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Wage Theft: To Fight the Crime, Attack the Motive


Wage Theft: To Fight the Crime, Attack the Motive

Sam Pizzigati

The American economy rests ultimately on trust, a mutual understanding between employers and employees that each side, in the end, will behave honorably. A fair day’s wage, as the classic formulation puts it, for a fair day’s work.

"These corporate pillars are committing their thievery on many fronts. They’re not paying employees for work performed 'off the clock.' They're stiffing workers on overtime and violating minimum wage laws."


We all know “how,” Sam - and have for decades. Above the “abuses” and illegalities that you cite, the biggest scam is wages that have been declining since the early 1970s for many and have always been low for most.

As for the why: there’s the quite obvious because they can. Capitalism has gained near-totalitarian power in the U.S. and around the world. Capitalism does what capitalism is.

Why’s it so hard to actually name the beast? Let me spell it out for you: C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M. Now we all know. You don’t have to thank me for naming the reality that determines the political-economy of pretty much everything; I’m a big-hearted guy.


It is amazing the level of social programming in this country. Most people’s brains are literally trained to not only avoid the use of words like Capitalism, Equality, and Morality, but to actually cringe at their application. Their cognitive dissonance kicks in and they go running back to their oppressors like a domestic abuse victims goes back to their abuser, taking comfort in the knowledge they must be right because all the other sheep are doing the same. It is Orwellian. I live everyday as if I were in the Matrix…and god forbid you shed them of their brainwashing, because the first thing they will do is kill the messenger. Every TV show, movie, pop song, magazine, school, friends…reinforce their own programming.

And people call me a doomsayer…lol…lol…


Human Rights is another phrase that can’t be uttered. In the U.S., we have “individual rights” (which can be defined 90-ways-to-Sunday), but not Human Rights that have to be applied to everybody equally – even those “feriners” outside our exceptional realm.

PS: Doomsayin’ may not be fun, but living’ in the light means that you’re livin’ and can still LOL at all this shit.


Repeat post deleted by TJ1


“The obvious question all these realities raise: What’s driving our massive wage thievery?”

A lack of true morals [–not that evangelical bullshit–] based upon the intrinsic interconnectivity of ALL LIFE on earth. “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”


Yet we still have these people claiming themselves as “Libertarians” and “Free market Advocates” who advance the nonsense that as American Corporations get richer, workers benefit and that minimum wage laws, laws against child labor , laws and regulations to ensure safe work environments would all come about “Naturally” and without regulations just because the MARKET will ensure the Corporation treat the worker fairly.

All I can say of this group is they really have drank the 1 percents koch-ade.