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#WakeUpMitch, Say Activists Outside of McConnell's House in Early Morning Demonstration for Breonna Taylor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/wakeupmitch-say-activists-outside-mcconnells-house-early-morning-demonstration


Dude, Mitch isn’t going to wake up - he’s part of the nightmare. Remember, HE was the one who blocked Obama’s judicial nominees, stole a Supreme Court Seat, and then changed the rules to ram through Trump nominees. It is said that he keeps a wall of his office filled with political cartoons targeting him, because he finds them amusing.

The only way to change him is to boot him. Be it Booker or McGrath, if you are in Kentucky, vote blue!


i love this just on principle. Mitch should never be able to sleep again until his dirt nap arrives.

well done.


This Is What Democracy Looks Like!


I wish I could up that vote 10X but that would be voter “fraud”.


This is a wonderful thing to see on this day---- Juneteenth!

Finally a picture front and center on CD’s that warms the heart and lifts the spirit!!!
(as opposed to the grotesque faces/pictures of McConnell, Mnuchin, trump etc. etc.)

This energy must be channeled to get rid of Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath.

Common Dreams ----and many commenters here---- have written about the significance of this moment in time where there is energy and momentum to break up the stranglehold of TPTB. There is a chance of doing this in Kentucky but NOT with Amy McGrath!

When people say trump is the most dangerous man in power that is a falsehood----it should be plural----- Mitch McConnell wields tremendous power and if there is evil, he is the epitome.

I am going to contribute to his campaign today. The election is next week.

For those that do not fully grasp the significance of this moment and the importance of Charles Booker I encourage you to read this excellent piece:


Here are some excerpts (again, my bold!):

Booker then faces arguably the most powerful Republican in America not named Trump. Since his initial election in 1984, McConnell has almost always won reelection by double digits.

For McConnell, politics is not a personal brand, or a way to hang out with celebrities; it’s a means to create a merciless world in line with his reactionary views. To unseat him would be one of the most significant electoral victories for the left-of-center in modern American political history, arguably a bigger win than if Biden defeats Trump.

More than Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell is the avatar of the modern Republican Party.

and this:



How about, “vote your conscience”? I do not always like or find easy what it has me do.


What is especially great, is the McConnell’s neighbors are probably very annoyed with him now. This old bill collector stunt can be very effective.


How about, “vote your conscience”?

That works too, although I don’t think the Green party is running a senate candidate in Kentucky. The point isn’t merely gaining a seat for the Democrats. It is about removing Mitch McConnell, the Machiavellian mastermind behind the GOP’s senate’s worst behavior.

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This is a move many here at CD don’t see clearly. Why do anything that helps DJT remain president.
But let your conscience be your guide, not your revenge.

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We also find ourselves being overwhelmed by police abuse. We said enough is enough and hit the streets. Another major effort is to ditch mitch.
Actually the whole stubborn, entrenched, brainwashed greed party and the other wannabee fascists.

						From Native Americans
						To Black Lives matter…
						When does the killing stop?

Neil J. Smith, that is the question many of us want to know.

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“We’re not here to just complain on the internet,” said Farrar. "We’re here to get the solutions we need.

THANK YOU. Mr. Farrar!


Wouldn’t you know … corporate bitch, I mean Mitch, McConnell lives on a road named after the original inabitants, the Cherokkee people. They, so that his ancestors with Divine Rights (see the papal buls of the 15th century) could steal the land, were forcibly removed and forced into centuries of alienation, ethnocidal practices by their overlords, to walk the Trail of Tears.

Mitch McConnell is emblematic of what needs to be recognized, articulated, assessed and addressed. Until that happens, the centuries old convenience of denial, negation, marginalization, manipulation for unfounded advantage will continue to ooze from these structural obscenities.

Hey Mitch, would you like some real life experience of the other side to fill out the TRUE legacy behind your “privileges”?


“No rest for the Wicked.”

…And sounds like!

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