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Wake Up, Democrats.Bomb-‘Em-All Bolton Won’t Help Impeachment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/08/wake-democratsbomb-em-all-bolton-wont-help-impeachment

Does it occur to the author that:

Being able to call witnesses like Bolton also opens the door to witnesses like Blair, Mulvaney, Duffy, McGahn, and Guiliani?

Bolton’s fantasy of six or seven concurrent wars will be even more likely to transpire under President Pence?

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“Being able to call witnesses” doesn’t mean there will actually be any witnesses and even if there are they are likely to bolster Moscow Mitch and the GOP’s strategy to make the “trial” a 9 month circus that makes Trump look better than ever and make the Democrats look worse than ever, resulting in Trump winning the electoral college AND popular vote on November 3.

The only hope Democrats have for winning on November 3 is to keep adding more crimes to the articles of impeachment for at least the next 9 months. If Pelosi hands the articles to Moscow Mitch prior to October the Democratic Party’s downward spiral will accelerate until the Party crashes forever.


Pelosi has slow walked this since uniting her caucus behind voting to impeach.

You’re absolutely right in implying that time is now on her side. More Trumpian malfeasance will surface.

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Maybe it isn’t ‘location, location, it is all about location’ as much as it is ‘timing, timing, it is all about the timing’ instead? Did Trump take us to the very brink of a major war to make himself look good posing as an on the ball commander in chief? Did Trump do that because it wiped talk of McConnell’s stalling on witnesses and that proving that Trump will not actually be tried but only pretended to be? Is this mindless and reckless brinkmanship solely to ‘bribe’ Bolton with something Bolton wants and get him on Trump’s side or did it work the other way and Trump was pressured by Bolton so as to avoid his presenting damning testimony against Trump? All of the above?

All is not well with Trump as our president. It seriously looks like Trump can be manipulated and pressured by even our side much less foreign powers. It is bizarre to see how even at the risk of a possible major war - a war fought with missiles that might even reach us and suicidal maniacs that really could - simply as a political ploy by a proven liar temporarily holding the office.

So far, Bolton hasn’t gotten the war with Iran he wants.

Trust Moscow Mitch or Bolton any further than you can throw them and Trump will win the electoral college AND popular vote on November 3.

I think you’re not far from right. I think Trump gets a double benefit from his Iran stunt. He wags the dog and he placates Bolton. So maybe Bolton testifies but he doesn’t tell the whole truth. That risks perjury. So maybe the offer to testify is smoke and mirrors? When you have so many lying crooks in the mix it’s hard to know. Trump seems to be backing off of Iran a little bit now. That seems to be the pattern. He does something stupid and then tries to fix the stupid thing he did so he can claim credit for fixing what he broke.

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  1. The Persian standard of living is 50% due to our extreme economic sanctions installed by troll Trumpo.
  2. Based on the Iraq death toll after desert storm of 50,000 per year of elderly and children due to lack of available medicines - Iran losing 70,000 peoples per year/ 2.5 years ago, an incoming phone call told me 2 million Iranians had already died including 200,000 military during the iraq/iran war in the 1980’s.
  3. Bolton has the war fever going. Tonights TV interviews had an asst to Pompeo and senator Graham pushing for permitting prez to attack without congress OK.
  4. WE ARE THE TARGET !! If our counter batteries are so darn terrific, why were they held back? Let us review the actual physical damage Iran has caused. Our aircraft carriers are now kept way, way out for a chance to play defense against a missle.
  5. John Bolton a dem hero? Yes, like they clutch Comey’s leg and he is the #1 cause that Hillary is not el presidente’

The kind of Democrats that look for help from Bolton need to be primaried out.

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Bolton will not help the Democrats. He will put party over Country and give cover to Trump and Pompeo. He will rebuke Ttrump for holding back aid but act like it was no big deal. Vote Bernie.

Bolton will be grilled about Rudy’s – a Trump employee, not a government official – influence over the process. Bolton has loyalty to his cause and his party, but none to Rudy. Now Bolton has once again been left hanging without his Iranian war. Can he savage Rudy while protecting Trump? I doubt it.

Anyhoo, Pelosi has time on her side if she’s smart enough to take advantage of it. She should certainly wait long enough to hear what Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman have to say under oath.