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Wake Up Progressives: Conservatives Have a Breathtaking Plan for Trump to Pack the Courts


Wake Up Progressives: Conservatives Have a Breathtaking Plan for Trump to Pack the Courts

Ronald Klain

Almost overnight, the judicial branch could come to consist of almost equal parts judges picked by nine presidents combined — Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama — and judges picked by one: Donald J. Trump.


This is almost a “perfect storm.” Sorry but I think progressives are awake and aware. The system of government has been very much weakened by the right. They have no belief in the basic values of the constitution or respect for all of the citizens. They see it as a winner take all game - and those on the other side are “losers.” Sound familiar?

There are probably forms of resistance that are creative but operating in the same old way by calling or writing representatives just doesn’t seem to get it. That game is stacked in many ways. We are seeing the great hubris and failings of human beings coming to full fruition in the US government. It has always had some of this and has gotten us into wars and other miserable activity. True leaders - from the outside - who we desperately need - have been eliminated. MLK and Malcolm X. A strong message from the right (who will do almost anything) and leaves us only to look within ourselves for direction.


The ability of the trump regime and R’Con allies to pack the courts is due largely to the Dem Party utter failure to represent the 99% (and sellout progressives!) since Bill Clinton (at least) or alter course after two Obama mid-term ass-whompings by R’Cons! Beside trump/R’Con hyper-partisanship and servitude to laissez faire deregulation (aka sellout & destruction) to the 1% and corporate/banker/wall street greed, the DP establishment DLC faction also serves/served much the same interests and marginalized the working/middle-class

This vapid article deflecting & defending too little-too late failure and complicity of the Clinton/Obama/HRC corporate wing of the party, and Obama’s big sellout of progressives and our issues immediately after his election, the DP establishment/elite corporate whores STILL refuse to institute any real reforms or substantially alter their utterly failed course, platform, or agenda as another servant of the uber-wealthy, corporations/banker/insurance parasites and for-profit war-machine!

After enabling the domination and R’Con/trump ability to “pack the courts” via the doomed-to-fail corrupt HRC (the only candidate trump could have beaten!) manipulated “nomination” that sandbagged Bernie Sanders, such defending the DP shills and sellouts pointing instead to the R’Cons/trump as the only enemy is pathetic diversionary crap…try selling it elsewhere!


Yes, had Obama not pushed through the Heritage Foundation’s corporate welfare program disguised as “healthcare reform”, the GOP would never have been able to control Congress and stop judicial appointments during the five years.

Once the Federal Courts are stacked by the GOP and the 1% are paying less tax than ever, even a White House and Congress controlled 100% by Democrats will have no power to legislate in favor of the 99% since anybody with enough dough will be able to get any legislation they don’t like overturned in court.

GOP tax reform will give corporations and the 1% all the dough they need to take all legislation they don’t like to court.


Yes, spot on. We can also thank the sell-out DNC for the fact that a full two-thirds of state legislatures are in Republican control, and a growing majority of governorships. And there is absolutely no sign the Dems have learned anything or changed whatsoever since the election of Dump. Instead they have doubled down on this fake news hysteria about Russia manipulating our elections and our politics more generally. Meanwhile, in the void of news coverage created by the ludicrous Russia-gate scandal, Trump has increased drone strikes by 400%; has continued to provide crucial support for the Saudi genocide in Yemen; accelerated our collective death march by massively deregulating environmental protection and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord; is preparing to kill Net Neutrality; has sent 14,000 more troops to Afghanistan after campaigning on a pledge to pull all troops out, and on and on and on.


Unfortunately we progressives tend to “fall in despair” and “look within ourselves” What good will that do? Help out within your community and join other grass roots or even progressive democrats at the local or state levels. Join with movements and physically volunteer. If you just “look within yourself” you will continue to get nowhere in life.And if there are enough “look within yourselfers” we will get what we deserve.


The sell out DNC is just a corporate shill for Wall Street.So , why are people putting up with this?


I was so angry at this article and its author when I read it several days ago I typed up a long comment that had at least a dozen instances of profanity in it, before I deleted it. It is reassuring that the community gave this article the attention it deserved - very little.

Wake up progressives, indeed. What an a-hole. I’ll remember Mr. Klain’s name; he did accomplish that. It will be like a red flag.