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'Wake Up': As Earth Hits Temperature Threshold, Climate Campaigners Tell World Leaders Liberation From Fossil Fuel's Grip Only Solution


'Wake Up': As Earth Hits Temperature Threshold, Climate Campaigners Tell World Leaders Liberation From Fossil Fuel's Grip Only Solution

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Floridians and Georgians in the U.S.


Here is an interesting article which looks at whether or not there is consensus among scientists about the existence of global climate change:

The results of this study should give us reason to more closely examine the comments made by those politicians that we have elected to make decisions about our futures when it comes to dealing with the climate change dilemma.


Note: my late father’s old house probably flooded out yesterday.

The part of science that needs the most to be liberated from the Koch brothers and their troll farm is the part that acts. We need for real climate-related engineering and lots of it, not more survey papers. We need the kind of climate engineering that bankrupts the fossil fuel industry quickly, which, coincidentally, is why the troll farm works so hard on CommonDreams.

We need houses that store solar heat.

We need electricity generation (or storage) for after dark when solar farms aren’t generating. Power towers are one candidatate if (when!) we fix the bird kill problem.

We need an alternative to the freeway system.

What do we want?
When do we want it?
“After peer review!”


Tell our leaders what? What they already know a thousand times over? Their Greedy Short Term Thinking is why nothing ever gets done. Climate Change actions should have been done decades ago. Now it’s too late! An Extinction Event is coming… and it’s Not a Movie!


The science is there but no one is paying attention. Your government is not going to help you with it. You will have to do it yourself.

Heat or cool your house without fossil fuels. Walk to work or get a job you can walk to. Its the only way it gets done. Its about the money. Nothing changes until we no longer buy FF for our use.

Don’t like it then get out your folding chair and watch the next big one rip your trailer apart and spread it across the county. Your choice.


US Oil cartels are not only responsible for global climate change and polution, they are so rich that their wealth impacts all aspects of our social and economic life.


We need lawyers dragging people like Koch brothers asses to the courts to get fined brake up their empires and imprisoned for their outrageous crimes against humanity and our planet. Some stupid global warming deniers are the same Trump supporters who also advocate cutting down forests shit in our lakes, rivers , oceans and release fracking methane into our air. They think it creates jobs.


Clearly the fossil fuel industry is not the whole story. The meat and dairy industries also have a big role. Any industry involved in mass deforestation around the world has big role. The best way to deal with fossil fuel industry is to make a transition to renewable energy. I don’t know what to do about the Republican Party. It now stands for nothing but gaining power and uses fear mongering to gain support and it exploits widespread white supremacy in the US particularly in rural areas east of the Mississippi and widespread anti-government views in the western states. It seems to have been completely corrupted by power to the extent that ethics, morality, and even following the law mean nothing. The best hope would seem to be the emergence of a moderate center right party that weaken the totally corrupt far right. There has been talk about that but popular support seems to be lacking.


“I don’t know what to do about the Republican Party” ?

The place to start is indeed to create a true opposition party.

If the Democrats hadn’t moved so far to the right that Obama in 2008 was to the right of where Nixon was in 1974 the GOP would not hold all the cards in 2018.

Its gotten so perverse that Washington State’s liberals are promoting I-1631 (on the November ballot) that will institute a carbon tax that exempts the state’s only coal fired power plant.


We need a new terrorism, narrative; because we are faced with a terror network far more dangerous than any other in the world! The real terrorists are the environmental terrorists: THE FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES! Because they are slowly murdering us all. And just a matter of time until they trigger some world wide catastrophic, climate event.



So very,very true! If it is to be, it is up to us.


Dear Global Warming Deniers:

I have sent repeated cyclones, tsunamis and hurricanes far more frequently, powerfully and deadly than ever before. For the country with the biggest consumption that recently withdrew from the Paris agreement I have sent the most deadly hurricanes to the very states with the largest number of climate deniers. I’ve released multiple tornadoes and earthquakes where you’ve never had them before. Still trying to get your attention before I am forced to eliminate your species as an act of survival. Please acknowledge receipt and agreement to act before it’s too late.


Mother Earth


This post is slightly off topic, but since no stories posted today about this subject, I’ll post here.
This is not an “I told you so” comment. Just a reminder to the posters who didn’t agree with me about the forecasters being honest with the people of the Carolinas about Hurricane Florence. Please compare the aftermath damage photos of Florence and Michael, and you will understand (hopefully) what I was saying. Big difference between a low cat. 2 and a upper cat. 4 in structural damage, and my concerns with telling the people in Florence that they were experiencing the “storm of a lifetime”. Very dangerous to tell inexperienced people it can’t get any worse.