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VP Pence Casts 'Awful' Tie-Breaking Vote to Defund Critical Family Planning Program


VP Pence Casts 'Awful' Tie-Breaking Vote to Defund Critical Family Planning Program

Nika Knight, staff writer

To widespread outcry, a procedural vote on a GOP effort to slash funding for the Title X family planning program, which funds clinics that largely serve poor women and women of color, passed the Senate Thursday after Vice President Mike Pence was forced to cast a tie-breaking vote.


This is getting to be a bad habit for daddy P, proving why he was put on the ticket (same reason Priebus is in the West Wing). His day will come.


Well, when you live in the Fourth Reich, this sorta crap happens every day, along with expanded wars and surveillance.
* I have to wonder how long We the People are going to let it go on. Positive change is certainly not going to come from the Demicans or the Republicrats. They all belong to the same club and are fed by their billionaire masters, and they love it!


Any lingering doubts erased. Pence is a monster. He will be dealt with accordingly. Actually he could be found complicit in Trump's illegal campaign dealings and forced out. Whatever, the target extends to him.


Time is long overdue for a tax revolt: Place your money in escrow and re-route it to these clinics. The notion that anything that benefits the masses of people must be sacrificed to profit for the few and endless war should be reason enough to do this. May 1 is General Strike day!


This is getting to be like dealing with our own Taliban.


Hate-filled Republicans. Hate-filled Pence. Women haters. Hating old people. Hating freedom. Lying, manipulating, greedy, hate-mongers. Hate America. Hate the Constitution. Hate the First Amendment. Hate the 14th Amendment. Hate, hate, hate. The Russians hacked our election and set loose a torrent of hate from the nation's amygdala and now it is consuming the nation, eating its brain, eating its heart, eating its guts.


More unwanted kids, more cancer, more delayed till more cost health care, and the Fascist Christian Taliban keeps marching the U.S. back to the Middle Ages and the illusionary never happened Golden Age.


"Digging up dirt, both real and imagined, on Vladimir Putin isn’t going to accomplish anything and will serve to keep us occupied while the far right tries and succeeds in getting away with murder of one type or another."

Flashback to article from May 14, 1998:

"  United States policy toward Russia requires a full-scale Congressional investigation. The General Accounting Office did investigate H.I.I.D.’s Russian and Ukrainian projects in 1996, but the findings were largely suppressed by the agency’s timid management. The audit team concluded, for example, that the U.S. government exercised “favoritism” toward Harvard, but this conclusion and the supporting documentation were removed from the final report. Last fall Congress asked the G.A.O. to look into Eastern European aid programs and Shleifer’s role in the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission. Such questions need to be answered, but any serious inquiry must go beyond individual corruption and examine how U.S. policy, using tens of millions in taxpayer dollars, helped deform democracy and economic reform in Russia and helped create a fat-cat oligarchy run amok."


His day may come, but not soon enough


I doubt that the Russians are all responsible for this- this is a result of the anger that was squelched during and after the recession. It never went away.


Hey is one deals with an enemy long enough- one might just to look like that.


De Vos must be creaming in her jeans.


Counterpunch is NOT a credible news source. There are many in the US who have no knowledge of the Cold War and the real fears of Soviet military buildup at the expense of the infrastructure (including taking care of its people, environment, agriculture, etc.), which lead to the end of the USSR in 1990. A succession on hate-mongering despots since the WWII until Gorbachev (the one shining light) left a monumental hole in the fabric of its society and created a vacuum that has since been filled with kleptocrats and organized crime cabals with Putin leading the bunch. He cut his teeth on KGB cum FSB climbing precipitously up through the ranks leaving any number of bodies along the way. No matter how hard they try to showcase Moscow and how "prosperous" it is (only for the klepto kin, for sure), reality manages to seep through to the outside world. Check out a more CREDIBLE source in FORBES magazine special issue just out on BILLIONAIRES and their love of Trump...there is far more FACTUAL information contained therein than in 100 Counterpunch pieces.

As for Russian interference and ties to the Trump Trash Tribe, it will be uncovered and heads will roll. No amount of money can cover the evidence. Russia has been the world leader in espionage/technological hacking since 1983 and it sure as hell is not going to quit while it thinks it is ahead.


People like Pence and his pal in the Oval Office will pay for the rampant, vicious, diabolical disregard for women, their families, and their children. Pence is way out of his element with his pompous, self-righteous, condescending mien...ad nauseaum. The swamp has turned into one giant toxic waste pit full of putrifiying humans feeding off the misery of all life within their reach.


The only thing worse is hating with a smile on your face . . . something the so-called "Christians" are very good at.

You know the routine: "We love you, and we're doing this for your own good!"

Despicable and repulsive. Creepy beyond belief.


Mealouts, you have a problem with the facts that are emerging from the Senate Intelligence committee's hearings. We already know that several of Trump's advisors beginning with Michael Flynn and Stephen Bannon met with Sergei Kislyak. Now we learn exactly how the Russian hackers influenced the election. They sent disinformation to specifically selected areas in swing states and that disinformation apparently convinced voters to believe that all government is corrupt and to fall into Trump's lies of saying he would drain the swamp. Trump and Bannon have fought to prevent an investigation into the Russian influence. Just recently, Trump and Bannon managed to derail the House investigation on the Nunes committee and we learn that names of the people who gave confidential information to Nunes. What more do you need?


What is the real tragedy here is that this misguided zealot is actually proud of making it harder for women to have a bit of control of when to have a family and be comfortable with the responsibility that is incurred when you have small people that you are responsible for. While no one that I have ever met is pro abortion that aspect of PP isn't their major effort and the alternatives have proven tragic.The Party of No once again chooses to deny the civil rights of an entire sector of our citizenry..


Seatower, Let us hope that 85% of citizens turn out on November 6, 2018 to vote all Republicans out of office. Let us hope that citizens are learning to recognize lying politicians (there's an oxymoron) when they run for office.


Actually I do not think any part of love is involved. They are doing it first because they can and second because it makes them feel superior simply because it hasn't been something that they have had to worry over. The God thing is not a reason but an excuse.