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Waging Climate Court Battle, Brave Youth Refuse 'To Watch Government Do Nothing'


Waging Climate Court Battle, Brave Youth Refuse 'To Watch Government Do Nothing'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A cadre of young climate activists packed a Seattle, Washington courtroom on Tuesday to hear oral arguments in a case that they say could change the course of their futures.

The trial is over the refusal by the Department of Ecology (DOE), which oversees state environmental laws, to set a cap on carbon emissions. And eight young teens who showed up for its opening day were more than just spectators—they were plaintiffs.


Boy a picture IS worth a Thousand Words. Look at the consternation on those faces.

Out of the mouth of babes “I’m not going to sit by and watch my government do nothing”

Boy if the government is going to dodge this one, they are going to have to look those young adults right in the eyes and put the screws to them.

And those intelligent kids don’t look like they are apt to just ‘go to their rooms’

I love it.


Court cases are often dragged out as long as possible by cynical corporatists and their revolving door governmental wage-slaves. These young ones will be in this for a long time. Real democracy is the harvest of real determination and life-long commitment. Bienvenidos.


There are many ways to do it. Transferring TV advertising to free speech rather than a tax deduction would have interesting effects, for example.


I take off my hat to these kids. I wish there were more of them! We adults have failed miserably.


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