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#WalkOutToVote: Harnessing Demand for Change, Youth-Led Alliance Set to Bring Power to Polls


Have u heard one word from any 3rd Party? I haven’t!


Our media are owned and controlled by the two party system. They don’t want the people to know that third parties still exist. Also, DSA is just another name for Democrat. It isn’t really a “third” party.


Sounds like you just watched 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow… Guess what, this is no movie! We’re living it… and it surely will not take 60 years!!!


At this rate we’d be lucky to get one item on your list.


INTERRUPTION … to ask members to please look at this thread re Julian Assange -
break in on 29th and no protection –

Requests to contact Embassy but would also seem that we need to be contacting many others
to protect Julian Assange.

“Please email the embassies and consulates of Ecuador, thank them for their help so far, and ask very politely that Mr. Assange be protected in travel to a safe country of his choice. I have done this and asked for his protection and transport to a country of his choice. Here is an email list for their 13 consulates in the US (I will give the “@” as “AT” to prevent this comment going into moderation a second time):

cecuwashingtonATcancilleria.gob.ec; embassyATecuador.org;
cecunewyorkATcancilleria.gob.ec; cecuchicagoATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecubostonATcancilleria.gob.ec; ecuadorconsulatebostonATcomcast.net;
cecuatlantaATcancilleria.gob.ec; ceculosangelesATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecumiamiATcancilleria.gob.ec; ecuadorianconsulateAToutlook.com;
ecuadorianconsulateAToutlook.com; cecuminnesotaATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecuhoustonATcancilleria.gob.ec; consuladoecuadortxATsbcglobal.net;
cecuconnecticutATcancilleria.gob.ec; cecuarizonaATcancilleria.gob.ec;
cecunewjerseyATcancilleria.gob.ec; newjerseyATconsuladoecuadornj.com; “

Apologies – and Thank you!


I’m a senior too, and couldn’t agree more about our dire situation. Gotta get the RED Out before they take all we have left to live on!


If all the non-voters in America formed a coalition, they would have tremendous political, power because the non-voters in America, vastly out number the voters in both parties.


Back when the voting age changed to 18, the principal of my high school thought voting was so important that he personally drove kids to the courthouse to register on their birthday. If there was an election, you were allowed to arrive late as long as you had your “I Voted” sticker. He would probably be arrested for election interference now.


Agree with Yunzer and Guitman –

and we almost NEVER have a report on the Green Party – and if there is any mention it’s
usually long after Election Day.

Can very much appreciate wanting to disconnect from the fakery of our elections … but still
wish that those who haven’t been voting would vote Green.


thy –

Just to remind everyone, during Sandy … the East River and the Hudson River joined together
to cover lower Manhattan up to about 39th Street and reports were lobbies filled with water even
at 39th street.

Also as a reminder – due to a 50 year gap before we felt anything of Global Warming … we are
now only beginning to feel the effects of the damage done to Nature AFTER 1968 and beyond.


Great post. Keep it up 2020 is just two years away. Then we can get rid of this no nothing.


I like it. Mandatory. Yes


**Now that sounds so good. Takin care of the water and air we breath. **Well we and I have said this 100 times. We lost that 2016!!! And until 2020 we will have to live with it. We must never let a Republican sneak in the elections under the Green. It is what she got be running against Hillary. She got a lot of green. Like in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


touch –

Don’t see the Koch/Dem Party apologizing for not running Bernie Sanders in 2016 which
would have been a sure win for the party across the US.

And as someone who had given up voting for the lesser evil, I also didn’t vote for Hillary.
I’m very sorry for what happened, but I think it is the DNC and Hillary who have to be held
responsible for the loss – not the voters they abandoned.

While I had no idea just how vicious a person Trump actually is – or how criminal and fascist -
it was in my mind that the public needed to see the GOP as it truly is – i.e., fascist.
And I think it has awakened Americans who have risen up in a great wave of activity and I don’t
think they’ll forget about these two Trump years and revert to old ways again.
Politics effect your life every moment of your life – so you really can’t take a break from it. NEVER.

And I know many others here are not optimistic about what Koch/Dems will do if we get them back
into the White House – or even what the Dems will do now in the USHR in investigations, and
trying to push legislation where they can to correct the harms that Trump has done – and neither am I.

But it does look like we’re moving to Bernie Sanders solution of targeting right wing Dems and
continuing to push the party to the left … while, of course, the DNC will be trying to attract more right
wing Dems to run their corporate agenda.

It’s going to take a lot of pushing – watching – and activism.