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Walking While Brown, Chapter 6,782


Walking While Brown, Chapter 6,782


In further evidence U.S. police forces include way too many racist thugs who slam 'em to the ground and beat 'em up first and (possibly) think second, Madison police partially paralyzed a 57-year-old Indian gentleman after assaulting him for taking a stroll through his engineer son's nice white neighborhood. A caller had declared Sureshbhai Patel "suspicious." Only, the family attorney persuasively argued, in that "he has brown skin." Police said they were investigating the use of force and wished the victim "a speedy recovery."


I think that people belonging to the white race always thinks that they are the only rightful citizens of this nation. Brown, black, hispanics or any different categories have no place. This idea is genetically implanted within majority of thewhite folks. Obviously, lack of social education is the basic cause. A non white, by any chance if hangs around in an affluent white neighbor hood, then he is considered to have a motive of burglary or any heinous crime. It is the attitude developed over the century among the white population especially in the south and midwestern states. In the eastern states it is subtly kept under the veil but it is there. The exmaples are plenty. It is pathetic and ironic. Tolerance comes only through the education from childhood and parents are also somewhat responsible for that along with the teachers. So please, educate the children so that our next generation wouldn’t grow up with hateful mind.


Police in the United States have become virtually lawless. These is no safety in the vicinity of a cop. They are marginally educated, violently inclined and naturally sociopathic. These are traits they must have in order to join a “force” committed to behave in a brutish manner and a skilled liar. Their ranks are full of stone cold killers and have and will continue to be a threat to citizens everywhere. The worst of them intimidate the rest. Their function is largely one of violating the fundamental principles and laws that protect citizens. Their code of conduct is a complete contradiction to civil society. They are supported by “lawyers”, hired by political establishments, to terrorize the public with a plethora of chicken shit laws and a corruption of legal and judicial processes.

On the whole, police behave no different than gangsters and pose the greatest threat to citizens than any other subculture in the United States. They are the epitome of the political establishments they protect.


And this happened in “liberal” Madison, WI yet.


…oops. This “Madison” is in Alabama, not Wisconsin. For some reason, I don’t have an edit icon…


Don’t feel bad. With Scott Walker running Wisconsin, this story could just as easily have taken place there.

And Madison is in the more “sophisticated” part of Alabama. It’s just outside of Huntsville. At least 20% of the people around there can read.



While the fact that not enough is done to bring cops to justice who abuse their power, violate the law(s) that they’ve sworn to uphold and seriously injure/kill people who they’ve sworn to protect definitely needs to be changed, cops are needed, whether people like them or not. There are cops and there are cops, imho. There are cops who are vicious thugs, and there are cops who are good, decent and caring people who are genuinely into helping people, and not abusing them.

It’s unfortunate that the Indian guy was paralyzed as a result of this particular cop’s body-slamming him to the ground. Here’s hoping that the guy recovers.

There are times when the presence of cops have actually saved people’s lives. I still remember, for example, Boston’s busing riots that occurred some 40 years ago, back in the mid to late-1970’s, and somewhat beyond. Black students being bused into Boston’s white working-class ethnic neighborhoods to go to Federal Court-assigned schools were met with vicious white mobs, particularly in Southie (South Boston, MA), and Charlestown. Black students experienced rock-and-bottle throwing, racial epitats, and physical assaults, especially inside the high schools in those particular areas. Had the TPF (Tactical Patrol Force) not been there to control the crowds outside the schools in those above-mentioned Boston neighborhoods, there would’ve been even more bloodshed, mayhem and killing. As one policeman said “I’d hate to think of what that (Southie) crowd would’ve done to the black kids if they’d really gotten their hands on them.”


Let’s stop generalizing and "yak"ing (as in whining). I’d propose an action plan, called “bait and clobber”. Teams of well trained activists set up “test” situations. A “brown” individual is used as bait in an otherwise innocuous setting, and exhibiting neutral behavior, but within range of suspected police “bad actors”. When the “bad actor(s)” perform(s) according to the anticipated bad behavior scenario, the “bad actor(s)” is(are) then mauled to incapacity, and injured to a level requiring hospitalization. Enough news stories generated by consistently repeated punitive events may provoke a kind of spontaneous series of mini civil disturbances, with subsequent major fallout beneficial to the goal of fixing the cop problem. Training camps, etc. in the scenario for this activist approach.


The picture in the linked local news article of the neighborhood where it happened looks like a total suburban wasteland - you know; they are all that style of house - popular in southern suburbia - where the front of the house is dominated by a garage door for the car rather than a front door and welcome-mat for humans.

In my city, Indians sure like the suburbs - you never see an Indian in the city or riding on the bus - they all live out in the suburbs.


You are proposing the old anarchist tactic called “propaganda of the deed”. I wish it did work, but history shows that it doesn’t.


Of course, in the traditional expectation of literal “change”, it might not “work”, but the “therapeutic”, or intangible values, the multiple dimensions of media communication, both indirect and direct, the newly expanding and only recently tested medium of internet “instantaneity”, would provide new tests for what you dismiss in the historical record. A cliche, here: that only the long, drawn out process of gradual change through education would be worth pursuing. History may not “repeat” itself, but sometimes it does, in veiled form.


Sue big, Mr Patel. Make sure it costs them.


Exactly. Interesting to hear an Australian say that, but increasingly, civil lawsuits - sue them to complete poverty so they wish they merely were criminally charged and went to prison - is increasingly the only course one can take for justice,


The cop was suspended for not following policy. He was supposed to shoot the ‘suspicious’ walker and claim he was attacked.