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#WalkOutToVote: Harnessing Demand for Change, Youth-Led Alliance Set to Bring Power to Polls

#WalkOutToVote: Harnessing Demand for Change, Youth-Led Alliance Set to Bring Power to Polls

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Walkout to Vote banner image from Future Coalition (Image: Future Coalition)With their sights set on making sure Tuesday's midterm election sends "a bold message to politicians and the country," the youth-led Future Coalition—an alliance that includes March For Our Lives and National School Walkout—has organized


The real silent majority in America is the non-voters and they have the political power, but until the non-voters realize it, I do not see much changing. BUT THIS YOUTH LED ALLIANCE IS A GOOD START!


GO YOUTH GO! Vote like your lives depend upon it! Make America yours, mine and ours!


I remember protesting the Vietnam war, and one of my fondest memories was being at a sit down group and looking over to see an elderly couple probably in their 60’s or so. I would like be that elderly person to join in with a crowd of concerned, impassioned young folks.


Beautiful! I salute and admire you!

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With the November election coming up this week, it will be interesting to see how third-party candidates fair, even if it is just an increase in overall vote numbers.

I’m wondering if there may be intel, a story or even documentary out there that captures the growing numbers and subtle successes of today’s third parties (Green and Libertarian, even Constitution and Reform). Something that dives deep into the past 10 election cycles at federal, state and local levels.

Something comprehensive and easily digestible. For instance:

-How much has each party grown in that span?
-Has their amount of candidates increased each election at all levels?
-How about the growth of candidates being included in polls and debates?
-Any state-by-state comparisons showing where a third-party moment is happening or may be about to happen?
-Are any particular states, districts or counties on the cusp of a moment where third parties are a legit contender moving forward?
-What states (and which party) show the most promise for an actual electoral college win for points in a future presidential election?
-Any comparisons on different voter ages and their respective alignments across parties?

Political Science 101 - Fall 2018

Course summary:
Republicans hate Democrats, Democrats hate progressives, progressives scorn their only friends, the Greens, and the Greens just want to get on the ballot.

The mid-term will take place on November 6. It will be multiple choice with a write-in option. There will be no make-up exam. Study hard.

The journey from getting the Greens on the ballot to eradicating the Republicans is long, but as Loazi said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.




Love that article! Thanks for the link.

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Nice, but shouldn’t workers everywhere in the USA - 99 percent of whom are over 18, be staging a walk out to vote? Practically everywhere else in the world, voting is held on Sunday (which outside the USA is a day where almost all workplaces, including stores and restaurants, are closed) or voting is held on a mandatory holiday.

Voting itself is also mandatory in many countries of the world - you either provide a legitimate excuse slip from a doctor or employer you pay a fine if you don’t vote.


As a senior citizen, I am proud to see our youth take such an action as this.

Let us all revel in their strength and bravery and give them our trust and support.

i suspect that votes for Green candidates will be very low this election, becasue or the desperate situation we are in now, which, in part, was due to people voting Green in the last election.

Progress comes in increments. once the Republican party has been pretty much marginalized to the fringe, and the mainstream choice becomes the Democrats or a party further left, only then will the Greens have a chance or becoming the ruling party.

But be careful - In Europe, the green parties have achieved viability, but the are hardly leftist. They are more the part of the upper-middle class bourgeois.


The Green in Arizona dropped out and endorsed the Democrat for Senate. My feeling is that, as an African American, she has a better sense of what it will mean to help anti-voting rights fascists to keep unfettered control of Washington than her white, middle to upper middle class counterparts.

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I suspect you are right Yunzer.

About one thing.

About us being in a desperate situation.

Sure, they’ll do what my generation did. And the one before it. And the one before that. They’ll vote, alright. And they’ll vote for people who whisper their sweet nothings and change…nothing.

It’s just another generational cooptation at work. As it has always been.

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I heard recently that 60 years from now, hurricanes could be as big as an entire continent. Imagine one storm wiping out more than half of the United States. As climate change heats up the planet and the ocean faster and faster every year, hurricanes will become more fierce and they will occur later in the year and at more northern latitudes. Eventually there will be a direct hit to New York City. What will they do when America’s largest city, by far, is in the same condition that New Orleans, Houston, Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and all the rest of the storm ravaged areas are in?

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For MFOL and NSW, signs to rephrase Republiklan issues:

Medicare for all, not for insurers benefit!

Prevent abortion. Make birth control free!

Tax the 1%, not the 99%! Jobs don’t depend on billionaires.

Prevent immigration! Stop the billionaire’s wars!

End poverty! Universal Basic Income, not make-work jobs!

End voter fraud! Secure cellphone-Blockchain voting!

Prevent shootings! Arm and teach gun safety!

Free education for all! Forgive student loans!

No to Citizens United and political bribery!

Direct Democracy, not representative Oligarchy!

Cap wealth and power by referendums! Wire excess to all citizens equally.

Liquid Democracy! The people decide the government budgets,

Artificial Intelligence benefits for all, not for a few!

Just curious, how do the non-voters hold the power? Is it just because they are a silent majority, and therefore they have power equivalent to a majority? Or were you alluding to something else? Also, what would have to change to make them realize it?

Our Democrat Leaders hear nothing! The only thing they hear is “Ca-Ching” as they see their bank accounts grow! Has anyone heard from Spineless Schumer, Aunt Nancy, Gold Digger Warren or any of these Creatures at the top giving support to their Voters? Nope. Only ones who are making noise are Obama, who has no great track record and Bernie, who people don’t trust after his backwards flip telling his supporters to vote for a Crook. Look back on all of the Marches and Protests that were planned by all of the Orgs this year that accomplished nothing. A day after their biggest March, All was forgotten like it never happened. Now we leave these failures to the younger generations and hope they will do better. Who ever thinks peaceful Protests will do a damned thing in this sick world should stay in their classrooms because your Senators and Congress people won’t hear you or read any Cardboard Signs you carry, no matter how clever they are. Go out and Do Something!

Have u heard one word from any 3rd Party? I haven’t!