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'Wait Till GOP Find Out Congresswomen Dance Too,' Says Ocasio-Cortez


'Wait Till GOP Find Out Congresswomen Dance Too,' Says Ocasio-Cortez

Common Dreams staff

After an attempt by right-wingers to somehow embarrass Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) by sharing an amazing video of her replicating a dance scene from the 1980s classic film, "The Breakfast Club," the newly-seated member let her detractors know on Friday that not only is she not ashamed of the archival footage, she's got a couple of moves left.

Set the Edwin Starr classic song "War"—which asks "what is it good for?"—Ocasio-Cortez posted this video from outside her new Capitol Office in response:


Someone actually posted this to embarass Ms Cortez? Are they for real? She can dance. I think it would be more embarassing to see the orange pig try and dance.

What next? Try and embarass her by showing video of her brushing her hair? Watching the orange pig try and do this would be as embarassing as watching him try to dance.


“If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution.”
–Emma Goldman


It’s not politically correct to say this, that said, someone needs to say “White men can’t jump OR dance.” Referring of course to the congressional dinosaurs.


Based on the number of articles CD posts on Ocasio-Cortez, you’d think she was actually some budding star that is creating huge influence in Washington. The reality is much different. The only thing giving her air time is her crazy radical ideas. Once people stop taking her seriously anymore (or giving her air time to laugh at her), she’ll be forgotten quite soon.


Listen the congress critters, their aids and the administration all got raises while over 800000 federal workers are not getting paid including some soldiers and US Coast Guard!


Dump says he will shut down government for years- when he was in business it took over seven years with a lawsuit for some of his workers to be paid. Please contact your news stations about this. I am about to do this.


Says it all:
"Who do you think this is going to offend? The pastor in Footloose?


Holy wow, folks, this attempt to smear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gone full Keystone Kop! It’s like this guy lacked even the self-awareness to know it failed before it started, and was too much of a crazed bubble-wrapped shitbird to not compulsively try anyway.

It’s obvious the likes of Mitch McConnell would never try those moves! He’d be tripping over his mummy wrap!

Outcome: AOC is dancing on the rooftops of a lot of hearts! This guy’s just taking that sulky basement with him wherever he goes!

Fine by me! :smiley:


I am older than this lady and i still dance.


Yes. Really crazy and radical. For example, her progressive-taxation ideas come from that radical commie extremist Dwight D. Eisenhower…


As entertaining as she is intelligent. I can’t wait.


Excuse me but that’s a very politically correct thing to say.

But, seriously, I kind of liked seeing her dance. I am conservative but no one should even try to turn this video into a political hit. So stupid.


Well, there’s part of our problem right there. We should not have 800,000 federal workers.


Well you have 2 million plus “federal workers” in your Military. As a Conservative would you support shutting down that Military as well? The US Military spends 5 billion taxpayer dollars in a couple of days.

Why are workers for ICE, the Border Patrol and federal Police forces not shut down as well?


She does wield a mean light sabre. We hope she remains with “The Force”, and does not drift toward the “Dark Side.”


Attractive too - she is one Hot Latina!


I definitely support shutting down the military … and most of it for good. It is absolutely ridiculous that we spend so much of our budget on the military. Besides, practically everything they do is absolutely horrific. Our foreign policy people are either very stupid or very evil. And I find it very interesting that the most anti-war of the Trump administration was booted out by the establishment as soon as they could do it. Flynn and Bannon, by the way.

Coincidence that the 5 billion you mention is what we want for the wall. Hey, let’s do it!


In line with Ron Paul Conservatism than. I think 90 percent of US problems could be resolved if that Military was shut down.