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Wall Street Critic Elizabeth Warren 'Glad Bernie Sanders Is Fighting to Hold Big Banks Accountable'

Wall Street Critic Elizabeth Warren 'Glad Bernie Sanders Is Fighting to Hold Big Banks Accountable'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders got a shout-out from big bank critic Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday a day after the presidential hopeful gave a policy speech laying out his tough on Wall Street stance.

Warren (D-Mass.), who has yet to endorse any of the Democratic candidates, offered the praise in a handful of tweets:

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Now there’s a ticket that stands-up and works! Sanders/Warren…Bernie/Elizabeth…a woman partner on the Sanders ticket would eliminate the pandering to women used by Hill…and groom warren for the bext Prez opening! One can only hope.


Is Warren waiting until after the New Hampshire primary to endorse a candidate? Looks like she does not want to antagonize either Clinton or Sanders so has decided not to endorse either, even though the Iowa caucus is only a few weeks away. Could be smart politics on her part. She may be thinking about a run in 2020 if the Republicans win.

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Time to recycle an old phrase: Robber Baron

Baron: someone believing him/herself privileged above others
Robber: “what’s yours I want for me!!”

Robber Baron-- so what, you want me to list names, now???


Senator Warren: Quit playing games and endorse Bernie Sanders for president!


If Warren ends up backing Clinton over Sanders, she will lose all my respect for her.


She will also lose people’s trust that she is what she at present appears to be. Maybe she is more center left than we think. Her field is economics and maybe we are projecting her lefty creds too much.

It is certain that she sees that a run with Bernie would win but maybe she isn’t quite ready to be so progressive as we would like?

It just seems strange that she doesn’t come out in support of Bernie. It is plainly obvious that it’d be a winning ticket. The dem party must be bending her arm and threatening dire repercussions if they don’t get what they want while promising her a run after Hillary.

I think Warren would have a much stronger chance of winning the White House after a Sanders presidency because people will support his policies.

Oligarchy may be trying to prevent that very thing from happening. Bernie opens the door and Warren adds a couple of her own terms and oligarchy would have suffered a big long set back.


Go Bernie and Senator Warren!


Yes, there is: Elizabeth Warren
I’m glad @BernieSanders is out there fighting to hold big banks accountable, make our economy safer, & stop the GOP from rigging the system.

But there is also, 91 minutes later: Elizabeth Warren
I’m glad that ALL the Dem candidates for president – @HillaryClinton, @BernieSanders & @MartinOMalley – are fighting for Wall St reform.

So, praise, but no endorsement yet!
I am coming o the conclusion, that she is holding back, because she will have to work with the winner, who ever that is.
Thus I now believe, that she won’t declare herself until there is a winner for the Democratic nomination.
Her cause, to break up the banks, is more important to her than anything. And if Hillary is the candidate, she will have to work with (against?) her on this. That will be even more difficult if she endorses Bernie now.

Warren is a “good Dem” - party over principle, she’ll back whichever one wins and won’t endorse either until primary season is over - have been predicting that for awhile now … let’s see if i am wrong …


As you can see above, I also believe that now, except that I see as her prime motivation her cause of restructuring of the financial system, not so much party loyalty.

" …maybe we are projecting her lefty creds too much"

LOL! No kidding! have been suggesting that for awhile, now - and the same for Sanders …

I suspect she would have a much better chance to get a VP bid if Clinton wins - that way Clinton can ride on the “Sanders effect” - Sanders, OTOH, might offer Clinton VP, for the same political strategic reason …


As I already said in another post, I now believe that she will wait until the Dem candidate is elected. I do not believe, that she has any Presidential ambitions. I have seen no forays into the field of international politics by her. The task, she has set for herself is HUGE!
And she can dedicate much more time and energy from where she is now and she has much greater freedom of action as a Senator, then when she is fettered by the constraints of the Presidential office.

I think she might well have made a much better candidate than Sanders if “reform from within” were really the order of the day - but i am sure she was told by the party that she has to wait her turn …and she, like Sanders, has tied her political fortunes to the DP machine …


" …she can dedicate much more time and energy from where she is now and she has much greater freedom of action as a Senator, then when she is fettered by the constraints of the Presidential office."

The same could be said of Sanders - put Stein in the WH and leave Sanders and Warren in the Senate …

As for her Pres ambitions - don’t be so sure, she’s got time to develop her resume …


I don’t think so. As I have expressed in other posts, Elizabeth has one overriding purpose set for herself and that is reform of the financial system. That goes back to her early fights, when she was still Economics Professor at Harvard.

As a running mate she would be almost automatically earmarked for Foreign Secretary. I have seen no inclination by her in that direction.

I could see O’Malley as running mate to either.

Hey, slow down, I am getting confused as to which of your posts I am replying to at a given time!:laughing:

You may be correct - but time will tell … If she is offered the post by Clinton and turns it down …

IT’s Time for Sen. Warren to get off the fence and endorse Bernie Sanders.

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I am very disappointed that Elizabeth Warren has not endorsed Bernie Sanders. She has no good reason except blatant opportunism. I had thought better of her. There is a lot at stake in this election. Her endorsement would be worth a lot. It could even pull Bernie even with Hillary among women.