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Wall Street Titan Gloats Over Pandemic Profits From Rentals as Tsunami of Evictions Looms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/wall-street-titan-gloats-over-pandemic-profits-rentals-tsunami-evictions-looms

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“Wall Street Shit-stain Gloats Over Pandemic Profits From Rental As Tsunami Of Evictions Looms”

There fixed it for you.
Tell me again, how many more of us are there, than them?


I think we can expect massive redevelopment under Biden, because almost all the older buildings in US’s major cities are very energy inefficient (they could be renovated with upgrades like triple paned windows buut they wont be, the deals will be signed before communities even realize that they will be redeveloped. Builders will be eligible for redevelopment assistance and entire neighborhoods will be remade into something entirely different than was historically there. Poor people wont have any place to rent. Cities may change in their economic makeup a lot, and its anybody’s guess whether the large Democratic majorities in those cities will make it through this change. It seems unlikely to me that they could. Other Dems might move in, but it wont be the same as the vibrancy of communities dies when people are displaced and scattered to the four winds, as the huge investments in their freindships and extended communities and homes and friendships and culture invested over so long by so many is abruptly stolen to make a few rich.

Thats what happens when high rise ugly condos replace economic and cultural diversity, it never returns. Who will move in? I bet many apartments will be empty much of the time. Owned by absentee owners and occupied sporadically.

Its already popular with many Europeans to have a pied’a terre in favorite US cities, whether its for work or pleasure or both. As we may see cities become much more geared towards a wealthier segment of society. I really hope that TPTB think twice about these kinds of moral deficits they cant seem to see in themseves, and see the depravity of rewarding America with this gly slap in the face after this contentious election - and how it would literally would be suicide for the Democratic party to screw its most loyal voters by pulling the rug out from underneath renters and owners in such a vicious way.

But I doubt if they will - they will just see it as business. A chance for insiders to make a killing in real estate. And indeed, thats what happens to those made homeless, in cities where no housing can be found thats affordable after people lose rent stabilized housing, research shows that many people just vanish and of those who can be found it seems many lose the will to live, they die.


Things in the US don’t work like that, ReconFire.

People will lose their homes, and all their stuff, and be forced to move far away, if they can afford any homes at all. GATS, TISA TTIP etc, and their commitments will prevent governments from doing any of the things it used to do to help low or moderate income people. No new public housing will be built for low income people. Construction work will go to the winners of international tenders, likely foreign construction firms and their workers. No young people will receive $15 hour jobs or training in anything besides life and US politics.

Whatever subsidies exist will be used to build, not renovate new and very expensive market rate housing with a very small amount of “below market rate” housing which will go to people who by most Americans standards would be quite well to do. Communities will vanish, with perhaps the facades of some buildings preserved as a nod to the vibrant communities that were there before.

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Obama reduxe in the making. Allowed the banks, that did
not hold deed to your home to foreclose, to sell the stolen
home to Blackstone which in turn rented your stolen
home back to you for 25% more than your house payment.

What’s not to love about capitalism?


I got my renewal notice from the corp that owns my apartment complex. They always give a selection of rent values depending on how long you extend the lease. Usually the best rates are for a year or more.

This time the lowest rate was at 10 months. A full year’s lease would add about $100 to the monthly rent. Oddly, if you selected at least 12 months, they would give you ONE $100 gift card. You had to read carefully to see the fine print cost of that gift card.

I’d say that they are expecting to be able to charge massively higher rent soon.


Ownership ,a human mental construct having nothing to do with ultimate reality.

Make no mistake, when the people get pushed far enough, it will exactly work like that.

Schwarzman isn’t just bragging about profits during the pandemic, he’s bragging about raising the rent on his rental properties during the pandemic.

“Krystal and Saagar: Wall Street CEO Braggs About Hiking Rents during Pandemic”
The Hill Platform

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Do you mean that at the end of the lease, whatever it is, they can raise it to whatever they want?

Nothing to stop them at the end of any lease. Other than finding people willing to pay.

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In light of this for some reason my mind is wandering to the movie, Avatar. Jake in desperation talks through the leaf strands of the “Tree of Souls” and asks for help from the Na’vi god Eywa. Later in the film, Neytiri exclaims. "Eywa heard you!
Here on Earth maybe we need to begin to pray to our God. Especially for the least of us as a lot of suffering, unnecessary suffering is coming their way. Mercy, Dear Father in Heaven! Mercy.

Props for the Avatar reference!

God could be ourselves in the future, or all species collective intelligence trying to get us through this crucial transition period, sort of our coming of age, which many if not all civilizations destroy themselves during.

God in us is our Soul, Zed. Without our Soul present in our bodies we are no other than unconscious meat suits. Our souls belong to Father Spirit God. Prayer works, therefore. And especially for His Souls who strive to do good for our fellow Souls here in this hard world. Want miracles? This is how you’ll get 'em.


You know, I think we bring ourselves all this crap so to fast track our evolutionary process.Things are looking dark at the moment ,greed is rampant ,society looks like its breaking down in so many ways.
Perhaps its breaking through .So many people being awakened as the Overhaul of humanity co tinues.

Curse the darkness not but shine the light so all can see your good works .

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Surrounded with darkness, do not shake your fist and raise your voice and curse the darkness. Rather be a Light unto the darkness, and don’t be mad about it. Then you will know Who You Really Are, and all others will know, too. Let your Light shine so that everyone will know how special you are!"

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shine the light so all can see your good works .


How can our souls belong to anybody other than ourselves, even a deity?

I think you’re misunderstanding the concept of eternal life, I think Jesus (if he existed) was probably a time traveler of human origin from our own future, literally trying to get the apostles to eat and drink small pieces of him after his death, so they could share in eternal life, not allegorically or figuratively, literally.

Because he knew he could not die, he would self repair, and thereafter they would too having consumed his body and blood which contained advanced nanotechnology they also would self repair. This is the logical story to me, also we would eventually conquer hunger and do it by means which at that time or even now seem inexplicable. (not any day soon, but we are now able to feed the entire planet and unfortunately, we’re wasting huge amounts of food, which is a crime) There should eventually be absolute plenty, indeed, we’re heading in that direction now. What we’re fighting is a group of people who are trying to wipe out the gains of the last century because they feel gravely threatened by all the good things about humanity, particularly by altruism.

Hopefully, and I think the chances are very good of this, even they themselves don’t want the future they are working for. Because it would be hell, literally and would likely lead to the permanent or more likely temporary destruction of this truly beautiful planet we live in (some spoecies, such as bactera would survive somewhere and would eventually re-establish life here)

or some intervention on the part of extraterrestrial species to take the planet out of our hands, at least temporarily, until we grew up.

Or the end, game over, total extinction of all life as we know it. So, yes, we do need to pray, I agree. pray for lasting peace.

Also, animals fit into this picture, being our fellow inhabitants of this planet and in many cases, intelligent they also have ownership rights. That cannot be alienated. Just as trade deals cannot despite everything they claim, the rich claim, alienate OUR rights either.

FYI: The current rulers of planet earth especially we here in the US and EU and a few other countries, are literally trying to grab everything as fast as they can to steal it irreversibly, with trade deals.

This is the equivalent of emotional six year olds (thats what NPD people are) taking over the Earth and it just is beyond wrong.

Another quite possible outcome for humanity is we may destroy ourselves, soon. If we’re lucky our machines would have evolved far enough at that point to carry on, and then we would be God to them, being their Creators, but, also, extinct. That was part of the plot (and its a spoiler so I am not saying who - or what film) of a fairly recent film, a collaboration by two real masters of science fiction film.

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Does God really have a gender in your cosmology? As I am sure you know, Western / European/Eurasian cultures had seen God as having female gender up until the early historic period, and it seems a male God emerged in the Bronze Age… around the time of the huge eruption of the supervolcano (the caldera seen at Santorini) and its aftermath, and some cultures still see God as having female aspects.

Jesus, I not only believe existed and lived among us but I believe continues to be among us to hear our prayers. This is accomplished through His Angels. Each one of us has an Angel, a Holy Spirit. This Angel is quietly recording our entire life to be replayed at our corporal death before Heavenly Spirits for judgement purposes. If you read some stories of near death experiences you will find truth in this. Those, such as myself, who desire Salvation above ANYTHING this world might offer, live a life that might gain them that.