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Vows to Fight NC GOP with Courts, Votes, and Wallets After HB2 Deceit

Vows to Fight NC GOP with Courts, Votes, and Wallets After HB2 Deceit

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Stay vigilant, boycott, and get revenge at the ballot box. That was the message in North Carolina on Thursday after lawmakers went back on their word and refused to repeal the state's anti-LGBTQ ordinance HB2.

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Goes to show you that you can’t deal with repub rats in NC GA - with Phil Berger as king rat.

The 2017 special election - with redrawn and hopefully fairer districts - offers another opportunity to remove the rats. Will the people of NC take the necessary steps to make sure as many are registered to vote and run interference to make sure they can vote regardless of repub shenanigans or will it be business as usual.

Ending the veto proof super majority is an easily accomplishable goal. Ending repub majorities is in sight…


Good luck and solidarity!


What should be boycotted?

I agree, and this sounds like another distraction issue.

Except that this isn’t about HB 2, it’s about how the R’s are rewriting the powers of the governor because he’s not an R. From the viewpoint of democracy, it is very near a life or death, freedom or tyranny issue. That’s what this article is about.


I did hear something about that on the news, and understand what might be behind that. However, it would seems that people in the South in general should focus on higher wages, becoming unionized, have better public ed , environmental laws etc. When this is presented as a sound bite in the news, it comes across as this one issue “let’s roll back the rights issues.”

I should add: somehow the focus of the “bathroom bill” as some news segments have presented it certainly does not carry the weight of let’s say segregation , lynchings, beatings, separate facilities according to race . Using this issue in the forefront of the republican fear takeover might not gain as much national attention.

I think they are both important. One, the rewrite of the governor’s power goes to the heart of our democratic structure. The other, HB2, goes to the core tenets of our democracy, just as the other issues you list do. The rights of the LGBTQ community are no less important than the rights of races, workers, our children’s education and the environment (the issues you list). I thinks it’s dangerous to try and prioritize these against one another – that said, I would prioritize them over competing issues like defense funding and war powers. But in terms of individual rights, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re being relegated to second class status because you’re gay, black, female, or whatever. When your’e the person on the receiving end, it’s a debilitating and humiliating experience and not anything our government should be doing.

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I read this and cannot help thinking it is in code.
Do US’ns understand what they think and say and write?
Their debate so distorted as to reduce all to the level of us and them.
Is this by the intention of those who wish to destroy meaning?
Destroying language is the function of the propagandist.
Who controls the word controls the outcomes.
The US English word is defunct.

This so wrong in so many ways it must be deconstructed to be understood:

[quote=“Social_D, post:6, topic:35055”]
A slim majority of the Assembly - who were elected by mere pluralities of the citizenry, and not on their specific stance on this question, but on a range of issues[/quote]

Yes, these people were elected with a slim majority, on account of voter suppression laws overturned by a Federal court and gerrymandered legislative districts, also overturned by a Federal court, and proceeded to not only pass HB 2, but to dismantle the powers of the incoming Democratic governor elected by a statewide majority.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s 1% or just one person that is discriminated against. Our societal fabric is held together by the notion that while the majority may rule, the minority have rights that cannot be taken away.

[quote=“Social_D, post:6, topic:35055”]…so therefore the entire economy of the state and all of the owners and workers within it should be punished?


Yes, this is called political action and seems to be the only pressure that the Republican henchmen might respond to. If you have a better idea, perhaps you could suggest it.

One can’t really know where to begin with this passage. Economic political action is part of a long tradition. To compare it to fascism exposes a total ignorance of that history and of the history of fascism. To invoke Stalin, a man who murdered millions, is even more absurd.

" we have our belief " ah, no. Like the gay marriage finger-wagging, lecturing canard, this is a religiously inspired form of overt state discrimination. Which uses an artificial construct of infallible moral superiority ( their particular religion ) and secret assuredness ( their faith ) over the citizens of N. Carolina, to punish those affected. There is no reason for any state, or country, to take away universal rights based on some faction’s unprovable claims. Aiding those same groups discomfort with the LBGT community, by passing legal discriminatory acts, is not what The Bill of Rights intended. But it is, in this instance, what proto-theocratic fascists on the religious right want. And, their sleaze-ball tactics here, show the flag they fly is a false one. Which is more appropriately, and better left, to religious crusaders and fanatic zealots than right wing citizen legislators. But, hey, they’re straight, paranoid, old Bible thumping conservative white guys from a southern state which, of course, makes " it all good ", right?:wink:

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