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Walking Makes Strides Toward Healthier Future For All


Walking Makes Strides Toward Healthier Future For All

Jay Walljasper

Walking is moving fast these days.

We may think of it as a slow activity, but travel by foot is quickly being recognized as an effective prescription for health, a convenient means of transportation, a great way to meet people, a smart strategy for saving money and a lot of fun.


Since my getting my next meal puts me in a vicious cycle of enslavement, Sleep, rest, food, walking and conversation are not part of my humanity.

The greatness of living in the US of A.

I am sure that my Social Security will be used up by the Kleptocrats class in the greedy generation before me, so I can’t possibly live the retired years without hard labor. My daughter is in the hands her tormentor and I have pay a thousand bucks a month for it. I owe an attorney 10k for the ability of not being able to get justice for my daughter.

I am ready to go. And I still don’t believe in a God or afterlife.


Walking is good but remember James Fixx, author of The Complete Book of Running? Died young of a heart attack because he thought running allowed him to eat anything. You can walk all you want but the cholesterol will still build up in your arteries if you are a meat eater. So walking while following a heart attack diet is not good. Why can’t the promoters of walking include a plug for vegetarianism as well? Ethical eating is fundamental; walking is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.