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#WalkOutND: Students Plan to Protest Pence Speech at Indiana University


#WalkOutND: Students Plan to Protest Pence Speech at Indiana University

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Students at Notre Dame University are planning to stage a walkout during Vice President Mike Pence's commencement speech there on Sunday, according to ThinkProgress.


At a Catholic school, call to action appeals fundamentally have always started with the phrase
"Brothers and Sisters in Christ we come together on this day to ....."

That starts today's journey from a place of peace and purity, so that one's thoughts originate from a seed of compassion for our fellow humans

So it is all the more incumbent upon the ND administration to project this methodology in its actions instead of the coarse and vulgar avarice so frantically displayed by the current presidency.

What is the point of a theological training if one so easily castes it aside for the vices of the material gains of the world?

This is when "Go Irish" must mean quite a bit more.

Help us lead with your Best Virtues.


Well Done, Rolson! This comment is worthy of being sent to the president of ND, Fr. Jenkins.

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
University of Notre Dame
400 Main Building
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Tel: (574) 631-3903
Fax: (54) 631-7428

Email: president@nd.edu


Pence the Pious...a born-again Christo fascist evangelist...speaking at the graduation of one of the most highly regarded CATHOLIC universities in the world...priceless. What goes through the minds of the ignoramuses who decide to invite someone like him (he may be vice president but that does not make him a better person...he is a homophobe, misogynist, zealot, and master prevaricator who has to lie for his earthly master while violating all that is engendered in the liturgy of his other Master) to speak at such an auspicious (maybe even hallowed) event? May their heads roll as a result of that disastrous decision.

Wonder how many backs PtheP will be facing and how high he will have to raise his voice above the accompanying vocal resistance....


Commencement addresses, especially by politicians, are dreary and dull affairs worthy of any excuse for avoidance. The American University address by JFK in 1963 which led to the above ground nuclear test ban treaty between the US and Soviet Union and Winston Churchill's commencement at Harrow in 1941 in which he said: "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.", are among the rare exceptions to this general rule that politicians make for crummy inspirational speakers.


A rare few in the ND graduating group will appreciate PtheP speaking with the vast majority feeling ashamed to say that PtheP spoke at their commencement, I would venture to guess. Not something I would want to remember.

Steven Colbert, a devout Catholic would have been an outstanding choice as a commencement speaker at Notre Dame! And a memory to savor over the years.


What kind of two-bit publication runs such a deceptively titled article as this one? University should NOT be capitalized. This is an article about an Indiana university, Notre Dame, not THE Indiana University. You can discern a low - quality news site by their lack of proof reading and editorial control. Disgusting.


Oh, please. Headlines are always in Title Caps.

In the second paragraph, it accurately reflects the capitlalization:

Don't be a pedant.


University IS capitalized when following the name of the institution and remains capitalized throughout all subsequent references (University...without the name preceding) therein. I know, I work with a major university where correspondence and news that emanate from the administrative offices is very closely vetted and scrutinized before distribution.


the fax is 574-631-7428....
(you had some numbers cut off)....


Pence does evil in the name of faux-Christian elitism. The people of Indiana found out all about him when he was governor and then he made his great escape to become VEEP.


I think CD should relieve you of the pain of the privilege they afford you.


Hey Pence!
What do you say to Michael, Charlotte, and/or Audrey if any or all came to you and said, "I am BI (or TQLG). And the reason I have been drinking myself to death since 15 is because I thought everyone would hate me if I came out." ?

Believe me, "I am BI" are three of the most beautiful words my child has spoken.

Here are some possible answers from which you could choose:
A. What is BI?
B. Then you must not be my child.
C. I love you.
D. You are banished from this Christian family.
E. You will always be safe with me.
F. Not to worry child, there is reparative therapy, reconstruction of your body/mind/spirit via GOD willed minister.
G. I am hetero and I was just born this way. But because you are not hetero, then you clearly made a choice to be LGBTQ.


Thank God for independently minded youth.


From my perspective, Pence is the epitome of what Mr. Hedges has called: CHRISTIAN FASCISTS!


Your twisted panties are impeding blood circulation to your brain. A common headline style—which seems archaic to me, but people still do it—is to capitalized all non-article words. That's the case here.

And even if it were a mistake, this is what you choose to get so upset about?

You must be a real bundle of laughs at parties.

And who proofreads (one word) your stuff? And it's a misuse of capitalization to put not and the in all uppercase as you've done.



All well and good that there's a protest, but "50 to 100" is all they could manage? The entire student body should walk out.

Kinda sad if this is indicative of the state of the resistance.


But the headline was nevertheless badly worded because "Indiana University" is an actual university - main campus in Bloomington, Indiana. Then there is Indiana University, in Indiana, Pennsylvania - not too far from California University...in California Pennsylvania. "It's on the Monongahela River" as Zippy once told Griffy in the comic strip....


Notre Dame - like most Catholic Schools in the US, is a pretty right wing place. A few years ago St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA has GW Bush deliver its commencement address. There certainly were protests going on outside the campus gates, but nothing inside.


L, that's the problem: ND, and almost all US Catholic universities, are rightwing bastions.

According to Pew Research, in the 2016 election, Catholics voted for Trump-Pence by 52-45 over Clinton-Kaine, and Kaine is Catholic. I was surprised that 28% of Latinos (26% of Catholic Latinos) voted for Trump.

Mostly what I heard from the Trump-Pence campaign was the message of hatred, derision and division, but it found fertile ground among enough Catholics and Latinos to swing the election to Trump-Pence and down-ticket Repubs who brought a wrecking ball to politics in Iowa.