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VW Must Still Pay for Corporate Crime, Advocates Say


VW Must Still Pay for Corporate Crime, Advocates Say

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn stepped down Wednesday over the company's large-scale diesel emissions-fixing scheme, consumer advocates charged that the resignation does not recuse the corporation itself from paying for the harm it has done.


Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn stepped down but he could be bailed out with a $67,000,000.00 golden parachute!

Crime doesn't pay unless it is corporate crime!


PIRG = Public Interest Research Group


In a sane world, Volkswagen would be entirely dismantled. The car commissioned by Hitler.
Since that world doesn't (and probably never did) exist, we will be saddled with this bulls*it indefinitely; VW will get a fine that its insurer will pay, and be allowed to continue producing cars.


Every major corporation is guilty of the exact same deceit as VW! Exploitation of the planet's resources, fooling the public into thinking that "junk" is treasure, exorbitant prices for same junk, etc. Slaps on the wrist without dismantling the corporate system--are futile.


Exactly. The exceptional thing about VWs crime was to get caught...


" Full rebates " is a nightmare scenario to even contemplate. Who even knows what that amount is ? Honda and Ford have both been caught in miles per gallon rating scandals, of course. Both paid the owners, too. But VW has gone way past that, however, in this major SNAFU. German foxes guarding German henhouses ( Tennessee, possibly ) all in pursuit of passing Toyota as the No. 1 seller of autos in the world. Consumer protection laws are a red tape nightmare, favor the lawbreakers often times, and don't put people behind bars enough. And, Congress and the EU courts will probably let the people responsible walk. So it goes. Same as it ever was.


Must have learned from a banker.


The misconception is that the damage done by malfeasance can be ameliorated with money. It can't. Instead of a fine make VW remove the equivalent of all of the excess N0x emissions puked into the atmosphere by their cars. No amount of money will fix the issue because money won't remove anything from the atmosphere.


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Hey denismcm - Thank you! Frustrating rookie omission on the part of CD's Lazare. Happens too often.


Are they really doing the same thing? Other car companies? .... I heard that investigators were looking to see if the same type of soft ware is being used by other companies... I think that if they are.... they are scrambling now... wish I could watch...
.... and if they are...it just goes to show... how naive we all are to think that we can actually really do anything to stop climate change.. I find it more and more difficult to see a way out of this. The big headline,
"We can be 100 percent renewable by 2050.... is well, no soon enough .... we do not have time to wait that long. Will it be reducing emissions by 5 percent this year? Next year? the year after or the one after that?... NO!! it will not. I'll say it again.... if we worked on the demand side, along with working on the supply side... I would have a bit of hope. But alas, we will not work on the demand side. We will try to produce enough solar panels and wind turbines to cover everything in our economy, including stupid stuff... like professional sports stadiums.... and casinos and factories that make plastic cat toys.
Has anyone heard of James Brown... no not the singer. He is a Biology professor at New Mexico University. He talks about the "Earth Battery"... I had heard about this a few years ago and forgot about it. he says we will be out of fossil fuels by in 50 years.... (I tend to think sooner because of the credit problem/financial bubble.....He's talking strictly about what's under the ground. I guess)... So, I say, we use as much of that TO SHUT DOWN NUCLEAR POWER RIGHT NOW... cause it takes 50 years to do so, you know... use it for that and to help with medical care and that's it ... then everything else can be done with renewables... oh, wait ... at first we have to to use it to make renewables... like how many multi millions of sets... before we can make some of the renewables with themselves... so, you see, I do not understand how we can AFFORD (I do not mean in terms of money, but in energy) ... to use any of our energy for FRIVOLOUS "STUFF"....This is not an easy transition... it will be very IMPERFECT so, I hate when everyone seems to think this is going to be oh, just so great. There will be people that are going to fall through the cracks... AND NO ONE, ever seems to pick up on my idea to have an executive directive put through that anyone making over 200,000 a year ..has to put renewables on their home within say the next 18 months...


I'll second that. The fractional reserve cycle of crime-does-pay is one of the reasons, I would submit, that the hypr inflationary credit generation of "money" - ohhhh... just guessing to be around 10,000 to 1 fiat is controlled by a private banking corporation called the Federal Reserve.

Nothing exists in the "minds" of the advocates of this construct except that which does not exist. I kid you not. In clincical terms that is not infrequently referred to as 'psychosis'.


I hate to say it, but I bought one of those VW TDI diesels a little over three weeks ago. As with many buyers of these cars, I thought I was buying a "Clean Diesel" as VW claimed them to be.
I absolutely would not have bought it if I had known what was coming.

For those who have not kept up with this story, this is not something that was just discovered last week, the EPA has been investigating VW on this matter for over to a year. It was only exposed to the public last week.

The only thing that would satisfy me would be a complete refund, I doubt if it will happen unless they are forced to.
There are three things that made this car worth buying. For a small engine, it has great power and acceleration, it was supposed to be extreamly clean running, and it gets fantastic fuel mileage.
I have been getting 38 mpg in the city and 57 mpg on the highway.

The only way VW can bring the emissions to where they should have been will result in a large reduction in mileage,
a loss of power and most likely a reduction in reliability.
By the way, it is reported that BMW is now being looked at for doing the same thing on one of it's diesel engines.