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Wage Love to End Debt’s Stranglehold

Wage Love to End Debt’s Stranglehold

Sarah van Gelder

Debt is an age-old means of shaming and controlling poor people. The practice is so commonplace, we hardly notice it.

For many, going into debt is the only way to get an education, buy a home, or survive a medical emergency. Shaking off that debt can be impossible for those living on low-wage and insecure jobs, and those targeted by predatory lending. Still, many accept the story that debt is their fault.

The only debt we should owe

Is to one another

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Thank you Doug for your comment, and thank you for being enlightened enough to cast your vote for Dr. Jill Stein last November.

It confounds me how 95% of those who voted, did so for the two most corrupt, hated candidates of all time.

#People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!

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Much obliged.

Of course, a vote isn’t a full throated endorsement. It simply
represents the culmination of the consideration of one’s options. Any
politician or party has their share of contradictions, and I made my
choice based on which one I believed to be least conflicted.

But your mention of the election set me to wondering.

Would this “resistance” to “corporate Democrats”, such as it is, have
emerged had Madame Mayhem taken office?

(She did win, unless one wishes to ignore massive voter suppression
and really truly “voter fraud”.)

Might not the inclination to support a Democratic administration have
been as vigorous as it was under Dear Misleader? Perhaps the relief
at having narrowly avoided the calamity of Citizen KKKane would
mitigate against a rejection of “unity”?

We’ll never know.

What we will divine in due time is just how authentic this desire to
“retake” the party is. I suspect the “pragmatic logic” of a “unified
front” will assert itself with a vengeance.

I’ll close with this admonition

Don’t expect someone to have your back whose impulse is to plunge a
knife into it.

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All very good points Doug.

As to the fear of being stabbed in the back, like ‘Crocodile Dundee’ said so famously when someone pulled a knife on him, “That’s not a knife, ‘this’ is a knife.” Always be prepared with a bigger knife.

It’s a violent metaphor (Analogy? Whatever … ), but no less salient
for being so.

I fervently hope anyone considering common cause with these Judases
takes it to heart.