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Wall Street Is Leading the Attack on Pelosi—Steny Hoyer is the Real Barrier to the Progressive Agenda

Wall Street Is Leading the Attack on Pelosi—Steny Hoyer is the Real Barrier to the Progressive Agenda

Richard Eskow

It’s impossible to understand the Democratic rebellion against Nancy Pelosi without understanding the way power works in the House of Representatives. To understand the self-serving men behind this rebellion, heed the words of the late screenwriter William Goldman: Follow the money.

There is discontent with Pelosi’s ideology on the left, and that’s understandable. But ideology is not driving this campaign, and this is no populist rebellion. In fact, its leaders have no discernible ideology at all.


Centrist, establishment Dem hacks control the party. That sums this article up.

Coincidentally, it also sums up the last 40 years of the d-party itself.

And without an odious moron like Trump as president, the d-party would still be irrelevant.


CIA Democrats vs neoliberal Democrats.


A true overflowing outhouse of a party. Visitors should be issued masks. Hey all you party reformers, how’s that reform coming?


Typical Democrat Party mindset of supporting “lesser evil”.


“And if the left wants a more progressive House Speaker, it needs to run candidates in more primaries.”

That is the most sensible advice that I have come across among these articles about advancing a progressive agenda in the House. It can’t be done without a sufficient number of members of the House supporting it. But nobody seems to care about that except maybe Richard Eskow.

Quite frankly, when Nancy Pelosi is made to look like some sort of victim here, it shows how deeply vested the Democrats are in the pockets of the Corporations. This very much like Clapper and Brennan becoming heroes because they opposed to Trump.

All of these articles linking Democrats to “progressive Agenda’s” are nothing more then a conditioning of the populace into accepting that the two are linked together.

They are not , anymore then Brennan and Clapper have anything to do with the protection of Constituional rights of Americans.


Eskow sez: “The rhetorical style of these Democratic ‘rebels’ … is the hallmark of ‘centrism,’ the billionaire-funded political faction that serves its financial backers …”

And you thought the Gulf of Tonkin was a false-flag operation!

I haven’t dusted off my Machiavelli for a spell, but I’m pretty sure this was one of the chapters in The Prince.


I am confused, we are dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t. She would put a new rule in for no new taxes for middle class which would shut down medicare for all and monies for college et al and the group of five white males would stop progressives in their track.

What am I missing.


Screw ALL the corporate Democrats… Pelosi very much included! Trump endorsed her for God’s sake. She’s said she will not support impeachment…she and ALL the corporate Democrats are the absolute worst kind of enablers!


Does Eskow still not understand what a “leftist” actually is?

Is it really that hard to pick up a frigging book and crack it open once in a while?


“This is no populist rebellion.” What an understatement. So if we oppose Pelosi we are aligned with Wall Street and the centrists. This is total bull. Hoyer should not even be an option. Why would Wall Street not want Pelosi? She supported NAFTA, she supported gutting the Glass-Steagall act, she supported the Patriot Act. She is part of the 1% and has benefited from special stock transactions. She is totally in bed with Wall street and is unable to stand up against Trump or anyone else - except the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. She is real good at that and the Democratic Party and so many of its people are so confused that they actually think Pelosi is a progressive. NO!


Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


Reality doesn’t matter anymore - it is all perception. Similar to our judicial system. How can we paint someone - good or evil. It is a true work of art - painting Nancy as a progressive leader. Reality is so much bleaker.


Headline sez: “Wall Street Is Leading the Attack on Pelosi”

Like saying Dr. Blankenstein is leading the pitchfork-and-torch mob again his own monster.


Paint the 1%ers, as they are, 1%ers.

Being in the top 1% is nothing for the common people to aspire to. Make it known how many common people the 1%ers had to walk over and destroy to get there.

Make the masses believe the 1% are not to be trusted with our governance.

Paint the 1% as thieves and con artists.

Throw that up on the canvas, and see what sticks.


What a load of horseshit. They must be getting nervous.
The only elections that matter to the working class are the democratic primaries. We can’t do anything to stop the orange asshole and his ilk till these Vichy democrat Millionaires are driven from power. Rectum mouth wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for them.


What do you mean by “fundamental political change”? Sounds like overturning political parties, Congress,laws, etc.

Does anyone even remotely related to Washington have the capacity to tell the truth or to stop spinning an altered reality to confuse the masses?


We could use a lot more teachers in Washington - instead of lawyers and business people. In fact, I have been watching a show called Designated Survivor and a former professor becomes president. That character seems to be a model for what we need.

also- what about some poor people in our congress. Are they represented? NO.