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Wall Street Titan Gloats Over Pandemic Profits From Rentals as Tsunami of Evictions Looms

Hi Garry,
There’s a book I think you would enjoy.

Home With God , A Life That Never Ends .Its all about what happens when we die.

It’s one of the most beautiful books ever written.It will make sense to you .

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30 - 40 million on verge of eviction in the richest country on Earth.

Nothing is working on this planet ,primitive systems continue to be paraded by sociopathic folks who claim authority over others because they have more Possessions and money.


Home With God , A Life That Never Ends .Its all about what happens when we die.

It’s one of the most beautiful books ever written.It will make sense to you .

How do they know? It seems to me that currently, despite the possibilities I alluded to earlier, death is permanent for us, barring access to the knowledge that could quite possibly extend it greatly. I would expect however, even in a society where technology had developed the ability to extend life to millennia or even an infinite amount of time, barring some phenomena, that huge natural disasters, such as supernovae, etc. might result in large scale unpreventable deaths.

However, short term, beings with eternal life would be to our presnt day selves, deities, and indeed they would likely be so very differentthan us, because they would have a “long view” of the world and universe that we would not have unless we had (nearly) eternal life.

I am trying to look for the most likely set of hypotheses to explain these things, with the presupposition that there was some explanation

I’m trying to pick the ones that make the most sense and requires the fewest big improbable things.

In other words, I think these things could and may happen. Or may in fact already have happened some almost infinite number of times to cultures like our own. I think we can pretty much bet on it.


Yes Hemp, but they too are mortal and will face God. I’m glad I’m not one of them. But even serious sinners such as they are, while still living can change their ways. They should ask themselves if they are happy. They suffer in spite of all their money, would they at last like to feel happier? Not just in this world but in their life to come? Remember, once we are separated from our bodies, (and our money) we become subject to the whims of Father Spirit, God. Have we caused misery to His poorer Souls? They better do a bit of Soul searching before its too late.

May I suggest, Zed that you go to places that are known to be haunted to gain the truth about life beyond death. You may also Google the Near Death Research Foundation, acronym NDERF. lots of stories there to read about people who left their bodies to go places through space at infinite speeds, some to find themselves before God Himself. Jesus tells us, “Spirit is Spirit and flesh is flesh.”

gerry, with COVID-19, too many people are actually dying for me to care much about near death right now.

I’m sorry. If there is an afterlife, then I can worry about that stuff when I’m dead.

Equal rights is why now banks from all over the world can do that and they cant prosecute THEM for fraud because THAT would be discrimination.

The 2008 GATS financial crisis is like a big ad to set up business in the US for foreign banks.

No Oligarchs Left Behind.

Prove it

Blackstone, isn’t that something out of the Jason Bourne flicks that are supposed to f**k the general public?

God spelled backwards is “Dog”
therefore in Dog I trust.

People, not so much.


You’ll need to do your own research as I did, Zed. But first you will need to decide how important to you any knowledge of such things actually is. To me, nothing was more important than knowing that God indeed exists and that life after death was a probability rather than a possibility. May it for you, as it did for me, have a life changing effect. May you thus learn also the power of prayer and how God thus knows each one of His children .

A natural substance that may help us resist COVID-19 as well as live longer occurs in wine.

In dogs I should have said, in dogs I trust.

They totally live in the moment, something we all could and should do more of. They don’t attempt to hide their emotions.

I’d vote for dogs.

A dog used to be the mayor of Gilroy, CA.

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Yet it has been written; “No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.”

Did Hitler not think he was right, given the fact that millions of Germans went along with him ?

That was the insanity of it .

I don’t believe in a judgemental God , mistakes of primitive species is like a three year old spilling milk.


Hitler’s housekeeper at his Alpine country residence was an avid photographer and a few years ago I saw a film that brought her pictures to life - with extensive interviews with her, I think she is still alive. Its remarkable for how little she thought about what he was doing. She I’m sure wasnt the only one, most of the country was in denial.


Not to mention the indemnified pharmaceutical companies’ profits from the “Warp Speed” vaccines.