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Vowing to Take on Corrupt System 'That's Literally Killing Us,' Jamaal Bowman Jumps Out to 25-Point Lead Over Rep. Eliot Engel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/vowing-take-corrupt-system-thats-literally-killing-us-jamaal-bowman-jumps-out-25


Some positive news in an otherwise dark season. The lesson here though is that we must get rid of all corporate Democrats and Republicans in Congress if we’re to build a functioning democracy. Engel, a corporate sycophant from day one, is an enemy of the 99% yet he still has almost 40% of the vote. This is a signal that still too many poor people don’t understand that the mainstream candidates are all working overtime to undermine the public interest. The fact that such a terrible candidate like Engel, still garners so much support, is a message that we must all do more to expose the corruption in American politics today.


A great headline to wake-up to! Kudos to Jamaal! BRAVO!!

If only the PTB in the DINO club party had some shred of wisdom and dedication to change their spots and follow the public demands and vision for the future, rather than follow/lead/join RepubliCons down the rat-hole of corruption and servitude to business as usual - for-profit war & health care, banker Wall St usury and victimization environmental exploitation and pollution that is killing Mother Earth, all the rot that is the vulture capitalist way.


Only wish, the rest of the vote was going as well! Like the Squad; poorer, younger, more desperate precariate voters appear to break the surface tension? While, DCCCorporate crooks predominate in “upscale” Creative Class™ districts, reactionary in their fear of change. No, not Trump’s hordes; but millions of marchers of all races, protesting the lethal status quo, as loved ones, coworkers and friends die from COVID, lose any “beloved” employer health insurance & fall further into indenture, closer to living in the street or are harassed, robbed, incarcerated or suffer death o’ disparity of our system, feeding off their debt, desperation & death.






I assume this is the same Eliot Engel that said ‘I never make a move on foreign policy without reviewing it with AIPAC’.

This Zionist does not represent America, is the leading warmonger in congress and CD still carefully calls Engel “hawkish”. When I opened this article: CD put up a full page request for donations. Want my donation? Use appropriate words instead of weasel words.


PayGo Pelosi will be extremely pissed about losing one of her corporate team! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Jamaal Bowman is a Progressive Uniter, exactly what We need!


I await the final vote count. Note that congressional districts have approximately the same number of people. On one side of NYC, AOC has 100% vote count but in Engel’s district, the votes ‘trickle in’. I smell DNC vote rigging…


[I]ncluding an endorsement by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

Why would this not be enough to sink anyone? Time to clear out the old, worn-out to make way for the new and better.

If after all the ballots post-election do not declare Bowman the winner should we not suspect foul play?

[E]ndorsements from Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and Chuck Schumer.

These, by now unless you are tone deaf and blind, are not helpful to the incoming new generations but only to the fossilized, fearful Wall Street agoraphobics.


Oh, especially if (and we can help here) if Shahid Bhuttar unseats her.


They get into office and they stick like glue. Term limits maybe?


I think we can give Bernie some credit for this progressive limited success.
Picking off dinosaurs can’t be easy.


They’re okay with change. But they prefer large checks.

No wonder Nancy’s been sporting that cute African-print bandana lately. Time to show a little sympathy for the servants, her polling numbers insist, before things get out of hand and the Floyd Rebellion turns into a full-fledged Toussaint Louverture slave-revolt.


We need his counterpart Grassley to go first.
If I were a Vermont voter I would want to swap out Leahy with a younger version of Leahy himself.
But I must study his record before saying that.

I agree. Without the tireless work of Bernie and his legions for years now, pushing the progressive agenda, we might not have the few but important victories seen at this time. Of course there are other impetuses for change , but without years of Bernie’s hammering his message, and calling out corruption, we would not be seeing some glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The battles to come will be huuuge. Bernie brought to the forefront the need to battle the 1%, healthcare reform, livable wages, etc etc. Thank you Bernie, but I still wish you were in the race.


Good for you guys! Progressives needed a win and a reminder that you have a place in the Democratic party.

I’m with you. McGarth is the perfect wall street democrat candidate.

A warmonger. Biden has already said Trump did start not enough wars like himself and Obama. Not sure where McGarth got all her Marine Combat Piloting but likely shooting little brown kids playing stick ball. Again, a perfect wall street democrat, a perfect match for Biden.


This particular race and Bowman’s lead is the most encouraging thing I have heard for a long, long time. I hope…this is the beginning of a nationwide purge of the entrenched reactionary forces in both national parties that are keeping the world in such misery and hopelessness.

We have to end capitalism, raise the taxes back up on the rich to 90% to begin with. Reagan lowered them from this rate to around 13%. While people are tearing down statues let’s include those of the son of a bitch Reagan who did so much damage and so much to lead us to the condition we are in now.


Are there statues of Reagan?

EDIT: Quick web search finds Berlin opted NOT to erect a statue of Reagan, so the USA is placing one at the US Embassy in Berlin…


The people of New York are retiring Engel for someone who is willing to work.

Complacency in a time of widespread corruption and inequality is fatal for politicians unwilling to represent their constituents.