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W. E. B. Du Bois to Malcolm X: The Untold History of the Movement to Ban the Bomb


W. E. B. Du Bois to Malcolm X: The Untold History of the Movement to Ban the Bomb

Vincent Intondi

When the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. announced his strong opposition to the war in Vietnam, the media attacked him for straying outside of his civil rights mandate. In so many words, powerful interests told him: “Mind your own business.” In fact, African American leaders have long been concerned with broad issues of peace and justice—and have especially opposed nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, this activism is left out of mainstream corporate-produced history textbooks.


As a teenager I visited an ICBM launch facility. Looked down the silo at the missile through the opened doors. Told not to stand over the pneumatic antenna that would shoot 100 feet into the air in less than a second. Toured the command pod x feet underground (the USAF had the temerity to tell me that x was classified when I asked) to watch the boys in blue with their signature red scarfs sitting at the ready within reach of the keys to be turned simultaneously upon verified notification that civilization was over. I hope that today they are eating donuts or watching porn; anything but fondling those insipid keys.


“Turning to Vietnam, Malcolm said, “If America sends troops to Vietnam, you progressives should protest.” He argued that “the struggle of Vietnam is the struggle of the whole Third World: the struggle against colonialism, neocolonialism, and imperialism.” Malcolm X, like so many before him, consistently connected colonialism, peace, and the Black freedom struggle. Yet, students have rarely heard this story.”

Millions of people oppose war and racism. But the voices of those who present morally compelling challenges to the martial status quo are seldom to never heard; and when they are, their spokespersons are demonized, termed dangerous radicals, or otherwise granted campaigns of character (if not actual) assassination.

Then, with the voices of the dominators still in place, the paid pundits go to work conflating what Power does with what The People (defined as ONE thread within a UNIFORM fabric) supposedly want.

And here in this forum, that same mindset is found on a daily basis (and more than suggestive of paid messaging) associating the great collective WE with support for war, militarism, and the deception that “human nature” is given to these acts.

To maintain the dominant fictions, those wise spiritual souls who oppose it are done away with… one way or another.


“King argued the spiritual and moral lag in our society was due to three problems: racial injustice, poverty, and war.”

Sadly, like so many brilliant men, Dr. King missed the 4th component–and in the view of Feminists, it represents the first fissure to the foundation of would-be equality for all–sexism and the ways that patriarchal culture values the male over the female and for centuries has allotted control, possession, means of evaluation, and punitive measures to males in their collective containment of females. Anything but true partnership, the social, spiritual, and ecological costs to this asymmetric ranking system continue to plague humanity while murdering Pacha Mama: the Great Mother.


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After the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Du Bois called President Truman: " One of the greatest killers of our day".

WOW! What a prescient statement back in 1945!


This is how the system of propaganda works. It is how those subjected to it can come around to believe that “The Japanese in WW2 would never have surrendered and would have fought to the last man unless Nuclear bombs dropped”.

The History books and the media deliberately pick and choose what it is they will record as “history” and what they will “publish as fact”. What is reported on and what is recorded in the History books are only the things that will help support the myths on which the foundations of the state are built upon so as to ensure that 1 percent remains in power.

This helps to give the illusion that the people live in a democracy and that what the values of the people are will be reflected in its Government. This does not mean “Government is evil”. It demonstrates how a non representative Government that is co-opted by monied interests mantains its power and protects those with the real power.


“Loony toons Mars rules hot air.” Spoken like an ignorant soldier boy who can’t even spell tunes… and appears to think the full-blown Cancerous growth of the Military-Industrial-Complex (and its control over foreign, and chillingly, domestic policy) is a good thing.


Well-spoken… particularly the last paragraph.


Allegedly a video presentation made to the Pentagon detailing how vaccines are to be used to modify human behaviour. Hard to verify the legitimacy but very distrubing if true.

Meanwhile in a totally unrelated news story, (right…right?) The US Government is beginning live Human testing of what they call an Ebola vaccine.

It interesting that in the video above the presenter suggests spreading this vaccine that modifies behaviour through the repiratory system and the means of vaccinating people against Ebolaa will use a device that delivers it through the respiratory system

Paranoia runs deep;
Into your life it will creep.



U.S. Special Forces were sent into Africa during the height of the Ebola pandemic. It was said the natives were fighting with American troops sent to deliver medical aid, so the SOF was brought in to provide assistance.