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Waiting for California and the FBI


Waiting for California and the FBI

Robert Parry

For months now, poll after poll have registered the judgment of the American people that they want neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump as the next President, but the two major parties seem unable to steer away from this looming pileup, forcing voters to choose between two widely disdained politicians.


Carl Bernstein, Douglas Schoen, Robert Parry are all good sources for what's going on in Insider Washington. There are other recent indications that the Democratic establishment is circling the wagons (probably because they increasingly expect a fatal FBI report):

--Jerry Brown's panicky endorsement of a candidate; something he has never done this early
--Establishment heavyweights, Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein, saying Bernie should drop out
--Speculation that Sheepdog Elizabeth Warren will call for Bernie to drop out after California
--Obama in Indiana yesterday stumping for party unity against Trump
--Speculation that a Biden-Warren ticket would unite the party

In the June 7 primaries, Bernie will win the majority of states and at least break even in those states' delegate count. The Clinton embeds at MSNBC & CNN will 'officially' declare the race over and done.

Bernie will be in tall cotton. By then, he will have likely won 25 states and can sit back looking pretty for the next 7 weeks until the Democratic Convention July 25. In the meantime, Clinton will be sweating out an FBI deposition and then an FBI report that looks to be more ominous for her every day.

The DNC is already weighing the possibility of a Biden/Warren Hail Mary pass, but that just confirms the depth of their delusions.

Really, really looking good for Bernie Sanders chances.


"Yet, whether the Democrats have the guts to go through the pain of denying Clinton the nomination may depend on what happens in California and inside the FBI."

Well, Sanders is no gutless wonder, and, by the turnout at his rallies, Bernie or Bust voters are committed to purging the party of machine politicians like Hillary Clinton, and go mano a mono with Trump in November.


The Democratic pollster Douglas Stoen was quoted:

Mr. Biden would be cast as the white knight rescuing the party, and the nation, from a possible Trump presidency. To win over Sanders supporters, he would likely choose as his running mate someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren who is respected by the party’s left wing. …

My reaction to that wasn't just a LOL but a rolling on the ground guffaw. The Dem Party elites think Bernie supporters will act like trained animals, "do what we're told" and vote for their chosen corporate stooge for president if the ticket is sweetened with Elizabeth Warren. Wow.


How are they going to convince the American people that it's remotely fair to go with Biden and not Sanders if Clinton is eliminated?


The question is, would Warren give up her Senate seat to be his vice pres? He would be better than Clinton but not by much and choosing anyone else, post primary would further expose the corrupt mess.

It's Bernie or Shut it Down.


Waiting on California and the FBI to confirm HRC’s path to
the presidency.

Feels like “Did you ever hear the one about the threat to
Hillary coronation from the FBI?” The Clinton tentacles have a long reach –
which of us can say how long? And California – that fictional paradise where you
can have your cake and eat it too. Lets see how cool they really are?


"For months now, poll after poll have registered the judgment of the American people that they want neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump as the next President, but the two major parties seem unable to steer away from this looming pileup, forcing voters to choose between two widely disdained politicians.

The Republicans are locked in after Trump’s hostile takeover of the party’s selection process, but the Democrats have one final chance to steer clear – on June 7 when they hold several primaries and caucuses including New Jersey and California. If Bernie Sanders can upset Clinton in California – and/or if Clinton’s legal problems over her emails worsen – there remains a long-shot chance that the Democratic convention might nominate someone else."

Robert Parry, you have just about blown your credibility with me. ..."just might nominate someone else." I hardly know where to begin, but let's start with the above two quoted paragraphs taken from the lead-in to your article and mention one other paragraph in which you list Bernie Sanders last behind a few establishment Democrat saviors in case Hillary is indicted (and kicked out of her effort to steal the nomination from Sanders - my words). Since when do those two buffoons deserve mention? John Kerry already presented himself to the American people, ran a terrible campaign and was soundly defeated. Also sucks as a Sec of State. Almost launched us into a real war in Syria, in case it slipped your mind. Joe Biden? What else can one say about him? Most in our country could not even associate his name, even if they knew it, with a political office. This man has allowed himself to be shuttered in a closet for nearly eight years. He surely is the one to suddenly spark the powers that claim to be and turn the ship of state towards all those issues which are demanded by the American people and that Bernie is so passionately describing and leading us toward. I could go on but will stop with this last statement. The MSM is doing an excellent job of slandering Bernie Sanders in the news (by the way Mr.Parry, Bernie is TECHNICALLY a democrat. Last I heard he is a registered Democrat and is running for President of the United States on the Democrat ticket) and doesn't need you and Consortium News piling on. Other than this, I read and financially contribute to Consortiumnews.com Hopefully you will get to read this. Also, sorry Andrewboston. I thought I made my comment directly to Robert Parry re his article.


Yeah, Pearl, lots of people applying a little pressure adds up to a lot, I for one will have a cow if Bernie is elbowed aside for an establishment face-man if/when Hill's campaign finally flames out. It could be 1968 all over again. Maybe I'll find a way to get to Philly to voice my opinions (and receive a face full of pepper spray).


Our present corporate owned government. both the D&Rs, would prefer anybody over Bernie Sanders. Bernie represents the average working person, not just big business. If Clinton's campaign crashes as it looks like it may do, does the Democratic party think they could get away with replacing her with another corporate friendly party hack? The word is out that party insiders are considering Joe Biden, or John Kerry. We are having a primary election. The voters second, if not first choice, is Bernie Sanders. Are the Democrats so stupid that they think they could get away with nominating someone that no body has voted for? The Dim Dem's would be driving the last nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party. If Bernie were cast aside in that manner. he most certainly would go green or run as an independent and all the poles show that he will win the presidency. Bernie or Bust !


Elizabeth Warren remained silent when she should have supported a fellow progressive. I'm sure other Sanders supporters feel differently but it appears to me Warren is following the path taken by Howard Dean and will soon be a good little soldier for the establishment. Neither a Clinton/Warren nor a Biden/Warren ticket is an adequate solution to our broken system.


IMO, Warren would out of her mind to leave the Senate for any other post than Secretary of the Treasury in a Bernie administration.


Gee Democratic leadership what is wrong with demos not voting for your candidate and voting for a repug. You do it all the time as Blue Dog Democrats.

Where you going to find a candidate who did not work to keep single payer off the table? Where you going to find a democrat who did not vote for war? Where you going to find a democrat that has not supported and voted for a trade agreement that killed American jobs and ruined the GDP. Where you going to find a democrat that does not support NSA, CIA FBI surveillance and want to jail whistle blowers? Where you going to find a democrat that would hold accountable the 1% that break our laws and get to walk away, like Hillary?

What was it that Rahm Emanuel said about democrats.


"Warren is following the path taken by Howard Dean and will soon be a good little soldier for the establishment."
Yeah? Then it will be the first time.


I agree 100% with you. So, it's not because of Hilliary that the DNC and the media are smearing Bernie. The truth of the matter is ANYONE who is an establishment democrat will do. Bernie has them scared that they will finally have to get off the gravy train of corporate and wall street cash that Bill Clinton gave them when he sold the party to the highest bidders and the DNC became just as corrupt as the RNC. And no more millionaires will be born in congress, no more revolving door with wall street. THAT is what they fear the most. All the more reason for Bernie to run independent if their plans carry out and they oust him as a nominee. He has the exposure now that he was allowed to bring his message to the people in the debates and rallies. It's time to shake it up and bring both of the bought and paid for parties down.


Beautiful! I too am seriously thinking that a road trip to Philly is in my future. Not too far from Ohio.


Another reason to say "screw the Democratic Party" as it now exists. Clearly, there is no place for anyone left of center, if that. The working class apparently needs to form our own party.


United Progressive Party http://www.unitedprogressiveparty.org/. Already up and ready to roll. Also Brand New Congress http://brandnewcongress.org. Both being started by Bernie people. Suspect they will both be rolling in high gear following the convention. The movement that Bernie galvanized will MOST DEFINITELY NOT GO AWAY after the election. This time we have a real chance to create systemic change in this country. My generation (the 60's) didn't quite follow through. You, the Millennials, have a chance to do just that. We will be right there with you. Don't let this chance blow away in the wind.


That is why they are afraid of Bernie as president. He would show that MOST Americans do not support the conservative oligarchy corporate elite control of our country. Everyone would realize that most of America already is in that unspoken 'third party'>>> the silent majority of America is liberal not conservative.

Most of America is seriously enthused about having someone like Bernie as our president. That!s whose turn it really is...an honest man! It has been a long, long time since America has caught a break with our leadership.

Go Bernie! We need someone on the side of the 99%.


Dumping Hillary + choosing someone within the establishment to replace her + rejecting Bernie who ACTUALLY RAN IN THE PRIMARIES and shows a strong following = COMPLETE CHAOS AT THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION