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VW Case Shows Need For More And Bigger Government


VW Case Shows Need For More And Bigger Government

Dave Johnson

Again and again we hear about corporations doing bad things so they can make more money: polluting, selling contaminated food or otherwise harming people’s health, selling products that injure people or just don’t do what they advertise, tricking and scamming people out of their money, selling banned goods or providing financial services for terrorists or drug cartels, and so many other things that are not good for people or society.


(Maximized) Corporate profits and morality cannot coexist.


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"The era of big government is over." So said William Jefferson Clinton as he jettisoned any relationship the Democratic Party had with its New Deal past.


remember these decals? one type of urea injector?


Begin by enforcing the laws already on the books. A bigger government doesn't guarantee one that will be more effective and in fact, probably the opposite. Corporations must be punished with a fine and forced to make restitution to remedy the damage caused. Restitution means fixing the problem caused, the fines are punitive. All corporate executives involved get jail time; no exceptions. A year or two in jail for a white collar executive is much more of a deterrent than a large fine paid for and tax deducted by the corporation.


All of these godzilla-like corporations are emblematic of the industrial mythos, except that its not just a myth. Instead of the classical function of mythos, the human effort to describe the unseen, it is inverted with the corporation playing the role of the 'god' 'unseen' (secrecy) and manifesting in virtually all aspects, from raw materials acquisition (poisonous mining practices etc.), destruction of ecosystems and genocide, to labor exploitation and deception - not to mention 'planned obsolescence' and nary a thought to the mountains of poisonous waste - for which there is never sufficient resource or effort to even begin to properly mitigate.

The term 'externalized costs' as the nefarious methodology of the modern 'financial' mechanism and metric for "GDP" completes the psychosis handed over to "consumers" on a 'fiat' silver platter with the palimpsest of the Potosi mines of the 15th century that launched this insanity as underlying standard for the colonization by making life an 'externalization' in its legacy of identity politics. So swiftly internalized by its equally gargantuan bloat by the billion $ minions of "Public Relations". Lawyers likewise, playing in a leggolike sprawl of plastic that has been exposed to tons of aluminum oxide (of incendiary properties) and the match of cleverness constantly struck as close to the maladjusted snap-on version of ethics as possible.

I abhor the fecal positioning in the imposition of the word 'consumer' as description of lumping all humanity into a virtual gaping maw to have these toxic monsters rape the planet and shove the 'products' down the throat of societies.

We live in prophetic times (when do we not?) and the centuries of the demonic madness of 'courtly' financiers traipsing through their glitteringly dissociative mirror world version of this nightmare.

Quite apart from any effort on my or anyone else's part to address these abominations, the cold hard facts are gathering in an aggregate of tsunami proportions identifiable by the receding waters.

More secrecy is necessary in direct correlation to the scale of secrecy and dehumanization integral to ideologies of dehumanization, nature as object to be exploited, and poisoning by processes necessary for this toxic monster in need of constant growth! The ideological toxification by colonization of entire governance structures around the world to the point that now billions of people throughout its history have been fleeing the monster for centuries. But that is and has been kept under the rug, marginalized, externalized by the ideology.

The crumbling keystone in the construct is that there is no other way to live on the planet. The system has internalized all that it has for centuries externalized - poisoned from within. From the point of view of this construct I am considered some kind of 'pollyanna'. Interesting to consider what that says about the ideational perspective from which it arises.


I dont know about Germany but here in the states the GOP and all its followers could care less about diesel fumes....As long as corporations demand profits above all else they figure GOD has told em so..So be it..


Earlier this month VW activities in Brazil since the dictatorship in the 1960s (linkd in the article), being investigated and submitted to the truth commission


It takes a twisted mind to...

Think Dr. Strangelove along with Dr. Frankenstein... as machinations into the worlds of computers--as Artificial Intelligence--and biology--as genetic engineering let loose increasingly new horrors since they reflect the ethos (and mentality) of those that devised them.

"VW built a “defeat mechanism” into as many as 11 million cars. This mechanism let the cars pass government tests, even though they were polluting like crazy when driven in the real world. The mechanism made the engine run clean during government tests, then when it detected that the tests were finished it set the engine to start polluting again."

Machines set with devious intentions.

When money (love of mammon) and muscle (Mars-ruled heavy, armed, locked and loaded legions of human robots answerable to top-down patriarchal authority figures) join together... ethics be damned. Increasingly, the lives of everything from cells to entire ecosystems are under threat.

Those that purport to protect have turned out to be the ultimate destroyers.

The times are inverted. Universal law has been upended. The center cannot hold.

Watch for falling debris...


"Government is underfunded because the propaganda elects corporate-backed anti-government politicians who convince people to allow tax cuts (on the corporations and their owners) paid for by cutting back on government. And especially cutting back on government regulation and enforcement. The result is government enforcement is backing down all the time."

The big business titans (Koch Brothers, Pete Petersen, ALEC, Sheldon Adelson, the Waltons, etc.) pay think tanks to produce "experts" who invariably conflate the honest local entrepreneur's pursuit of freedom with the type of FREE enterprise preferred by corporate conquistadors. In the case of the latter, the modus operandi is 100% predatory. Following in the path paved by the 15th and 16th century conquistadors, these dominant powers skim the natural resources cream off the top of any place they touch down in. And they leave behind uranium mines that are open sores, endless poorly stored gallons of all sorts of toxic wastes, denuded forests, chemically poisoned farmlands, and places left demoralized by all these externalized costs.

Mr. Johnson is right to speak up about the only type of entity that can serve as a counterweight to the brute force of corporate plunder.

It is an unfortunate time (for genuine Truth, civil liberties, and Freedom) in that as befitting to the term Corporatism--a truer mark of fascism--government has become largely a subsidiary of a variety (pharmaceutical, agricultural, retail, Energy, martial, banking) of corporations. And thus it is next-to-impossible to discern one from the other.

In the same way that both political parties have fused in all arenas pertaining to banking and warfare, there is now a full-scale merger between corporate powers and govt. powers.

Note how the elite financial vultures that circle public schools use underfunding as the means for declaring them low-functioning schools. In this way, they set up a pretext for their takeover.

How different is this from underfunding inner city ghettos so that adolescents are largely forced into street crime in order to survive. This built-in narrowing of options feeds their warm bodies to the waiting for-profit arms of the prison corps.

Problems are created so that the Shock Doctrine experts in corporate crimes can go to work profiting from the "solutions" they deploy.

A nation shock doctrine'd up the yin/yang is going to feature lots of soul-shattered citizens, walking zombies who can't get by without daily dosages of pot, alcohol, or big pharma's far more cerebrally compromised concoctions.

Huxley's SOMA has been merged with Orwell's 1984.


The real world often times runs on " it's not illegal if you don't get caught ". Having bigger gov't isn't the answer if, like the EPA, you have 8300 different chemicals used in products for sale and found in many American's homes and businesses, and only 1200 have been properly studied and tested for long term usage/effects. A large, captured gov't will provide no real solutions to the constant assault on the environment. The answers are death sentences to corporations, or their many subsidiaries, who are continually found guilty; a form of corporate 3 strikes and your out. Additionally, states and cities should be allowed to ban, by a vote of the people, untested and/or universally developed chemical agents like Roundup. Do we really need weed killers sprayed in areas growing products which are primarily sold at farmer's markets/small grocery chains or used primarily in local restaurants? Why should wineries or truck farms be subject to " chemical drift " or water supply pollution by industrial farming of GMO tomatoes or potatoes, etc? The " forced feeding " of prisoners at Guantanamo isn't to farfetched here if 70% of a county/state's population is made to purchase and eat the bounty of heavily chemically treated products from farms in Mexico, Vietnam or the Honduras. Just because of being tied to treaties and contractual agreements signed by captured global organizations. And, most importantly, it ( local and regional control ) is the smartest way to control the criminals who, like the Wizard of Oz, hide behind numerous curtains of bureaucratic hoodwinkery and bamboozlement.


We need small representative government and more and bigger citizen government.

Technological progress and safe, encrypted voting seems to be leading inexorably to Grassroots Online Democracy (G.O.D.).


Note that CO2 is a pollutant too. Making the VW diesel run "cleaner" will make them emit more pollution, not less.


Good points.

Also what Mr.Dave Johnson conveniently forgot to mention, whoever figured this out was not even a government agency.


This kind of dishonesty really bothers me, because it poisons everything it touches:

Cigarette advertising on radio and tv has been banned for over 40 years, which means that kids are no longer exposed to the two major lure-sources, thus making tobacco use even more a personal choice than it ever was when I was growing up.

And in 2010, these additional laws went into effect against tobacco companies:
- Banned from sponsoring sporting and entertainment events.
- Banned free cigarette samples and giveaways of non-tobacco items with the purchase of tobacco.
- Banned the sale of cigarettes in packs of fewer than 20, eliminating so-called "kiddie packs" that public health experts say make cigarettes more affordable.
- Banned tobacco products in vending machines and self-service displays except in adult-only facilities, and require stores to place them behind the counter.
- Banned tobacco sales to children younger than 18 and require photo identification for over-the-counter sales.

Using tobacco in ways that don't immediately involve others, like using alcohol ditto, is entirely a personal choice, not something secretly imposed by all-powerful tobacco companies as Johnson claims.


We already have BIG government that is hard at work for the rich.
It turns a blind eye to:

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financial laws that favor those making more
tax laws that favor BAD companies (ie. Fines, penalties, etc. are tax deductible)
allows Monsonto, Exxon, etc. DIRECT ability to write laws .

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    We need the gov. to work for us the people...


The implication here by Mr. Johnson that it is only one party that does the biding of the fossil fuel industry is quite disingenuous. Anyone living in a fossil fuel producing state knows this is not true. Not to pick on West Virginia, but just look at Jay Rockefeller, Robert Byrd, or Joe Manchin. While it is true that Mountaineers are weeding out the last vestiges of the Democratic Party from their state, the damage done over the decades lies just as much in the lap of the Democrats as the Republicans.


Of course people forget one simple thing, corporations do provide jobs which in turn generates county revenues. The state in its own interpretation will do whatever it takes and slap lipstick on it for public consumption. County CAFRs if they are still published at all now, will offer an insight into how the economics of states and general commerce are simply looking at humans as a product and resource for 'ethical' manipulation. While some have posted the Orwellian dialectic as the primer, I would go so far as to say the analogy would be more in line with Gramsci's. 'Long March through culture. We no longer have a state, we have nothing, no education, no real social welfare support, no state organization mandated to serve the public but simply yhe profit model. Other than franchised corporations mimicking the states original purpose but far more worse a legal system that repeats history and has itself attached the entire US to its belt of contracts and quibbles. With the most important element being unnaccountable Judges who sit by the county coffers and their administration. This doctrine is eminently more adaptable as in the First' Corporate Welfare theorem, AKA The federal reserves own research and publication WP630, Fiscal Population growth and its Pareto formulations for political and social control. Many of the documents are in plain sight but proving difficult to read for those programmed to fall asleep after the first paragraph. It is a real document and one that develops state and federal policies to that end. Surprisingly it is one that few will even attempt to dissect but nonetheless more fearsome in its component form than any previously or past regime or state doctrine bar none.. As for the corporations or big bro nanny state government, quite a simple solution really, keep money out of politics and bring back the public trust to be captained by the public if they are still capable of understanding what the public trust is.. Not the corporate welfare lackeys who so ubiquitously occupy the many commissions, boards and committees throughout this land appointed or hand picked to serve and interpret the public trust, much less the fact that they are all scripted politically correct arguments and directly linked to the legislative revenue bosses in each states capital and their respective municipalities. (ICLIE.org) As the former Sr Bush is noted for comment by his press secretary of the time. 'If the American public knew what we were up to, we would be chased down the street and lynched in an instant.'


We don't need more government, we need better government. If we're going to have an EPA, which I'm not certain is a good idea, we need real scientists and engineers that know how to test a system to keep the system designers from gaming the test. The EPA was asleep at the switch. They got had because their testing methodology was predictable and was not extensive enough to catch the fraud. This whole episode PROVES that the EPA guys weren't as smart as the VW guys. We need actual competence in government, or we shouldn't do it at all.