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'Wake Up America': Trump's Attack on Nuclear Deal Putting US on Path to War of Choice Against Iran


'Wake Up America': Trump's Attack on Nuclear Deal Putting US on Path to War of Choice Against Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Reacting to President Donald Trump's threat during a televised meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday that Iran will have "bigger problems than [it has] ever had" if it restarts its nuclear program, one expert urged Americans to "wake up" to the fact that Trump is "openly telegraphing" his desire to start a war with Iran by attacking the nuclear accord.


Of course. If history has shown anything the U.S. doesn’t desire peace that doesn’t come with global hegemony. If the non-nuclear countries of the world won’t bow down to their western overlords then they will be invaded and their regime changed to one that supports the U.S. The U.S. has already did it once in Iran, they won’t think twice about doing it again.


For Trump this is only about needing more than ever to wag the dog. For Congress it’s about the other stuff you mentioned but not for Trump.


Trump can be easily swayed. If his advisers tell him that the people will love him if he goes to war with Iran he will do it in a heartbeat. He is a vacuous idiot.


OIL – and the fever the US has been in for decades now to control all the oil they can get their hands on.

US/CIA moves in and they’re not moving out –

There will be no end to these wars.



Of course behind trumps stupidity and contempt for the other nations of the world that want this “deal” is the specter of netanyahu and the Israeli terrorist state… The extremist apartheid entity gets what it wants: Iran destroyed to never pose a threat to Israeli racism and theft of all of Palestine (what’s left of it!) and diversion of the worlds attention from illegal Israeli colonization of the Occupied Territories and crimes against humanity, and trump gets what he wants which is also diversion of attention from his crimes and illegal treasonous actions and massive con-game theft in his role as the tiny clown prez…a match made in hell!


The Empires of Chaos haven’t got enough blood on there hands in places like Yemen and Syria.
A harrowing image taken after the Saudi-led bombing of a wedding party in Yemen last Sunday showed a young boy clinging to his dead father’s body. But it’s a safe bet he won’t become the face of the war in the mainstream media.


Ask Native americans about deals with amerika. A dying empire addicted to war!


Because war is more profitable than peace.


Once again we need a real (worldwide) peace movement of diverse people who all have in common an abhorrence of war and are willing to challenge governments (and as wrll as the US this has to include the UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Russia, Syria etc) that engage in and promote violence and killing. I’m especially disappointed with Macron who had a chance to have France take leadership in speaking for civilization (for peace, and for climate, a free press, tolerance…) . Instead he is sucking up to Trump, participating in the stupid Syria attack, and trying to give Trump legitimacy. Quel dommage!


France and NATO owe the U.S. a big favor and it’s name is Libya. Harassment of Iran, hoping the hardliner faction takes the bait, is what the U.S. is counting on. They’re all very sick people, really.


What a tangled web we weave. Who would have thought that one day, Saudi Arabia and Isreal would join forces with the USA in battle for the middle easts remaining resources (and of course to keep them out of the hands of the Chinese)


Exactly!!! I think most Americans would be absolutely appalled to see the corporate lobbyists swarming all over Congress in both houses non stop like a cockroach infestation. That is the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX lobbyists and it is exactly why our national debt has gone over the $20 trillion mark, all for the profits of these corporations and wars started and fought on the other side of the planet.

The problem in 2018 being both parties have been prostituted out to these corporate lobbyists. How do the American people get their government of the people, for the people and by the people back? What we have right now is Trump’s government of, by the for the corporations while also being the government of, for and by the rich.


Hey Iran, we have an orange Rocket Man. He seems to be ten times goofier than the one from North Korea. Definitely dumber than a box of rocks.

Why is it that the Dumpster has an agenda of World destruction? It’s not only his war machine in foreign lands, he’s also destroying the U.S. With his rollback of protections of federal lands. I don’t approve of the use of my tax dollars to be wasted on a possible future military intervention in Iran because of the Dumpster’s failure to be a President who could, and should advance the mission of a world free from war and extreme destruction, death, and overall human suffering, unable to comprehend the reason for human life. The unending war mission the United States has embarked on that has decimated life and property all over the world, squandered precious natural resources, needs to be terminated.

Imagine if U.S. citizens started acting like Dumpster, or other recent excuses for
President, doing things like attacking your neighbors for something they might do that annoys you. The government does it, must be OK for you to put your neighbor in the hospital with a head wound because you had differences. The President never gets prosecuted for mistaking a wedding party for terrorists and killing them all with a drone. How do we begin to end the never ending U.S. war mission?


Well, if you want to put a check on Trump, I suggest you vote for the congressional candidate with the most viable chance of winning in November. If that’s a Democrat, pull the trigger. Otherwise, well, you’ve seen the “check” part so far—none.

We could see more of this otherwise:

That’s not a norm progressives should support.


Regime change in Syria, regime change in Iran, I’m getting sick and fed up with this crap. Have the American people ever been so afraid to challenge authority that holds them in such low esteem?


I think you’re being too generous, MCH. Dump is a vengeful, vain, mean, ignorant, & sociopathic shell of a human being and stoopid tool of puppeteers the likes of which the world has never seen. I’m shocked at the loathing that washes thru me when I hear or see him…or any of his Nazi groupies.


And the photo of the infant clinging to her dead mother (who looked pregnant)…

I’ve written letters today to my eunuch senators and excoriated them for the enabling of war crimes and actual war crimes committed by them.

99.5% US Congress and 99% of the administration = sociopaths and/or sycophants.

This is all mind-numbing.


I dunno any French, but if your expression means ‘what bullsh*t,’ I agree.

Ahhhh, for the “good old days” of the Weathermen underground.


Mistaking the wedding party, my big toe.