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Waking up to the Sunrise Movement

Waking up to the Sunrise Movement

Adam Eichen

You can love two children at once,” a colleague once told me. He meant that advocates for a single issue can integrate other reform efforts into their agenda without being subsumed—and are often more powerful for it.


Some of us stood on the intersection of two streets in a third world country where the petrol engine was first introduced with no emissions standards, and almost passed out.
I have repeated this incident on these page before.
Better late than ever, of course, but if we are too late - Fuck the sociopaths who thought that thoughtless development of technology and associated materials would never have an impact on the planet.

Fuck the industrial monsters.Let them be most to suffer in the ecocide.

So you are then supporting the Off Fossil Fuels Act with this same new determination?

Unfortunately that is not going to happen with (Status Quo-Middle ground) Biden and the Corporatist
‘leadership’ he represents. All the more reason to defeat (crush) this guy.

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