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Wag the Dog? Offering No Proof, Trump Threatens New Attacks Against Syria

Wag the Dog? Offering No Proof, Trump Threatens New Attacks Against Syria

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of new reporting suggesting that the Trump administration's decision to target the Syrian government with cruise missiles in early April was conducted without sufficient evidence and over the objections of some in the U.S. intelligence community, the White House on Monday night threatened President Bashar al-Assad's government with further military action.

Nixon went to DEFCON 2 against China when he was in deep political trouble.


Best dorm poster from the sixties: “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”

It’s really that simple and, at the same time, that difficult a situation to thwart. Make enough people sufficiently desperate and they’ll sign up to be capitalist cannon fodder, no problem. The rotten capitalist bastards.


The more hot water that Trump finds himself in, the more he tries a typical con man’s distraction to draw attention away from himself. The problem is Trump’s insanity and unconcern over the blood that would be shed. One can almost imagine how he begins to believe his own rationalizations to his avoiding being impeached.

Syria, North Korea, Iran …oh those bad guys need to be shown who is in charge here!

For Trump his political survival is the only important thing. Is he wagging the dog? Did he ever stop wagging it? Trump is literally waiting for an opportunity to get tough. For Trump, his getting tough is good for his image. The possibility of war takes impeachment off the front page.


Seymour Hersh interviewed:




I don’t find the optic of Puppet Trump – or any president – as ‘sovereign’ in the sense that people usually mean it–all that credible. Trump is a devout servant of a wing of the Deep State. Hillary was a devout servant of another wing of the Deep State. Both wings are totally committed to U$A having absolute and total hegemony over the planet, economically and militarily. This has been official US policy since the National Defense Authorization Act of 2002. With Hillary we would have gotten more war in Syria. With Trump, we have already gotten more war in Syria. Peace is not an option in the US National Security State, nor will it ever be until the government has collapsed and/or been replaced by a Real democracy as opposed to our current sham democracy.


Hersh had to go to Germany to get his article published.

The level of censorship in this country is truly mind boggling. And most people are not even aware of it.

Total control!


Well said. There has to be a reason why we have “boots on the ground” in 137 countries and it isn’t to “keep the Homeland safe”. That is just more of the continuous stream of crap propaganda that we get from even “non–commercial” networks like NPR and PBS and why our vaunted “democracy” has been usurped in every way possible.


NPR serves the needs of the Empire very well.


Thanks for pointing that out. As some Congressman referenced, there are 1200 opposing factions in Syria. Can you imagine how easily you, and your neighbors, could be killed in such chaos? And, with that chaos loosed upon a country comes more smuggling of weapons, ieds, various militarized vehicles and whatever else can be very profitably, bought and sold. As can lies and planted evidence. False flags grown and sprouted in sand, too.
Starting another war through mission creep, on the words of a very beleaguered man who’s in way over his head on almost every important issue facing the U.S., is madness. But, watch it happen:
Trump desperately needs a big personal win, so anything now is possible. He needs no justification, only raw politically motivated survival skills, which he has in spades, unfortunately. That fact even has the generals very nervous. Which should bother everyone trying find a negotiated settlement, a way out of a special type of crazy, in this region.


Basically, Trump just signal to the U.S.'s Al-Q allies in Syria to stage a false flag, chemical attack to give the U.S. an excuse to bomb Syrian forces in order to stop their progress against ISIS in eastern Syria, progress that has resulted in the illegal U.S. base at Az Zaqf near the Iraqi border being cut off from the rest of Syria and, thus, hampering U.S. plans to partition eastern Syria. This is a desperate ploy by Trump and his buffoon generals running the shit show.


Just looking through William Shirer’s books, Berlin Diary and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

  • World War II started with a false flag operation on September 1, 1939. Hitler and Nazi Germany had spent a great deal of time and effort trying to convince the world that Poland was on the verge of attacking Germany. Meanwhile, they were quietly sitting up their plans for a blitzkrieg on Poland.
  • On August 30, Nazi propaganda stressed all day long that they were preparing to protect Germany from an attack by the Poles.
  • On the morning of August 31 Shirer wrote: Everybody against the war. People talking openly. How can a country go into a major war with a population so dead against it? People also kicking about being kept in the dark. A German said to me last night: “We know nothing. Why don’t they tell us what’s up?” Optimism in official circles melting away this morning, I thought. Huss thinks Hitler may have one great card left, an agreement with Stalin to attack the Poles in the back. I highly doubt it, but after the Russo – German pact anything is possible. Some think the big boys trying to get off the limb now – but how? Shirer’s last entry in his diary on August 31 said: Tonight the great armies, navies, and air forces are all mobilized. Each country is shut off from the other. We have not been able today to get through to Paris or London, or of course to Warsaw, though I did talk to Tess in Geneva. At that, no precipitate action is expected tonight. Berlin is quite normal in appearance this evening. There has been no evacuation of the women and children, not even any sandbagging of the windows. Will have to wait through still another night it appears before we know and so to bed almost at dawn. [next entry] Berlin September 1 at 6 AM, Sigrid Schultz – bless her heart – phoned. She said: “It’s happened.” I was very sleepy – my body and mind numbed, paralyzed. I mumbled: “Thanks, Sigrid,” and tumbled out of bed. The war is on.
  • What had been going on during Hitler’s phony peace proposals was a plan for a black operation. On the night of 31 August, the SS had put together an operation that would allow the Reich to blame Poland for an invasion. During a broadcast from a German station near the border suddenly there were sounds of gunfire and claims that the radio station was being attacked. When the radio went silent, the SS brought in what was called “Canned Goods.” These were concentration camp inmates drugged into unconsciousness and dressed in Polish uniforms. SS men in Polish uniforms shot up the radio station and read a statement containing inflammatory statements against Germany and declared that the Poles were attacking. They then left, leaving the bodies behind in Polish uniforms. This and several similar attacks on the border were then used as the justification for the blitzkrieg of Poland. (It remains only to be added that according to the testimony at Nuremberg of Gen. Lahousen of the Abwehr, all of the SS men who wore Polish uniforms in the simulated attacks that evening were, as the general put it, “put out of the way.”)
  • I fear we’re looking at the same thing in Syria and the Middle East today to satisfy a new dictator’s whims of conquest.

Although this article doesn’t mention it, one would have to consider whether after the last mistake by the US in bombing a Syrian airbase, Russia will allow the US to bomb Syria again with impunity. Sooner or later Russia will finally say “enough” and unleash the dogs of war!


Where are the Democrats calling out the absurd Mid East War policy? Syria along with Iran are the last two standing. Every other country there is all in with the Sunni, Israeli, CIA alignment of goals. Time for an anti war wing of the Democratic Party. We don’t need this continual war. Clinton and the Republicans all support the goals of Israel. Perpetual war and no peace talks just more settlements. The Democratic Party is in serious danger of permanently alienating anti war leftists. Haven’t they seen that their Diversities are not enough to win a national election. First the economic justice Democrats are thrown out and now it is. Goodbye to the war resisters. All in on the cult of personality war against Trump. Pathetic, doomed.


It will be interesting to see where this goes. At least on this forum, Trump’s bluff has been called. Will the mainstream media and the people of the US also call him out?

A most ill informed US public. Seymour who?

As much as the majority of the thinking part of the population have some idea of where Syria is, they haven’t a clue as to what’s really happening there. As for the half-assed lunatic in the White House (or his private Florida resort, or where ever the hell he is), the guy is an existential threat to most life on Earth with his damn holster full of nukes and total lack of understanding of planetary science, or any science for that matter. I’d rather be sitting out a perhaps decades long, anthropocentric engendered global heating nightmare than have it occur in the near term with a dying, radiated planet surface.


Defunding public schools, refusing to invest in our national infrastructure repair which will provide millions of well paying long term jobs for the disadvantage youth the government deliberately creates poverty to force these young poor to join the military.

Trump is trying to please the deep state, the DNC and the MSM with the warmongering that Hillary planned. Russiagate is total nonsense.

We have to remember that the majority of the DEMS including Sanders are squarely in the back pocket of the IPAC Zionists and the MIC. Sanders refrains from mentioning military spending and pentagon corruption as does Elizabeth Warren.


It s been going on since at least the end of World War II when our wartime ally Russia became Global Enemy Number One as head of the Internstional Communist Conspiracy that had to be opposed in Greece, opposed militarily in Korea which was being pushed by Communism’s then Second in command “Red” China, and then bad to be stopped in Vietnam.

International Communism fell apart. Cuba, North Korea, and North Vietnam remained nominally communist but the international conspiracy was no more.

Islamic Terrorism worked out for Military America for awhile as a substitute enemy de jour, but it was troublesome. Wars never seemed to end and the Islamic World, though fiercely dedicated fighters willing to die for their causes than anyone in the West.

But Russia is being maneuvered into taking the place of its old Sovuet Union self and being made to be seen as a sinister conspiratorial enemy bent on some nefarious unspecified global goal that the U.S. must oppose or something bad will happen.

If it keeps on like this the something bad may be that we brag and blunder into the real War To End All Wars which, through the use of nukes, could be the war to end all earth people.