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Waiting for a Grown-Up in the White House


Waiting for a Grown-Up in the White House

Michael Winship

This presidency is unconstitutional. The Constitution says you have to be at least 35 to serve in our highest office and our incumbent tantrum-in-a-suit is emotionally 6 years old.


Donald Trump is being TRUTHFUL! And the corporate media has made racist a dirty word----so a lot of racists don’t understand that they are racists—when republicans use redistricting to put minorities in one district what is this?When voting places are cut to one in large minority districts what is this? When immigrants are used for cheap labor what is this? When politicians are against everyone having healthcare what is this? When politicians want to keep the minimum wage a slave wage what is this?

These racists aren’t a fringe group----they populate the Congress—they work at MSNBC and CNN-these people believe they are privileged and deserve things like healthcare that others don’t----what a joke this is -----look at fox 'news" commentators speak against Trump—all fox “news” has been is racist-----WAKE UP----SUPPORT THE COMMONS!