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VP Mike Pence Swings into Senate to Deliver 'Wet-Kiss-to-Wall-Street' Tie Breaker


VP Mike Pence Swings into Senate to Deliver 'Wet-Kiss-to-Wall-Street' Tie Breaker

Jon Queally, staff writer

"No wonder Americans think the system is rigged against them," says Senator Elizabeth Warren. "It is."


Queally sez: “Vice President Mike Pence was summoned to the Senate chamber on Tuesday night where he cast the tie-breaking vote …”

Democrats™ missed a golden opportunity here. If they’d all taken a knee Pence would’ve had to get up and leave the chamber. Being a man of principle, and all.


But what about cloture, the 60 vote thing. Have you noticed when Republicans have control of the Presidency, House, and Senate 51 votes passes countless measures aimed at advancing bills that benefit large corporations and the super wealthy.

But when Democrats control such, my goodness gracious nothing progressive that would counterbalance such power and wealth can ever get passed without 60 votes.

It’s been pointed out by some posters here that I’m clueless about the reality of how it all works, that I’m a neophyte as to grasping the complexities of “pragmatism”.

Help this naive Chicken. I want to believe!


This is just a taste of what we can expect if Pence is going to succeed Trumpo the Klown as president. He will do everything he can to bring “Christian” Dominionism into this government. The shitstorm of Rethug regressivism continues. I hate this cold-blooded crypto-fascist.


On my website I used to post all kinds of political commentary about what is happening. Past tense. Even if rump gets the boot what do we have? Fascism at it’s finest. This is what 1/3 of our country wants and they’ll get by gawd. Madison warned us of this very thing in Federalist Paper #10. The Republic for which you stand is over, gone. Get used to it folk’s. Posting here is nice but if you wanna change things I suggest the streets. Not in angry voices but in total silence. It’s all been said before and everyone knows what the problem is, silence will speak volumes about their Shame.


On the occasions when it is necessary to recite the “Pledge,” I finally figured out a way to stomach it. “…and to the Republic for which it stood…”
*I’ve pointed this out a number of times over the years, but when the Oilagarchy was trying to buy the country and take control, it was all in the corner and under the table, bribes, etc. They did their harm, but it was behind the curtain.
*Now, they are sure they have won and it is all in our face. Laws similar to what is going on today has happened for years, but you rarely heard about it until you got bit. The Oilagarchy and their congressional and senatorial lackeys would quietly vote in the bills on late Fridays, or they would be signed at the start of a long weekend.
*Today, they bring up these bills, ignore or insult the millions who are protesting, then laugh or smile at photo ops where they are gloating over the number of “worthless peasant lives” they have destroyed today, and move on to the next one, to destroy even more in the name of Greed and Power.
*I’m sorry folks, but we no longer have a Constitutional Republic, nor a functioning Constitution.
*If we rise up, there will be martial law, and Bush’s no-bid KBR Concentration camps will be taking “guests.”
*If we lay quiet, the alleys and bridge abutments will get very crowded with hungry, homeless, sick people, while their homes and pensions will be stolen and the people will be thrown out of their homes, foreclosed because they no longer have the income to pay their taxes.
*Look at Greece, Puerto Rico, and many other nations who are maneuvered into debt, then “rescued” by big money, who takes their businesses and resources for their loans, then charge huge interest which cannot be paid. Rinse and repeat until the country and its people is destroyed. Then they move on to the next target. (I know, Puerto Rico is not a nation, it is a colony of a rapacious dictatorship, but the people are dying, cholera is spreading, and the Oilagarchy is screaming for more money.)
*Oh crap!


The sad reality is that, with a couple of exception, Warren, and Sanders. the Democratic party is moribund. Unable to articulate clearly, a strategy to re-employ American labor they remain a subsidiary of their Wall Street owners.


On CNN this morning the headline is…GOP, Stand with Trump or get out…we now have full blown Fascists running the country and as reported by the New Yorker there has been a military coup.

Not much else to say, is there?


It comes down to only needing 51 votes for budget reconciliation votes but 60 for regular business. The Republications work harder at making important votes fall under budget reconciliation - they realize that choking off all funds for a program is just as effective in killing it as a direct vote on it.

However, budget reconciliation matters do have time limits by which the votes must occur (because of the timing of the fiscal year) and the Republicans got themselves caught up in that with the Cassady-Graham health care abomination. Back in February of this year they passed a budget bill that included language that said that they had to reconcile health care legislation with a certain amount of savings in the budget. That gave them a way to pass their ridiculous Health Care legislation as a budget matter with only 51 votes (again, keeping the Obamacare law in place but removing money from any aspect they didn’t want to happen). However, that idea expired on September 30 at the end of the fiscal year so Graham and Cassady were in a big rush to get their 51 votes - but luckily they ever did.

Hope that nonsense makes sense.


I’ve never had a credit card and I never will.
My money is in a credit union, not a bank.
Wall St. will get no business from me if I have any say about it.


This is reversing a rule, which can be done with a bare majority under the congressional review act (and I believe that’s the way this was done—open to correction though). The rule was passed and enforced under a neoliberal awful sellout Democratic President. It will be undone under a “better on banking”—I was told that by some progressives here in 2016–Republican one. The “peace candidate” of 2016 strikes again, right?


Per my comment above, this action was taken under the Congressional Review Act, not budget reconciliation. The CRA requires a majority, not 60, in the Senate.


Great point. I reread the Declaration and the Constitution every 4th of July to remind myself of the difference between Enlightenment ideas and the ideology that they sought to keep in check. As the neocons (war by tanks) and neolibs (war by banks) have been pushing the latter, we race to the bottom as a people–We the People.


Oops - I was answering @Psychedelic_Chicken without reading the article and didn’t realize the action in the article was just about changing a regulation. That is indeed another way to use the 51 vote rule.

The Health Care stuff needs to do more than just change regulations (Trump is already decimating health care regulations on his own through executive action) so Republicans need budget reconciliation to get to the 51 vote situation when they want to wipe out subsidies and Medicaid and so forth.


It was stunning to listen to Kelly use false dichotomies lending stench to what he asserts as no longer being sacred.


Anyone who has their money in Wall Street or their banks deserve to be screwed.


I don’t understand Pence, a fundamentalist Christian. So how does he rationalize that wet butt kiss to Wall Street? I do understand that Trump may have picked him as his Vice President because if Trump was threatened with impeachment, everyone would not want Pence as president.


One nation under the Oligarchs. With no liberty or justice for all… excerpt the few.


The whole thing has me spooked, angry and very sad. They have no shame.


Seems that way to me too. Too bad so many of them are so enamored with Wall Street too and like to think of “bi-paternship” when Republicans are out for blood.