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Walmart, Gap, H&M Called Out for Global Worker Exploitation and Abuse


Walmart, Gap, H&M Called Out for Global Worker Exploitation and Abuse

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Some of the world's biggest retailers, including Walmart, Gap, and H&M, have failed to improve workplace safety three years after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh killed more than 1,100 people and turned a spotlight on dangerous labor conditions faced by some of the world's poorest workers.


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Money doth not equal morality.


NAFTA, CAFTA, and (god forbid) TPP…all serve to enslave workers here and abroad. Meanwhile, the CEO’s bask in the comfort of palatial estates, Caribbean getaways, and Swiss chalets without care one regarding how their money is made: on the backs of their indentured workers. We are in the remake of the Gilded Age.


The robber barons of the gilded age whose control barely stretched beyond the North American continent would be green with envy to see how far today’s robber barons have outdone them controlling every nation on earth.


Well on our way to Neo-Feudalism


My family does not patronize Walmart, Gap , H&M or any other known exploiter of workers, foreign or domestic. We may not be able to save all of the exploited workers but we can each at least throw a starfish back into the ocean as we walk down the tragically littered world labor beach.


Make the laborers poor and needy so you can control them with only enough crumbs for survival and to keep them working. Neoliberalism.


My thoughts exactly. A Feudal system with a trained police force with military weapons to keep us in our place.
Go Bernie.


Nearly there.


When more than a hundred Bangladeshi women were burned alive in a fire a few years back, companies who bought from that factory held a meeting in (I think) Geneva and set up a compensation plan for the victims’ families. Let me restate that: European companies who bought there…
Walmart, Kmart and other US companies couldn’t be bothered. Later, one factory manager asked Walmart for one extra cent per garment to allow for safety upgrades. He was told Walmart was demanding they cut their price by two cents a garment - or they would be forced to buy from somewhere else. These bloodsuckers should be in jail for crimes against humanity; instead four members of the Walton family are on the list of the10 richest Americans.
Hillary Clinton of course, served on their board for several years. Never once did she mention the word “union” - in deference to the fact that their top union buster was on the board with her. She did explain that she joined the board with the understanding that she would attempt to bring in more women managers to the firm. It’s unknown how many of these managers signed on to the plan above. But one of the Waltons contributed more than $200,000 to her presidential campaign. We don’t know about the company itself because donations to PACs are still secret.Good ol’ Hillary, fighting for women around the world - like women in Haiti she arranged to be paid half of their minimum wage - but only for American firms. God help this country and the world if she becomes President.