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'Wake-Up Call' Study Finds Link Between Fracking and Toxic Water



Do remember that such articles were carried here on Common Dreams years ago with people insisting there a link. This was rebutted by some small few who called this conspiracy theory nonsense and claimed the sceince showed no such links.

This "new study" does not mean that fracking is suddenly contaminating groundwater. It means fracking has ALWAYS contaminted groundwater in spite of those studies claiming otherwise from the fracking industry or those so called reasearchers that they funded.


So they are at last opening their eyes.

Hopefully We, The People, will open OUR eyes so we can help THEM to OPEN their eyes. How stupid humanity is.


Its also a "wake-up call" to industry & political subversion of the EPA!

The EPA shut down research in 2013 after criticism from the industry and Wyoming's fossil fuel "regulators". A clear case of official corruption and industry lobbying to shut the study down! Remember, Dick Cheney is from Wyoming, father of the "Halliburton Loophole" exempting fracking from the Clean water Act! Dick Cheney, ex-VP, Def-Sec, Halliburton CEO & Chairman & war criminal.......

"In 2011, the (EPA) had issued a blockbuster draft report saying that the controversial practice of fracking was to blame for the pollution of an aquifer deep below the town of Pavillion, Wy. – the first time such a claim had been based on a scientific analysis" - The study was "handed-over to the state of Wyoming, whose research will be funded by EnCana, the very drilling company whose wells may have caused the contamination"!

"the EPA has also:

Closed an investigation into groundwater pollution in Dimock, Pa., saying the level of contamination was below federal safety triggers.

Abandoned its claim that a driller in Parker County, Texas, was responsible for methane gas bubbling up in residents’ faucets, even though a geologist hired by the agency confirmed this finding.

Sharply revised downward a 2010 estimate showing that leaking gas from wells and pipelines was contributing to climate change, crediting better pollution controls by the drilling industry even as other reports indicate the leaks may be larger than previously thought.

Failed to enforce a statutory ban on using diesel fuel in fracking"

From - https://www.propublica.org/article/epas-abandoned-wyoming-fracking-study-one-retreat-of-many



Wake up, money trumps all.


Recall the 1980s when, no matter how much evidence advanced showing how coal burning caused acid rain and other environmental problems, Ronnie Raygun's stock reply was always "more study is needed".


Now we need to access the details about what they're pumping into the ground. It can't remain proprietary if it's getting to the drinking water.


Remember last year the CEO of Exxon joined a lawsuit to stop fracking near his home: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/02/22/exxon-mobil-tillerson-ceo-fracking/5726603/

Oh, the hypocrisy! Wait until they frack close to a super-volcano and set one off.


As if facts change anything, in the land of bought politicians and sleepwalking citizens.


Oh yes it can.
Corporations come first.


Correct. They study these things to death , that death being our own.

That all said the next time a group of farmers or first nations peoples or poor peoples living next to A kochpile come forward claiming these industrial activities are poisoning their water or air or soil or food supply , I will continue to give these people a lot more credibility than that group of Scientists with all of their education and who are owned body and soul by industry who claim the people as alarmists.


Systic ping.


Fascism or, the Corporate State.
The symbol of Fascism was the Fasces, the bundle of rods tied together with an axe in the middle. The basic idea is that corporations band together to be unbreakable. The axe in the middle represents the government, which exists to see that corporate profits and operations are undisturbed.
* The Corporations pay and support the government and the government protects the corporations. Pretty simple, isn't it?
* You can see how this works in the governmental regulatory organizations such as the EPA, (which protects drillers, miners, loggers from the people) the NRC, (which does the same for the Nuclear Industry), and many others.
* Of course, We the People have little or no input into this system as our only value to the Corporate State is to be wage slaves and high interest credit debtors to enhance corporate profit.


Feel the Bern.


.. another study revealing what common sense would tell anyone in advance ..
.. that is, anyone without a vested interest in feigning ignorance ..


Just another thing Sanders has been telling the truth about.


It's not surprising that fracking has a definite relationship to toxic water. What is surprising, however, is that more situations like the present Flint, MI situation haven't arisen. There'll be more situations like the Flint, MI situation if fracking continues.


The fracking industry and its proponents, notably ex-VP Dick Cheney "father of the Halliburton Loophole, have committed what amounts to crimes against humanity (in addition to Cheney's war crimes) by contamination of our nations/citizens priceless water resources for private profit! http://frackwire.com/halliburton-loophole/

"(fracking fluid) formula varies - fracture treatments use anywhere between 50,000 to 350,000 gallons of fracturing fluids." The amount of water used in fracking and made toxic/poisonous is staggering and itself constitutes a crime - or should! Think Flint Michigan & criminal corruption.

" fracking methods permanently remove water from watersheds. It is polluted with chemicals, injected deep into the ground and never returned to the water cycle. Encana stated in shareholder presentations that up to 500 wells are planned for Michigan. Five new wells were permitted in Excelsior Township last week that estimate using 152,000,000 gallons of water. Eight more permit applications are pending." THAT'S MILLION GALLONS!

toxic chemicals that are used and released in the process include:
Benzene (known to cause cancer)
Diesel fuel
To date, diesel fuel is the only substance that drillers have to obtain a permit for. Even the smallest amount can contaminate millions of gallons of water."

"10 million gallons was "straight diesel fuel", another 22 million gallons contained at least 30 percent diesel"


Thanks to all for all this helpful info.and useful links.

Here in Britain the government has quietly passed a ruling which will mean that if local authorities and communities oppose a fracking proposal, their opposition will be over-ruled by a government minister.
Even without fracking, many areas already suffer from some water shortage problems, e.g. with excessive development in the South East, the groundwater has been depleted so that droughts are more serious.
In the North West, a limited fracking experiment was quickly followed by earthquakes.NB that area is not too far from the major nuclear site - Windscale, itself in a quake-prone region and on a coastal site.

But politicians ignore environmental issues - especially when offered money.


The people of Britain must fight this greed-driven monster - fracking! Water is the basis of all life and fracking depletes and contaminates priceless water and much more. It is unconscionable for your politicians to even think of exploitation, much less allow it - fracking contaminates air, water soils/farmlands - England's pleasant pastures! WTF are they thinking? Clearly your politicians are bought and paid-for by the profits generated by the fracking industry - they must be brought down!.