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Walker and Trump’s Foxconn Deal May Be Worst in American History


Walker and Trump’s Foxconn Deal May Be Worst in American History

Robert Kraig

Governor Scott Walker and Donald Trump claim their $3 billion subsidy to Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn will create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin. But when you dig into the numbers, the Foxconn deal looks like one of the biggest swindles in American history, a scandal waiting to happen.

While it is Governor Walker and not Trump who is really cutting this deal, it sets a dangerous precedent, which could affect every state.


If the new factory creates only 3,000 new jobs, then the three billion dollars spent comes out to an even ONE MILLION tax payers’ dollars of per job.


What is needed is a referendum system whereby these virtually one-man approval (governor’s) sweetheart deals are instead voted on by the taxpayers. One man approvals encourage corruption either directly or indirectly come reelection time.


Walker being re-elected AND surviving a recall attempt confirms Wisconsin “taxpayers” opinion on the Foxcon deal…no referendum needed.

Perhaps the Foxcon deal determined the timing of Bezos request for proposals to site the second Amazon “campus” ?

Such a precedent gives Bezos serious leverage to get way more than tax breaks from his next conquest…


A “conn” this monumental merits an additional “n”


I can’t believe that your assessment of this boondoggle has the force of a voice crying in the wilderness. Aren’t Wisconsinites marching en masse in the streets against this massive public theft? It makes me want to scream!


Capitalism at its best----these payouts to dysfunctional corporations have been going on for a long time and get little news coverage. Just examine what dysfunctional Walmart has done for decades. Or Amazon that makes no real profit—but its stock surges.

I hope Tammy Baldwin survives in her run for the senate----but I have no love for the state of Wisconsin, this is the state of Ryan and Walker-------and just think how republicans rejected the corporate stooge Walker when he ran for president.


Our decline into corrupt rule by oligarchy is primarily the fault of the corporate media who have abandoned their duty as citizens in favor of obeying orders and keeping their jobs. They always present themselves as being objective and somehow separate from the rest of the population. The media continues to tell themselves this myth of their being above the fray even though they are fully aware that the public is often being misled or manipulated by falsehoods that they perpetuate.

While technically we may still have a free press, it has become increasingly obvious that we no longer have a courageous press.


A snapshot of Foxconn manufacturing back when their worker abuses were first getting attention:

Foxconn’s solution for the blowback they received over worker mistreatment:


At $300 million a year, why not just create 6,000 government jobs to repair infrastructure, etc.?


Mostly I think people just don’t know, some don’t pay attention, some pass it off with defeatism and some know but wait for someone else to do something or even say something.

The oligarchy counts on people not wanting to get involved.