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Wall Street Dems are the Committee to Re-elect Trump


Wall Street Dems are the Committee to Re-elect Trump

Les Leopold

It is frightening to see how out of touch corporate Democrats are from the American public, especially working people.


We The People are DISGUSTED with Them The PlutocRats.  The DamnocRat’s pro-Wall-Street ‘strategy’ did not work in 2016, and it will not work in 2018 or 2020.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — A. Einstein


We need political finance reforms. Few if any Democrats could raise the type of money Sanders did from small donors. It could be argued that he is cult figure. Money kept pouring in after it was clear to everyone except his loyal followers that he had no realistic pathway to winning the nomination. The type of money Sanders raised required people to believe they were part of a movement and there would be a political revolution that Sanders claimed would be needed to pass the legislation he was advocating. Many Democrats are pragmatic and would not claim there would be a political revolution to raise money from small donors.


The Clintons are the poster family for how to behave and comport yourself as open gullet to have remuneration poured down when not toeing the corporate line. Just because they never published after writing the book on setting up an “NGO” for corporate money to trade on their political shilling, does not mean — (fill in the blank of the day - or hour).

The plundering is almost at peak you can tell because the clintons have their gullets wide open as they squawk, flap and cluck while skirting the media edges serving their masters.

From the convention


Yes, absolutely and immediately—but Brand D isn’t going to give them to us, any more than is Brand R, because they both would stand to lose great big steaming piles of money. The same is true of corporate media, where most of that money ends up.

I’m always eager to hear constructive suggestions —that is, beyond “Vote for the ones who sold us out and then ‘hold their feet to the fire,’” whatever the hell that means. My plan is to refuse to donate another dime to either wing of the capitalist party, and to vote exclusively Green, independent or write-in until things change for the observably better.


Excellent article.

It comes down to money in politics. The people can each give 27$ to Bernie, but do they have the money and staying power of WS to fund the rest of the Democrats permanently? No.

Can we expect the Democrat leadership to suggest they “disarm unilaterally” as Clinton said, and get the money out of politics? No.

When bread and circuses get stale and stupider, one can only hope the revolution is not bloody.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


For the corporate Dems Wall Street is their security blanket. They are afraid without it and would not know what to do. At the same time, they are owned by Wall Street and govern on Wall Street’s behalf. Without Wall Street they would have no power and they are afraid to lose it.


“Many Democrats are pragmatic and would not claim there would be a political revolution to raise money from small donors”, What does this mean?

The entire piece written by Mr. Leopold was about corporate democrats being pragmatic and on a losing path because of it. Where has that gotten them or us. Of course there needs to be a revolution, political or more brutal … both capitalist parties are bereft of empathy towards working people and many in both parties use the corrupt political system for their own personal financial gain.

i donated to Bernie’s campaign from the BEGINNING knowing he would not get the nomination and that the whole fucking process was rigged for HRC for one reason. To help get his message out there.

I think that is possible again with the right candidate who has the balls that BS had. Call out the corporate plutocrats, Have integrity. The donations will follow. It’s the message.


I agree with Lrx!!! It doesn’t happen too often. Please do not give me the details on the needed political finance reforms as you see them Lrx so that I can continue to enjoy this for a while.


Yes, Les, what you say is true. It’s also bloody obvious. We also know what the population finds important. Life changing important. The pols show it, the Sanders campaign showed it. It’s overwhelming clear that fundamental change has to be made. It’s repeated endlessly on the CD comments section. But when it comes to the mechanics of doing it the comments stop. Since the inception of the New Deal the planning, the strategizing, the implementing by the corporate, the wealthy elites and noeliberal and right wing in this country hasn’t stopped. The marketing and propaganda, the greatest in human history, flows endlessly. They are never short of ideas and methods. And they’ve destroyed the New Deal, something that not only saved the capital class at that time but virtually everyone else.

Anyone saying that they’ll only vote independent 3rd parties and candidates is not enough. You may feel better but that’s not a plan, it’s not a strategy. We have to win the population. How the hell else can it be done?!! There’s no plan ‘B’. We got to see what can work in the 2016 primaries. The Sanders campaign. Push the f****** issues that the public realizes are important. Critically important. Life changing important. Unlike so many others, that hasn’t been lost on the younger generations. You know, the ones looking to the future. The ones who want to do more that scream to the heavens, “WE HAVE TO MAKE PROFOUND CHANGES”. Proclaiming a lot, finger pointing endlessly but doing sh*t might get you articles and commentaries but nothing tangible comes out it. Pound the issues. The public is on your side. Win there and you’ll be making changes. Not just proclaiming. We might even find a way to keep from going extinct.


“Honestly, I think even Goldman Sachs would be embarrassed by this spin.

“It is frightening to see how out of touch corporate Democrats are. . . .”

  1. This is ten times more than Spin; it is completely relative to The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public (2012):

“The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion.”

In this whole article about Douglas Schoen’s article, Les Leopold will not tell you that, plainly and openly.

  1. The Corporate Democrats are not “out of touch.” They Don’t Give a Damn. They have known exactly what they were doing, by design, for decades. Who sold out with a New Ideology (to be spread worldwide)? Who colluded with every welcoming entity in rigging and premeditated (behind closed doors) destruction of Sen. Sanders campaign? Who destroyed Rep. Keith Ellison’s DNC bid?
    They - Are - Them.

But again, Les Leopold will not tell you that, plainly and openly. His phrasing is one of the Safest possible ways of criticizing (MSM-style), because it gives them an Excuse, which equals Cover – and does not directly confront with higher levels of undeniable Truth.

Quote: “Politicians need to have ‘both a public and a private’ negotiating position.” Really? How could the public ever be truly informed in such an environment? Yet, that’s the main point – isn’t it?

'Deeply Disturbing': Bombshell Piece Exposes 'Unethical' Clinton-DNC Fundraising Deal

Yeah…but,but, but Russia!!!


Of course it is – look at Billary (Clinton) and Obama, for all intents and purposes they are reptoxicons and that is exactly what Wall St wants!


I wonder how much of this clampdown on the internet has more to do with Sanders proving you can effectively raise a serious war chest on the internet from small donations.

It had never been done in that volume before, and the fact of it had to freak out the Democrats. The GOP has already seen this before in their own primaries, but this was a first for Democrats.

All the new restrictions in the largest social media platforms will be very effective at restricting networking between activists for insurgent candidacies. Your post just jolted that idea loose, so thanks!


"One of the best ways to help Trump win a second term would be for the Democratic Party to embrace Wall Street. " !?!?!

For the Democratic department of the corporate oligarchy to embrace Wall Street?
They are owned by Wall Street, just like their fellow puppets in the so-called “GOP” department.
Look at the past 50 years. Look at all issues: war, infrastructure, essential government functions, health care, the right to vote and fair elections, economic equality, upward mobility, workers rights, the environment…

Do you notice the trajectory, that does not vary, regardless of which department has the WH, the Congress?
Of course you do. That’s because the billionaires of the world own the US government, and have for decades.

We have seven wars going on now, or more, started by Obama. More money goes to the multinational’s piggybank military than to the rest of the budget areas combined. Obama and the Dem Congress he had for two years enriched the war machine vampires more than even the Bushes combined.

Infrastructure: crumbling. Each Dem and GOP president and Congress made it worse.

Essential government functions: safety nets gone, and the Clinton presidency was worse for people with chronic serious mental illness and for the least advantaged living in fatal poverty than Reagan and Bush!

Schools: outcome lower than some third-world countries - and each Dem Congress and president made it worse, too. Obama’s cabinet - chosen by CITI group! - included DUNCAN, who worked hard to de-fund public schools and pay for privatization. And people are only NOW blaming DeVos. Blinders on when Dems are president or have the Congress - not a good thing.

Health care!!?! Nixon wanted to get Single Payer done - and the Dems stopped him. HRC destroyed all talk of Single Payer, as she was told to, with her ridiculous “plan”, and Obama told the Dem congress he’d veto anything with a Medicare option or any price controls - after meeting secretly for weeks with the Wall Street, pharma, and insurance who demanded Romney’s plan to enrich all of them while killing off “excess labor”.

Jobs? Wages? NRLB? Any differences at ALL between what GOP presidents and Congresses have done, versus Dems? None at all. In fact: Clinton killed off the middle class with NAFTA, and Obama fought hard to bury the rest of us with TPP and TISA, which would have required lowering US worker wages to match those of Chinese slaves: look it up.

Elections? Really? After the massive vote flipping, admitted destruction of voter registrations in Bernie’s demographics, blatantly unabashed rigging of caucuses right in the open, in the primary - and then the massive proven cheating in the general (stealing up to 15% of votes in many districts and ALL of the GP votes - but it wasn’t enough) — which oligarchy department is REALLY in charge of putting the corporate stooges in office come hell or high water? We don’t HAVE real elections in the US and we haven’t for decades. Remember 2000 and 2004? There is also talk that 2012 was rigged, as well.

The US now has downward mobility for people not born wealthy. We’re the ONLY “first nation” now where people will not do as well as their parents, and the parents are going down, too. We have the most uninsured people, the most people dying from lack of affordable health care, and the poorest health care outcomes of all “first world” nations. The lifespan of people in the former middle class has gone down below that of countries like Brazil: only the wealthy in the US have lifespans similar to European citizens.

51% of American workers earn less than $30,000 - and 81% of all Americans - that number includes children and retired people - live near or at the poverty level and are food-insecure.

Tell me now what it is that the Dem department of the corporate oligarchy has done for the people.


I myself wonder why white supremacist christians who carry guns like a guy who lives in a sky scraper in NYC and claims he supports working people even though their wages are too high.


HRC and the current dem’s are really republicans and those wacko republicans are just that, wacko control freaks…Bernie is a true democrat in the Classical definition of these terms. The shift happened during Bill C’s second term during the middle. He threw the democratic party under the bus and what we see today is still road kill.


Why do you think that is a good plan? Only about 3% of the population would agree with you.


Anyone who knows Doug Schoen’s history knows what a puke he is. He did work for Netanyahu decades ago, corporate Dem thru and thru. BTW, what about Israeli influence and dirty tricks in US elections?


This article put the Wall St collusion with the main street demo’s in clear perspective. I would go on to say
it’s time to take over the demo party from the inside out. Or create a new progressive party and eliminate the value of the democratic party as it is today. maybe call it the 99 Percent Party.