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Wake Up, America! We Must Force Trump to Resign or At Least Step Aside

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/18/wake-america-we-must-force-trump-resign-or-least-step-aside


Ralph - all of your good intentioned articles and open letters seem to assume that you still have a country - a country founded on the utopian idea that ‘all are created equal’, and that there is such a thing as human conscience and a striving for natural justice.

I think back to Lincoln, whose many addresses I have read. A fine, nay a superb legalist.

Yet here’s the thing - Lincoln proclaimed The Declaration as his inspiration, not the legal Constitution.

In point of fact, The Declaration was technically illegal, in that it was a call to the revolutionary war - an act, legally, of treason.

There is a civil war now raging in your United States, not unlike that portrayed in Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, about the 1936-1939 prelude to WW II, the Spanish Civil War.

Fascists are ‘business people’ of a certain Ayn Rand mindset - think Elon Musk and Donald Trump, and all of their followers and wannabe small businessmen, who parasitically live high on the hog over the non-living wages paid to their employees - think every fast food outlet in the Americas and indeed the world - then think bigger, to the Walmart crowd.

That’s why I hear that some 38% of Americans still support Trump - these are the modern fascist analogue to the Nationalist fascists of Spain pre-WW II.

Then there are the Progressives, of all stripes - these are the Republicans of the Spanish Civil War.

The civil war has been cool, then warm, now it is about to explode into violence.

And you still think writing letters to these monsters will help?

Not me, I’m afraid.

The Rubicon has been crossed.

That Rubicon was the take out of JFK and his brother.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last President of the revolutionary United States of America.


All things pass, but your post is proof that concepts live on. Time to bring these ideas into present time and take what we’ve learned and put it to use.

I’m with Ralph, we need to insist those stupid jerks in the White House step aside or get shown the door. Period.


We are insisting - so is the Mayor of Portland, and the Governor of Oregon.

And THEY are not stepping down or moving aside.

The Courts have been captured, in large measure.

Things as I see it will now devolve rapidly.


I called the 202 456 1111 number, closed down. So I called the 202 456 1414 number and briefly spoke with a male person who hung up on me after I tried to talk some reality to him. So call now or forever hold your peace! Thank you Ralph for an informative article. I still have an ongoing question: Why can nobody stop these illegal and immoral actions by these fascist perpetrators? November can’t come soon enough. Peace


Well, we are having an affect, we just need to step it up. Small things matter. Validate yourself, if you don’t think it can happen, it won’t.


Not to worry, 'Summits — Ralph is almost as relevant these days as Sleepy/Creepy Joe.


Telling trump supporters to “wake up” is a little like telling rocks to wake up.


That’s not what worries me Uncle Fester.

It’s that so many still cling to the notion that we can fix this thru conventional means.

I try not to criticize good intentions and peaceful protest, but in my gut I feel that the time for that has passed away. like water under the proverbial bridge.

We need to breathe new air - to see and feel freshness again.

But I know, or perhaps strongly suspect, that this will only come at tremendous cost.

In short - we are past rationality, which is a true pity.


Maybe you should consult the I Ching on this. There is a lot of snake energy in Washington DC

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For all of his $adism, indifference to suffering, ad nauseum - he will be lucky to be allowed to remain living in the U.S.A. - but he, quite clearly, does not belong here.


Insisting - that ought to do it.

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Indeed. We notice that the attempts on right-wingers, e.g., Wallace and Reagan, failed.
The attempts on JFK, MLK and RFK succeeded.


Insisting if done by enough people might work. If you can get into neutral and stop resisting it, it is just change that is needed. Trump has stirred up so much hate in the world and here on purpose, time to pull the plug on that guy.


Oh yeah. Calls to the White House will do the trick!

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Oh you nay sayers, you don’t know any more than the rest of us. When was the last time a majority of Americans stood together with one voice and demanded justice be served and the President and Vice President (either one or both) be relieved of their duties. Consistently.


Nothing but the truth.

I’ve always wanted to march/protest on the Mall. Filled it up with all of us. Plan ahead of time so people from West Coast can get there and figure a place to stay that is affordable. The people in DC open their house to us wannabes.


And what or who IS the right option oh wise one?
Voting for trump, not voting at all or for some, or just enabling his pathology by silence or sowing confusion and division?

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It couldn’t have been done and covered up without the full compliance of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI etc…

I recently read the autobiography of Marine Jim Mattis, known for his extensive reading. Not one word in his book about another Marine, Smedley Butler - not one.