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Walling off Common Sense


Walling off Common Sense

Jill Richardson

“We’re going to do the wall,” Donald Trump told a cheering crowd of supporters in a victory speech following the South Carolina Republican primary. He was reiterating his fanciful promise to wall off the entire U.S.-Mexico border — and force Mexico to pay for it.

Never mind whether even Trump believes there’s a chance this cornerstone of his stump speech will happen. It’s the thinking behind it that’s majorly flawed.


Many fine points made, Ms. Richardson.

These deserve repeating:

"Moreover, Trump’s “plan” (if you can call it that) won’t address what’s driving people out of Mexico itself, such as historically high rates of murder, extortion, kidnapping, and other crimes tied to drug trafficking."

I think adding a footnote about what NAFTA did to agrarian farmers would better make this case.

"Can we change our trade and drug policies in ways that make life easier in Mexico? Can we change our laws so employers become more apt to provide good jobs to immigrants and non-immigrants alike?"

WE could change anything if our congress, too many courts, and too many politicians were not beholden to Big Money.

When Germany was financially ruined from World War I and its people suffering on multiple levels, one of the psychological tools that buoyed them up was the use of a scapegoat population to serve as projection screen for the alarming levels of justifiable angst.

THAT is the energy that Trump plays with when he turns the Mexican "illegal worker" into the problem (when he's not calling for hell and damnation to rain down on every Islamist):

"This simplistic, right-wing logic turns the victims of social problems into the perpetrators. It seeks to inflict punishment even when it won’t fix anything."

This tried and true protocol works on uneducated, angry people. THAT is Trump's crowd. Many would turn into eager brown-shirts if directed to do so.


Given the kind of society the USA would morph into under the likes of Trump, a wall would be exactly what's needed - to keep Americans IN.


An excellent thoughtful comment. We also need to remember how the USA managed to expand by absorbing 40% of Mexico, and also the decades of the USA corporations ruling the populations of so many Latin American countries, which was not to help the people there!