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"Wake Up, South Caroline!" Endorsing Sanders, Spike Lee Slams Rigged System


"Wake Up, South Caroline!" Endorsing Sanders, Spike Lee Slams Rigged System

Jon Queally, staff writer

With just days ahead of the Democratic primary in South Carolina on Saturday, filmmaker Spike Lee is the latest high-profile celebrity to come out and urge potential black voters to throw their support behind Bernie Sanders – the only candidate, he argues, who has an agenda capable of disrupting the "rigged economy" that constantly undermines the nation's poor, the working class, and the politically disempowered.


Hey, Spike! You heard my call and answered it!

Go Bernie (as Cookies says).

It's great to see YOUR support for Mr. Sanders. I hope you can help to wake up the Black Community. Hillary is NOT their savior nor any protector of their particular needs, interests, and concerns. (She's no friend to human life, for the most part... as a devotee of the make-war, Mars-ruled State.)


Hillary's campaign material should be emblazoned with images of weathervanes, that is what she and Bill have always been about, keenly attuned to the prevailing wind. Watch this, it is well worth the time, it is a shame it won't be seen in every home in this country. First seen on Democratic Underground.


I'm afraid the black vote, especially in the deep south, may be lost to Bernie, for the most part. It appears that the simple logic of picking the candidate with policies that would most improve their lives, and who has supported them since his college days, doesn't stand up to the Clintons pandering, though they have done little for and much against black people. Bernie got into the race too late and still has duties as a sitting senator, so he will never have time for enough meet-and-greets to catch up. As a side note, I saw an American Indian Movement (AIM) speaker at a black event Bernie was speaking about, asking if Bernie would honor treaties. Treaties! As timely and helpful at this time as the talk of black reparations, which is not helpful at all and taking the focus away from the important question of who can best help us NOW. I say this as a Native American who was around when AIM was just getting started, and it was a disorganized and little understood movement that never had broad support among Indians and, in fact, some bitter opposition. So I wondered what the agenda was to have this old AIM activist at the black meeting. First, Bernie became the Reparation Man, now he is also the Treaty Man. The real irony here, which nobody seems to note, is that Bernie, as a Jewish man, has much in common with all displaced and persecuted people, and that is part of his motivation to help them. I think this is another Karl Rove style dirty trick by the Clinton campaign to find a way to put Bernie on the spot. I am ashamed that one of my people would participate in trying to bring down a man that would help our people, and all others, to have a better life in America. Doesn't he care about making this country better for his grandchildren? Old is no excuse for stupid.


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This election will be a huge missed opportunity for working people and black people, and the black "leadership", which has done amazingly well thanks to the system as is, will be instrumental in directing black people to Clinton. Clinton's record on issues impacting black people, especially on economic issues, is horrific and not nearly as good as Sanders. Whatever though, I hope everyone enjoys what follows.


People want to glom on to Bernie because they want his audience to notice them. Coates admitted this after his reparations bit when he later apologized for using Bernie or rather sacrificing Bernie to get attention to his issue. Coates later gave interviews where he states that he was wrong to do that and that he intends to support Bernie with his vote.

I think people see Bernie's audience and cynically try to get exposure **at any cost*** for their thing. It is a symptom of media consolidation and a rigged game in general (oligarchy talks and nobody else gets heard) about most issues that someone will jump at the chance to get publicity for themselves even though it hurts Bernie.

It is sad that some don't care but we are a society and democracy in decline. Let's hope Bernie will reawaken hope and a belief that things can be changed by people like back when the spirit moved people back in the 60s.

Too many forget or are too young to remember how hopeless things were when the movements of the 60's began. They were told that things are the way they are and will never change.

But they did change didn't they. We need a new 60's style era where people make change and electing Bernie will prove that it can work to a lot of people.

Much respect to you for your spirit as shown by your comment. That same spirit remains strong for many us folks from that era ... Bernie included.


I agree with Glen Ford. The millions of white youth and the authentic black left -embodied by figures like Cornel West and Spike Lee- that backed Sanders need to split the Democratic party and create a new socialist/social democratic alternative. They can either pick up the infrastructure built by the Greens and take over that party or create a new one from scratch.

The Democrats are hopeless, useless, mere corporate-funded impediments to desperately needed change and should be opposed with as much steadfast determination as the Republicans. As has been said, the Democrats are simply the other wing of the same capitalist bird of prey. That party is and always has been irredeemable.

That is the only rivalry there is between the two old capitalist parties—the Republican Party and the Democratic Party—the political twins of the master class. They are not going to have any friction between them this fall. They are all patriots in this campaign, and they are going to combine to prevent the election of any disloyal Socialist. I have never heard anyone tell of any difference between these corrupt capitalist parties. Do you know of any? I certainly do not. The situation is that one is in and the other trying to break in, and that is substantially the only difference between them.–Eugene Debs, June 1918


@critter...which nobody seems to note, is that Bernie, as a Jewish man, has much in
common with all displaced and persecuted people, and that is part of
his motivation to help them..."

Indeed! Yet I've just read in a comment elsewhere, (then checked Wikipedia ) that among some African American age groups there is strong anti-Semitic feeling.
From your own experience is this true? If so, sad as it is, it would explain why so many African Americans are favouring Hillary Clinton rather than Bernie, who would seem to be their natural ally.


If black folks vote against their best interests by voting against Bernie, they will merely be displaying the centuries old tradition, where all peoples vote against their best interests by not acknowledging the truth about the contemporary politics. Opinions constantly trump reality, yet we seem unable to see our folly. There is a solution, but too many don't want to see it, don't want to hear about it. Hint: the solution isn't in the center.


One can only surmise that many black folks, like their white liberal counterparts, love war; as they have and continue to support two war criminals, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Amy Goodman gives lots of Black voices a chance to speak and I am always impressed by the breadth of their vision. (Most of them... there are a few that pander to the Establishment.)

I am firmly convinced that IF Blacks heard his message, he would win by a landslide.

The Internet is expensive. I just got a ridiculous cost increase from A T & T and there's this adorable Black guy I talk to at the local library. He told me he can't afford Internet at home. Not many can at price-gouging rates.

I think that's why with Black incomes much less than those of Caucasians (on a statistical scale), it's a very good bet that less Black citizens really understand or have HEARD Mr. Sanders' message. They're more plugged into conventional media and THINK they are getting "the true story."

Don't forget, right now Hillary is doing her own Sanders' imitations at lots of talks... as if she (and the Neo-liberal cons) gives a shit about improving wages, immigration standards for Dreamers, any real regulation of Wall St., etc.

She tries to SOUND Progressive and would be the first one to enact Bill Clinton style "triangulation"--which the media would describe as "sophisticated political savvy and pragmatic deal-making"--in ROLLING BACK all those promises.

Obama and stopping the war in Iraq? Closing Guantanamo? Improving the economy (it's ALL smoke and mirrors right now. The only thing saving the U.S. is that its Wall St. merchants of doom sold their fake crap all over the world and so the OTHER economies are imploding faster since there's less muscle and collateral to hold them afloat).


Thanks for remembering! Maybe he reads this site or one of his friends does?


Deflection Happens!


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Looking forward to the Town Hall tonight. If I were advising Sanders, just as Clinton will be dragging Obama along with her all night, I would tell him to conjure up the ghost of Martin Luther King and hold hands with him all night long--the March on Washington, getting jailed for protesting segregation, MLK's thoughts on democratic socialism, MLK's three evils--militarism, racism, and materialism.

MLK is the social justice tradition that Sanders comes from and he should play this card again and again and again and again. When Hillary plays her Obama, raise her a Martin Luther King.


"Hint: the solution isn't in the center" because the center has moved so far to the right during the past 40 years that, like the center of the road, the only thing you find is roadkill. more of the 99% turned into roadkill by the oligarchs with each passing day.

When Murkins tell me that Bernie is radical, I tell them that putting his platform side by side with FDR's, JFK's and LBJ's, we find few differences. The difference is that today, to quote George Orwell, "in an era of universal deceit, anybody telling the truth is considered radical".


Way to go, Spiker and Danny Glover!

Now could someone please figure out what the hell's wrong with Morgan Freeman?


He's still driving Miss Daisy.