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Vowing to Protect Science, Climate Movement 'Ready for Fight' With Trump


Vowing to Protect Science, Climate Movement 'Ready for Fight' With Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bearing signs that read, "Stop the Climate Denier Cabinet," about 50 people protested outside President-elect Donald Trump's transition office in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon, laying the groundwork for a concerted resistance against Trump's anti-science agenda.

"We're offering a very clear choice: stand with the people and science, or side with the fossil fuel industry."
Jenny Marienau, 350.org


"[T]he movement is ready for a fight": Then listen to the Mahatma Gandhi for an effective, non violent action--rolling, total, non cooperation across the USA starting in LA California then rolling on to all the major, and minor cities. Part of the actions will also entail massive teach-ins everywhere and organizing for a true Left coalition. No work, no school, no rent! Place money owed in escrow accounts for all bills, withdraw your money, don't use transportation other than your feet, your bicycles coordinate with those who live outside the city limits to bring in food and other supplies.


Point 5 on sign: "We can fix it." DREAM ON! It's likely that we are already "committed" to an amount of increase that will "do in" our species!


We might be so committed but we might not. Given the uncertainly this is no time to give up. The worst possible thing would be is that there is still time but we did nothing because we thought it was too late. The only good option is full speed ahead fighting climate change and hope for the best.


Wwoooww... This is similar to what I have in mind.


I don't think things are irreversible yet - at least not the apocalyptic parts. The big ocean currents are unstoppable, but we haven't been that long in the scary zone emissions-wise.

Michael Mann didn't think so either - in December 2015. It's just one page, but note the reference to direct air capture.

"Two Degrees of Freedom"


This I keep on my computer at all times. This is hard info - unglamorous - the best:

Oakridge National Laboratory (CO2):



People who respond as you just did.... always end up saying to someone who responded as Giovanna-Lepore did.... that they are "giving up".... when that is farthest from the truth... all it means is... that we have no illusions about keeping the current "living arrangements".... going... and that those who think that JUST switching out our energy source, will fix everything ... and make climate change go away.... is wrong... Even stopping industrial civilization... will not fix it... although, there is some kind of actual "medicine" in that... a healing... for the planet... even though, it won't really save us... However, there is that one big elephant in the room... Nuclear power plants.... and spent fuel rod pools...


I really doubt that we will stay under 2C but to "do in" the human species I believe we will have to get beyond 4C and certainly staying below 4C seems possible. Although I think even that will not be easy given the politics so a big effort is needed. We can all to something in our personal lives to help. Some of us can do something in our communities and we need to act politically at the state and federal level and even the international level. It largely comes down to improving energy efficiency and replacing fossil fuels for electricity and heating.


And transportation.

If you are driving alone in your car, think hard about whether you really need to be. Some people do. Most of you do not.

Also, stop farming animals.


Smog refugees flee Chinese cities as 'airpocalypse' blights half a billion

Tens of thousands of “smog refugees” have reportedly fled China’s pollution-stricken north after the country was hit by its latest “airpocalyse” forcing almost half a billion people to live under a blanket of toxic fumes.

Huge swaths of north and central China have been living under a pollution “red alert” since last Friday when a dangerous cocktail of pollutants transformed the skies into a yellow and charcoal-tinted haze.

Greenpeace claimed the calamity had affected a population equivalent to those of the United States, Canada and Mexico combined with some 460m people having to breathe either hazardous pollution or heavy levels of smog in recent days.

Pictures, video, stories of attempts to flee here:

It's interesting that the 1972 study Limits To Growth predicted a mass dieoff starting about now and peaking around 2030 on account of pollution. Already one of eight deaths globally is attributed to pollution, and obviously that figure is only bound to rise.

We're already in the thick of it. There's no arguing that. I see no way to avoid it getting worse. The issue now is how each of us lives the rest of our lives - can we create a network of community gardens and solar arrays etc in hopes of forging a sustainable future for any survivors of the storm that is already upon us?


"The big ocean currents are unstoppable, but we haven't been that long in the scary zone emissions-wise



To cut to the chase, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell we will stay under two degrees C, and I am expecting that before we come to our senses, four plus will be on the way.

Hence direct air capture, or massive reforestation in combination with direct air capture and CO2 sequestration will be our only chance to avoid meltdown, quite literally.

Unfortunately, I don't think all the efficiency and re-cycling and personal simplification in the world will do more than delay the inevitable.

To solve the problems we have already generated, "progress traps" in the phrase coined by Ronald Wright in "A Short History of Progress" (2004), we will need ever more sophisticated strategies, such as direct air capture, quantum computing etc..., and all of these solutions require - demand - massive energy and the continuation and expansion of sophisticated institutions such as universities and research laboratories, and the investment in people to do all of this problem solving. This is the verdict of the Utah anthropologist Joseph Tainter, and his arguments are compelling in the extreme.

'Black swans' are going to metaphorically fill our skies, and the flip side of a new source, or sources, of abundant and affordable energy, from space or say fusion et al, is collapse to a state of lesser complexity.

This is what has always happened in the past history of every civilization which ran up against their particular 'limits to growth'.

Leadership grows fat and stale, like now - and the only solutions these fat cats can think of is to further impoverish the masses thru ever more war economics, which of course isn't economics at all - not in any sense.

It is a death wish, from an utterly corrupt elite who long ago forgot how to live.

Exploring is what we do - it is our path - for better or for worse.

And it is inspiring, something a Trump will never understand.

Kennedy did understand this:

"Let us throw our cap over the wall of space, and follow it there, and see what wonders lie on the other side."


Trump is a catastrophe, and should never be president. Here is an article that outlines how he and Putin want to prop up the Carbon Bubble. The best way to destroy this guy is to push for oil divestment. Here is the article: https://medium.com/@AlexSteffen/trump-putin-and-the-pipelines-to-nowhere-742d745ce8fd#.n323kkwd1


Mr Trump; I do not want to have to wear a mask when I walk on the streets in any US city! Soon China's pollution will bite them in the ass. A Massive health crisis will ensue if it has not already. (hard to know in a totalitarian country) I believe they are ahead of us in alt. energy but can they save their people in time? Reeducate coal miners to install solar panels on American homes. That would be money well spent. Alt. Energy could be the answer to making our power grid safe from outside influenced attacks which should be a national security priority.