks” in the US …
On CNN, one of the guests on a talk show happened to mention that in fact the Eagles
weren’t coming – the players, that is. Evidently, Trump would have had maybe ONE
or TWO Eagles in attendance because … the EAGLE PLAYERS WEREN’T COMING!!

It seems that Trump cancelled to hide the fact that the players were shunning the Donald
and the White House Invitation!!

What else could Donald do than cancel?

And start the sing song again about the National Anthem – instead of acknowledging that
the kneeling is about police brutality and gun violence in America.


Would highly recommend this speech by Elizabeth Warren at Georgetown Law –
you can catch it on C-span where I watched the “baloney sandwich” she exposed as
the lie it is by corporations.

True – Repugs have been allowed by our press (and by Dem Party) to make REGULATIONS
on corporations a dirty word.

Warren recited a long list of regulations and why they exist.

But basically, do we have to remove STOP signs in order for the public to understand the
value of regulations?

One additional point that Warren made was that in regulating corporations to keep them
honest, it means that other corporations don’t have to deal with corporations that lie and
cheat. It makes the competition fairer.

Where have all the terms for these filthy corporations/CEO’s gone?

Remember “Predatory capitalism”? “Predatory corporations/CEO”?

And I’ll just remind everyone here that Capitalism is suicidal.

If we go for the whole ride with it there’s not gonna be any Happy Ending.


I will support Elizabeth on this legislation.

We all must.


Nothing on Manafort??? I wonder what would happen if any of us were tampering with witnesses ? It would be straight to jail-----but as one reporter said most white collar people don’t go to jail before trial. But if your some poor kid in NY you can spend two years in Rikers, accused of stealing a backpack before getting a trial. WHEN WILL WE HAVE A REAL DISCUSSION ABOUT THE TWO TEIR SYSTEM IN THIS POLICE STATE.


I love Sen Warren but she must stop working at the edges-----call out the complete corruption in Congress and the MEDIA that ignores all this corruption.


True that she is on a right path in Revolving Door in DC needs correction, but lets go all out for the People of the US and add Israel’s Predator foreign lobby AIPAC that is places the Zionist grab lusts first before the needs and desires of all of the US. But, unfortunately, Warren is okay with that even more dangerous monster. ,


50 years after Robert Kennedy was assassinated, died.
What influence should we remember of his life’s work legacy?
Black working class, responsibility, priviledge used for the less fortunate?
The code of media interpretation presented as morale?


She needs to call out the DNC and the DCCC for their corruption if she wants to be taken seriously.


Sorry but my faith in Warren and the Democrats is gone. She talks a good game but in the end she is just another insider.


I wasn’t aware of this. I will do my homework now.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


So tired of “change is coming”. We thought that with Obama, our biggest hope and change did not work out well. A few crumbs were thrown our way and inequality grew larger and larger with a bigger crew of industry and wall street in his administration. And we are suppose to trust the democrats?
We need anti corruption introduced into the dem party and get the power brokers out of control of that party and give it back to the people.

Change is coming if we the people rise. But how? against the powerful interests that has a hold on both parties and our military might?


You’ll be disappointed one more time, then.


Electronic money has the potential to stop almost all crime. When there is no other way to buy sell or get paid without being tracked for all the world to see where every penny goes you can bet that being a criminal will be next to impossible. Naturally this must include things such as being able to inspect trust funds and other gimmicks used to avoid the law of the land.



Life isn’t a bowl of cherries.

That realization from an early age, limits any disappointment.


Sorry, I’m over Warren. If she and Obama had come out for Sanders instead of Clinton in the primaries, we wouldn’t be in this mess


I forget. What was the name of the major corporation that funded Warren when she was running?