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Wake Up to Trump, Distraction and War with Iran


Wake Up to Trump, Distraction and War with Iran

Ralph Nader

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trump’s new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are likely to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord. This would open the way for Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Congressional allies to push for armed conflict with Iran.


Not looking good for any peaceful endeavors, what with Bolton a PNAC guy and Trump up to his mendacious kisser in domestic turmoil.

Chaos reigns supreme.

Thanks for the sobering assessment, Ralph.


“You’d think that the Israeli government couldn’t play Uncle Sam a sucker to fight yet another war—this one against Iran with American soldiers and money. But the three warmongers, named above, are driving U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Congress regularly disregards its constitutional duties and follows the lead of AIPAC lobbyists.”

Spot on Ralph…ever righting for the people! Thank You!


Blowback in spades will be felt from within and outside the U.S. if The Three Stooges of Zionist Political Porkery aren’t stopped on this Endless Genocide For Jewish Serenity Campaign.
Ralph may mourn the insanity of this, but it’s money Trump worships, so it’s AIPAC ass he’ll kiss. Bolton is poker hot and lava molten, when it comes to murdering " others " nothing is as they say, verboten. Pompeo is an almost perfect Evangelical Christian, his and Netanyahu’s Cloud Guy believe in butchery and slaughter without restriction.
" Is this a great country, or what? " Bill Blazajowski.


Trump, Bolton. Pompeo and Netanyahu all think that if they keep calling Iran the “most dangerous terrorist state in the world”, then most Americans will believe it.

Given the average American’s disdain for History, they may be right!


Israel said to have used a small nuke this past Sunday in Syria. We the people have no enemies outside our own government and the NWO hyper militarized police state that will stomp down any objection from citizens.


Yes indeed !

The US has not been threatened by outside forces since WWII. The Soviet “threat” during the cold war was way overblown and served to expand and enrich the military industrial complex that has since morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC).

The destruction of democracy in the US has been 100% an inside job with corporations pulling the strings of the politicians they own.


Trump wants to be a macho he-man war president. But if you really take a good look at and into the real situation, it is the military industrial complex that has gotten rich with wars created on the other side of the planet. That is why we have a 20 trillion dollar national debt. We have a military industrial complex set of huge corporations sending their lobbyists into Washington DC with lots of bribe money that ends up creating contracts for them to supply the military in far away countries. Trump and his cabinet are the worst group of corporate prostitutes in our entire history.

So when does a huge Trump backlash hit the fan?. This is the richest, most corrupt president in our entire history and his cabinet is also the richest and most corrupt in history. They are creating a government of, by and for the huge corporations, - of by and for the richest of the rich.


The US is no democracy and Congress gets more money from the Oligarchs that own it than the US budgets Congress for operations and labor. Telegraph UK The-US-is-an-oligarchy-study-concludes. Princeton and Northwesern Universities concluded research since Reagan. Check out the Economist’s Democracy Index too for real democracies.


Will enough American people, including knowledgeable retired national security and military officials, stand up to stop this slide toward another conflagration that will likely produce blowback in the U.S.?

In a word…No!


Finally one writer not distracted by the Mueller investigation, the NRA convention, the rougue’s gallery of presidential appointments, teacher strikes, or Stormy Daniels. This is the big story and its impacts will be felt all over the world–not just in the US. (Hint: the Persian Gulf super tanker traffic is still necessary for the world economy to function and Iran will not go quietly into the night without trying to muck it up.)


Israel is no friend of the US. It is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host - can anyone argue with that. Jewish power in the US seems to care more for Israel and Jewish interests than for American. Thankfully, there are some Jews, a small minority, now speaking up against Israeli crimes - without that, I would be anti-Semitic.

I don’t think non-Jewish, American people would support a full scale war on Iran without some false flag operation. Destructive sanctions however, would not be much of a problem, given the destructive power of AIPAC and the appalling state of our current politics.

I strongly resent that opposition to particularly Jewish interests in conflict with ours, like fighting for Israel, is likely to get you tarred “anti-Semitic”.


I think Mr Nader is mostly right and his warning to avoid a war with Iran is needed.
But it would help, both politically and in service to the truth, if he also called on Iran to stop the bellicose calls for Israel’s destruction, stop interfering in Syria which has caused so much destruction, and to call for reconciliation with the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Yemen etc.


To paraphrase Adolf Hitler: make the lie big; keep on saying it, in the corporate media… and eventually the sheeple will believe it.


Reading this excellent article by Mr. Nader, explains why Ralph would never be allowed to become POTUS. Only major or potentially major war criminals who are sycophants for the war profiteers are allowed into the oval office. And why not? The potential war criminals know they have nothing to fear since so many major, Amerikan war criminals like Bush and Cheney have never been held accountable for their egregious, war crimes!


One thing I am absolutely sure about. Whatever happens with Iran, the public’s opinion will not enter into the decision making, at all.


Really? Gads, what’s your source, Ajo?


Credit where it’s due, but Nader must get tired of tilting at so many windmills.
The country is incorrigible.


As ‘they’ say it’s all about the shekels. Give members of Congress many shekels and receive unwavering support for Israeli atrocities. They are killing peaceful protesters on illegally occupied lands with snipers. Where’s the outrage for this?


If the US is stupid enough to enter a war with Iran they will lose. We Americans will lose what’s left of a dysfunctional nation. This has profound implications as allies of Iran are nuclear armed as is Israel and the US. The aggressiveness of the Israeli govt and the hubris of the US guarantee failure or the end of the world.