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Wallonia Has Shown Us the Way to Stop CETA and TTIP


Wallonia Has Shown Us the Way to Stop CETA and TTIP

Ruchi Shroff, Manlio Masucci

In just under a week, the citizens of the small Belgian state of Wallonia, who dared to challenge the giants of the global big business world and Brussels by blocking the signing of CETA, have been reigned in to order. Europe and Canada will thus go back to the table for the signing, at least provisionally, of the controversial trade agreement. The Wallonia example, however, need not be seen as a failure.


"Wallonia has shown the way. Diversity, decentralization, and democracy work for people. Monocultures, centralisation, and dictatorship serve corporate interests." —Vandana Shiva, Navdanya

Perhaps the people could diversify, decentralize and democratize corporate interests if the people owned the corporations as in coops.

Direct Democracy


This morning CETA was back in play after the Wallonia players awoke with horses heads in their beds, Corleone style.

Media reports confirm that Trudeau is ready to sign CETA soon to give Obama cover to push TPP through between November 9 and January 19.


Oh, where, oh where has democracy gone?
Oh, where, oh where can it be?
With its tail cut short and its ears stopped long,
Oh where, oh where can it be?

I do not think that Shroff and Masucci are incorrect here. I do think that we might want further instruction.


This has not been halted, nor the TTIP, or the TPP. Belgium has caved and worked out the differences. CETA is now back to track to be approved. The corporations behind these criminal deals are determined to see them through. This is the same mindset as when the US determined regime change is the mindset. One way or another, that will occur.


These "free trade" agreements are confusing. Googling it, what I find is: "The American government considers the TTIP a companion agreement to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)." In 2015, before launching her campaign, H. Clinton was working on selling the TPP to Congress. We weren't surprised, since her husband had signed on to NAFTA. Logically, we can assume that H. Clinton supports the TTIP. Democrats chose H. Clinton as their candidate, indicating their support for the TPP. If Clinton is elected, then that's what we'll get.


It was Hillary Clinton who worked so hard in 2015 on behalf of the TPP. It appears that it has already been decided that Clinton will be president. Presumably, Obama must give Congress a final push to shield Clinton from criticism, knowing that liberals will rail against Obama and give Clinton a free ride.


Wallonia has neither shown us the way to stop TTIP , CETA, nor anything else. Wallonia has to send their message to the rest of the world. The rest of the world has to decide to pay attention and get on board.


Wallonia has brought to the forefront the realization that these are not fair trade agreements between nations and representing their people, but rather the multi-national corporate corruption of government leadership and non-representation to do their bidding in forcing other nations to heal to corporate governance.

These are corporate agreements, not government agreements. Why would a nations supposed leadership give up its right to self govern for the good of its people and that nations Sovereignty to enrich and add more power to an already small elite group of greed and profit ? Every nations people should be infuriated by this. Unfortunately, few are actually aware of the repercussions involved.

The Blitzkrieg of corporate dominance is stealthily marching forward and if it is not stopped Now we may never recover. Surely these agreements must be unconstitutional in the U.S. . Overriding and/or eliminating laws as well as stopping any law that would interfere with corporate profit. The uselessness of our court system to defend our human rights. The unwarranted surrender of our Sovereignty. The potential enslavement of our citizens via non-living wages, as we are already familiar with.

The ISDS clauses in these agreements gives corporations the power of control and the means to do anything they wish to continue unabated in their quest of profit, the people be damned. Rape the Earth to its core, uncontrolled air pollution, unusable, undrinkable water, earth that can no longer sustain a crop. Then there's the other side of the coin; the countries that wish to maintain their status quo will be crushed as they have resources, land, too many people. When does it end ? Obviously, when only One holds all the wealth and control and there will be nothing left to buy and no one and nothing left to control. It's a game that doesn't end well for anyone.

I will continue to hold out hope for the election of Jill Stein and an ugly end to the duopoly.


CETA has been signed:


Read it and weep, or better, protest as many Europeans are.