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VP Pence Caught in Yet Another 'Demonstrably False' Claim After Wikileaks-Don Jr. Revelations


VP Pence Caught in Yet Another 'Demonstrably False' Claim After Wikileaks-Don Jr. Revelations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The vice president said he was "never aware" of any communications between members of Trump's campaign and Wikileaks


It’s a plague, not a Party.


I just have a hard time believing that you can be that clueless. I just doubt that they keep Pence holed up in a closet somewhere. The clueless doctrine of politics is easily one of the most annoying excuses. Its basically “I’m too dumb to lie”, then why are you the VP.


Because he is dumb


Guess he missed all the videos of the campaign with DJT waving sheets of paper with messages from WikiLeaks while extolling its virtues and lauding its existence. Pence the Pious Prevaricator was right behind him in many instances (probably listening to KKKristian music with his invisible ear buds to drown out his loathed misanthropic master). So much for those “family values.” So much for abiding by the 9th Commandment…

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” is one (either the eighth or ninth, the designation varies between religions of the Ten Commandments, which are widely understood as moral imperatives by Jewish scholars, Catholic scholars, and Post-Reformation scholars.]

Today, most cultures retain a distinction between lying in general (which is discouraged under most, but not all, circumstances) versus perjury (which is always unlawful under criminal law and liable to punishment). Similarly, historically in Jewish tradition, a distinction was made between lying in general and bearing false witness (perjury) specifically. On the one hand, bearing false witness (perjury) was always prohibited according to the decalogue’s commandement against bearing false witness, yet on the other hand, lying in general was acknowledged to be, in certain circumstances “permissible or even commendable” when it was a white lie, and it was done while not under oath, and it was not “harmful to someone else”.


This article does a terrible job of explaining that the scandal here is not the Trump campaign using Wikileaks to find material to use against Clinton. Any politician running for an office would do that.

Here is how Democracy Now reported it this morning:

“Donald Trump Jr. has admitted he had some direct contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. Trump Jr. made the admission after The Atlantic magazine revealed WikiLeaks repeatedly sent him private direct messages on Twitter during the campaign. Occasionally, Trump Jr. responded. On October 12, WikiLeaks urged Trump Jr. to have his father link to the site containing the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. Fifteen minutes later Donald Trump himself tweeted, “Very little pick-up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by WikiLeaks. So dishonest! Rigged system!” Also, on Election Day, WikiLeaks urged Trump Jr. to tell his father not to concede if he lost.”

So, the scandal is that Wikileaks itself (probably Assange himself) was actively seeking to help the Trump campaign. Wikileaks deliberate descent into partisan politics in order to actively support the election of a proto-fascist is tragic. The reputation of Wikileaks as a vital impartial resource for journalists and activists for exposing scandal and atrocities and a tool promoting social justice is now totally destroyed.

Oh, how far our heroes have fallen! Assange can stay in that Ecuadorian Embassy until he rots as far as I’m concerned.


Anomalous analogues abound above about the VP. I tend to think he is the pink palmed pickaninny promising to piss on press, preferably piss-ant peasants pretending plausible pleasures with a presidential paucity of plan to provide for purging of persistent punctilious pagans while pathetically parading as positive portable governance.

My pp paper.


I agree. Before my time, during the McCarthy era, I have read about what he called: " THE RED MENACE" but now we have the REPUBLICAN MENACE!


Is it just me, or does the imbecile Pence look older and dumber every time he appears in public?


Definitely older, not sure he can look any Dumber


When Trump said: " I love Wikileaks! "
I would say… corroborates your post.


Yeah, and I don’t think that we will be seeing any more Julian Assange interviews by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now anymore.


Seems to me that Pence comes out looking bad either way:

If he knew about the Wikileaks contacts, he’s a liar.

If he didn’t know, it’s because the Trump campaign didn’t think he was important enough to keep in the loop.

So which is it, Mike: Are you a liar or an afterthought?


Or like Papadopoulos and Manafort, PtP was just a lowly “volunteer” during the campaign (albeit PtP was the leader of that dirge). (PtP - Pence the Pious)


Trump has made fools of both Pence and Sessions - but they don’t have the integrity or personal honor to resign. They would rather serve under this abomination.


They like the money…nothing more, nothing less…paid philistines at best and outright thieves at worst.


A criminal/destructive regime characterized by pathological liars, that starts at the “top” with the Liar-In-Chief - the tiny hands-tiny mind-tiny intellect-tiny experience and tiny (or totally absent) moral compass person who shows contempt for all beside greed and serving vast wealth, notably his own - a clearly (or should be) criminal conflict of interest by any measure!.


It certainly appears that Assange has been working on behalf of the Kremlin although I don’t think any evidence of direct communication with Putin or someone who works for Putin has ever been obtained. It is possible that Assange and Putin are simply on the same wavelength both aiming to undermine Western democracy, perhaps for different reasons. Putin seems adept at using all those fighting Western democracy such as the white nationalist movements in Europe and Trump here in the US. Hopefully people in the US will finally understand what Assange is about and not defend him. In my view he should be grouped in with Trump, Putin, the white nationalist movements in Europe and whether or not direct connections can be established they all seem to be on the same page.


Pence the Pious.

Sounds like the name of fictitious character who briefly serves as Pope in the 13th Century until being deposed in the aftermath of a sex scandal.

Come to think of it, that’s just me projecting my fondest hopes for modern-day PtP…


Are you seriously lumping Assange with Trump, Putin, and white nationalist movements. Here is one alternative point of view:

Can you point out one document that Wikileaks has published that was falsified? I mean, I am not saying Assange is the beacon of democracy, but to throw out an accusation that he is working on behalf of the Kremlin? Come on, that is a stretch even for you.