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Wake Up Democrats, Warns Sanders, This Populist Unrest Cannot Be Ignored


Wake Up Democrats, Warns Sanders, This Populist Unrest Cannot Be Ignored

Jon Queally, staff writer

Cast in a New York Times op-ed published late Tuesday evening, Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a stark warning to the Democratic Party leadership that if they don't wake up to the profound dissatisfaction of the poor and working classes in the United States, they may very well wake up to a similar shock experienced by many in the United Kingdom last week when a majority—fueled largely by financial frustrations—chose to leave the European Union.


As always, Bernie Sanders is speaking the exact truth as clearly as possible. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the self-satisfied fools who run and benefit from our crooked economic and political systems will listen. Thanks for covering Bernie, commondreams!

I hope that everyone who appreciates commondreams will read their plea for help--"Killing the Messenger"--in the box in the middle of this article. Commondreams' big donors are Hillary fans, and they are ending their support because commondreams has had the integrity to cover Bernie Sanders.

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"...the Democratic Party and a new Democratic president need to make clear that we stand with those who are struggling and who have been left behind. We must create national and global economies that work for all, not just a handful of billionaires." -Bernie Sanders

Right on! But, you're not going to get that from Secretary Clinton who is bought and paid for by the financial, pharmaceutical, industrial and other capitalists. It's idealist to think a president can be liked equally by both classes in a society of mutually antagonistic interests of the working class and capitalist class. There is no happy median. The working class is going to find this out the hard way if Secretary Clinton is [s]elected.


Think You’ve Got It Locked, Hillary? Meet Jill Stein.

Jill Stein


Why does Sanders apparently continue to think that he needs the Democratic Party and HRC? Has he resigned himself to being a Democrat? Why was he an independent for all those years? Is he really this ignorant of HRC's totally self-serving, supremacist MO? Does he truly believe that we independents are going to vote for a madwoman?


No, he doesn't.


Who really knows what kind of a position Bernie Sanders has been put in? Remember Robert Kennedy? All the things Sanders says are needed in the next president seem to be the things Dr. Jill Stein possesses. At this point Sander's role could be to continue to express these concerns until it becomes obvious to more and more of his supporters that they will conclude it's not the party but the person. And Dr. Stein needs to study what Bernie did to get the attention he has.


Universal healthcare/medicare and tuition-free education are only part of Sanders' list; and, would be by-products of reducing the rampant inequality that Congress and the Executive have engineered via our nation's statutes and trade agreements, and of reducing the astronomical costs associated with bogus perpetual war.

The lower half's taxes (actually, it's more than the lower half's, more like the 99%'s) are used to subsidize corporations (think oil; agriculture, hedge funds, etc) and wealthy individuals (think 15% max tax on capital gains; whereas, income from ordinary labor is taxed at a higher rate; and, all sorts of IRS code tax breaks that benefit the wealthy). The stock market has been subsidized for years via quantitative easing, while interest on savings deposits has dropped to near zero. Corporations and wealthy individuals are allowed to divert income via transfer pricing and to hide income via tax shelters; and, thus, not pay taxes on it. And, on and on.

So, it's not the goal of getting free gifts from the upper classes; It's the goal of forcing Congress and the Executive to use all of our taxes for the betterment of our society as a whole, rather than to divert those taxes primarily to the pockets of the upper classes.


It's too bad her supporters can't see that neither Hillary nor the corporate media believe in freedom of speech or journalistic integrity.

Thank you Common Dreams.


Once again, sage advice from Bernie Sanders that will be roundly ignored by the democratic elite living in their dream world where the poor and working class are nothing more than after thoughts. The weak minded will follow them into self delusion until the point where the real world comes crashing through the front door. Then, the limousine liberal will blame Bernie for failing to yell long and hard enough for them to hear.

The limousine liberals are never to blame for their failures. They have lost every major branch of government from state houses to Washington and yet they continue. They fail to understand that the public would rather vote for demagogue with conviction than a sellout liberal that perpetually waffles on every topic.

There should be alarm bells going off at DNC headquarters with Trump now polling equal to the red queen. People are rightly angry and they hate the establishment. The reactionary forces observed in England are not isolated and the public is looking for real leadership. Time for the democrats to Wake Up and realized how badly positioned they are.



The vast majority of wealth in this country is held by a very small percentage, relative to the population.

You know this.

Why do you keep repeating the lie? You have been corrected on this many times. What is your agenda exactly?


I was very surprised at this. The quotes of nasty letters from HRC supporters really shocked me. I had naively assumed that most CommonDreamers were Bernie supporters. I have donated sporadically in the past, and I donated again today. If CD wanted to get a knee-jerk reaction out of me by publishing those nasty comments, they succeeded.:open_mouth:


The unrest can be ignored but woe betide the ignorers.


Bernie Sanders is absolutely spot-on with his warning. This is the worst situation yet, and the populist unrest that's resulted from Donald Trump's candidacy makes both Nixon and Reagan and their followers look like moderates. It seems like the American people are once again about to elect a President that has been bought and paid for, whether we get Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.


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What's needed instead to combat those forces, according to Sanders, is:

a president who will vigorously support international cooperation that brings the people of the world closer together, reduces hypernationalism and decreases the possibility of war;
a president who respects the democratic rights of the people, and who will fight for an economy that protects the interests of working people, not just Wall Street, the drug companies and other powerful special interests;
to fundamentally reject our “free trade” policies and move to fair trade;
to end the international scandal in which large corporations and the wealthy avoid paying trillions of dollars in taxes to their national governments;
to create tens of millions of jobs worldwide by combating global climate change and by transforming the world’s energy system away from fossil fuels; and
international efforts to cut military spending around the globe and address the causes of war: poverty, hatred, hopelessness and ignorance.

BERNIE- what planet are you on?
You will find these positions with the Green Party.
You are wasting your time, and our time by trying to change the Democratic Party-it will not happen--You cannot change their mindset.

Wake Up & Realize what is happening.


Well said.


Sanders needs to be clear about that and, if necessary to have his delegates walk out of the convention. He should then endorse Jill Stein of not join her making it clear that the blind arrogance of the Dems are the reason.


He may keep the promise he made at the outset of his Campaign to vote for the Dem Nominee, but he sure didn't lay out a scenario in that OpEd, if you read it, for the rest of us to, if it's Hillary, as we all know that she can't deliver what he has just laid out.


To those HRC supporters always ragging on Bernie, I've got one thing to say to you: at least he is telling it like it is. Because of his courage and conviction, I abandoned the blue flag and became an independent voter. There are now (one could argue there have been for many years now) two major political parties in this country: the GOP, which is the Old Republican Party, and the New Republican Party (NRP), which are what the Democrats are now. I refuse to call them Democrats anymore. Both are representatives of elite wealthy groups of investors. When they get into office, both parties vote the same way on every important issue facing our lives. There is no difference. Whether the President is Clinton, Bush, Rubio, Walker, or whoever else from these two parties, the outcome is exactly the same: you, the ordinary working class citizen, are fodder to their goals, a run on the ladder to be stepped on. They don't give a fuck about you! What's ultimately the most frustrating is that citizens will keep voting against their own best economic interests. "Vote Blue no matter what" is a horrible, self-defeating path.