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Waiting for the People's 'Yes or No,' Greece Requests New Bailout Deal


Waiting for the People's 'Yes or No,' Greece Requests New Bailout Deal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With a midnight International Monetary Fund deadline, last-minute negotiations between international creditors and the Greek government are developing rapidly throughout the day. Check back for updates.

Faced with imminent default, the Greek government on Tuesday sent a letter to European banks requesting a new two-year bailout deal in order to meet its looming debt obligations.


Courage is the first of Human Qualities, because it is the Quality which Guarantees the Others…Aristotle

The Measure of a Man is what he does with Power…Plato

Not to help Justice in her need would be an Impiety…Plato


Go Hellas! If one country can tell the banksters to fuck off, perhaps it will grow and spread around the world.

  • If a poor man has enough to buy a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine, he is rich!
  • A man with billion$ in the bank is depressed, as he looks around to see that there are million$ or billion$ out there that he doesn’t have, and therefore he feels poor. He wants it all!
  • I’d rather have my bread and wine and be able to find a tree under which to sit and enjoy them.


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Lovely sentiment and so true :blush:


Thank you Aemish! :wink:


Corporate capitalism has failed humanity. Here we see the raw financial face of how that occurs. Established interests just deny reality by sustaining their own rigidity.

Here and in the negotiations around nuclear talks with Iran we see a larger determination to wholly ignore the nakedness of the emperor in the hypocrisy of all those established interests that will only operate to avert all real truth, as for example the entire failure that all of the nuclear industry has always been.

Corporate capitalism is not THE WAY IT IS. No, it’s just a failed method, ensconced for as long as it has been, but not made right merely by that length of time or by the violence and threats of force that sustain it.

For our time it is necessary and required that this failed methodology be taken down peacefully and permanently.


With a friend to share the simple feast:

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou…


Super happy to see the “looting” meme featured in the lead photo. It is not “austerity” it is LOOTING.


“The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage.” Thucydides


Yes, but, I am beginning to wonder if humanity has the capability to do this anymore…