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Wall Street Donors Flocking to Clinton


Wall Street Donors Flocking to Clinton

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Now that Donald Trump has secured his position as the presumptive Republican nominee, Wall Street donors are fleeing the party and throwing their support behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

A Wall Street Journal analysis published late Sunday found that the former secretary of state "has raised $4.2 million in total from Wall Street, $344,000 of which was contributed in March alone."


Boy are they gonna be surprised when Clinton starts making them toe the line! She's gonna give them a good talking to!

I don't know why they want to throw their money away on a big Wall Street reformer like Hillary!

Maybe they're just dumb!


No she is not anti-business that's for sure. The very fact that she is now collecting money from Republican donors speaks volumes about her and her moneyed interests. This is proof that what people are saying about her being so right wing both on business, free trade and war are correct. She's a Republican Democrat that will play ball with them and they know it. This is where we see the real Hillary among her peeps.
Bernie could still win and will no doubt go to the convention but the DNC has no plans to let Bernie have a fair election as we've seen in the rigged state votes. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more globalist expansion and more war. If that suits you go for it. I'm not helping her pull off this illegal and immoral election. If not Bernie, then Jill Stein of the Green party.


LOL She's more one of them than a Democrat. This isn't surprising at all.


She's brilliant, really, when you stop and think. What hippie loser could possibly have come up with this? You see, she takes their money… and then makes them pay! We are going to have some big laughs at the fat cats' expense under this Clinton (quite in contrast to the last Clinton, we must understand). This is quantum-dimensional chess she's playing, and oh will those big boys be surprised when they see how well they've been played!


Oh you are so so wrong - wish you were right but where have you been since '93?


The Clintons and Obamas are the best corporate money magnets the Democratic Party has ever had and in 2016 Hillary will break ALL records for corporate "campaign contributions". The wildest dreams of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) founders will be exceeded.

If Sanders comes anywhere near endorsing her he will become even more forgotten and irrelevant than Dennis Kucinich did.


Hillary Clinton, the candidate of Wall Street and minorities, go figure. I think Hillary, Bill (the new Jobs Tsar), and the Democratic establishment, think she, and the Third Way, have weathered the storm. Bernie's effort, according to their lights, is an antediluvian abberation, and his influence will end with his campaign.

I'm not as sanguine as some regarding the long term prospects for this "movement," I hope I"m wrong. In any event, go Bernie, I'm on this journey to the end.


The media has functioned as the election 2016 air traffic controller, keeping Sanders stuck on the runway while making sure that Clinton is cleared for takeoff ahead of all others every day.


perhaps forgot the snark button?


if i didn't know you better, i might've thought you were serious! :wink:


Very appropriate photo of the Megathatcher. She looks right at home. I detest both of the Clintons.



Miracles happen and I'm going to do all i can to make sure Bernie gets every single vote he can possibly get, which may just put him over the top!


Exactly right raydelcamino, I feel the same about Elizabeth Warren and I must add, that I financially support both of them.


Indeed, I have been reading this delusional crap from Hilbots for a long time. "Multi-dimensional chess". What total BS. Her ass is bought and paid for. Wake up, "apples".


Disagree. He has said all along that he would support her and he seems to be a man of his word.

He also said that he doesn't control us and we will vote however we see fit.

Still love him and will continue to, whether he supports her or not. He likely also genuinely believes that Trump would be worse.


Thanks, HisStory, I've been on the journey too but it is beginning to "feel" like we're in the endgame?


Kiss your Social Security goodbye.




Birds of a feather flock together!