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Walmart Patents "Big Brother-Style" Surveillance Technology to Eavesdrop on Workers' Conversations


“[I]t can actually ‘lead to this opposition feeling, where employees view the employer not as benevolent, but as dictators. And it can impact that attitude toward the higher-up and can lead to resistance.’”

Gee … that sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?


Sadly, though, most of the “mom and pop” stores have long since gone under in smaller towns because of Wal-Mart.


I’ve never been in a Walmart-------why would I go to a place that treats employees so badly?
Besides, the creepy logic the article states , if the tracking is done for business purposes, and there’s no law against it-then why not?
Really? How about the customers, do they get recorded and tracked too…shoppers get dragged into this also?
So here’s what you do employees… you are now writing a novel… make sure you have copies of plots to show you really are, and then say ( well the characters would say explosive things about jobs, and whatever, so the
spies would think you were planning an attack-----but you’re just writing a dystopian novel!
Then if this works well, Walmart, I be this stockholders would say ,"great idea—now we investors was to spy on you! "Won’t this be fun! Because if it’s no illegal to spy on workers --then why would it be illegal to spy on the board members who are supposed to be the workers for the stockholders?

spies would think you were planning an attack, but he you’re just writing a dystopian novel. : )

Then if this works well, Walmart-------I bet the those stockholders wold say great idea, now we want to spy on you. Won’t this be fun, because it it’s not illegal to spy on those workers--------the why would it be illegal to spy on the board members and what they were sayin. One -way spying is so fascist!


Another reason to shop someplace else.


Walmart undercuts their competitors by a few cents on most items. The produce is high priced and generally low quality. Back a year or so ago they matched buy one get one free sales from stores like Publix, that was a good deal but they got rid of it rather quickly. Go ahead bug the customers, you won’t like what I’m gonna say because I complain like a cussing sailor already.


Why not a lawsuit by customers – as they’re being spied on and recorded?

But, basically, this is simply more evidence of the FEAR of Elites/Capitalists about what
the public and their workers may be up to – !!

This is paranoia – insanity – and that’s why we are seeing people like Trump out in the open now.


But Amazon also uses much of these same sorts of tactics which have been well documented. Tomorrow is Bastille Day, perfect time for a neo-peasant revolt?


But shades of this Big Brother type mentality has already been happening for years. It began following Reagan’s busting of the unions over three decades ago. They were not by any means perfect but they did manage to prevent a lot of similar spy systems from being implemented. Today nearly every move is documented nearly everywhere. The jackpot question we need to ask ourselves is Who and what do you champion? So far it seems that we are outnumbered by those who champion the tactics of the right-wing goons who have been in charge for far too long. On an earlier post I mentioned that tomorrow is Bastille Day. Could we eventually be in for a repeat of that scenario? Perhaps it is what we now need.


I can’t say I have never been but it has been only once in a blue moon for reasons described above. It’s too bad we can’t boycott them all, but the major players in many service type industries have saturated the marketplace so thoroughly that very many of us often have no choice but to go to one big behemoth or the other. Walgreen’s vs. CVS is a prime example. Large chains have over time wiped out most of the indpendent pharmacies, book stores, etc. save for maybe in small towns too small/poor to be coveted by the retail giants. But many of them are now experiencing death throes themselves. Montgomery Ward is no more, while Sears and JC Penney are on life support, as is WalMart’s predecessor, K- Mart, which for the past several years has been part of Sears.


One labor expert warns “there’s a lot of potential for misuse,” where a supervisor might determine, “as a cashier you’re too friendly, you’re talking too much, and therefore not moving people along, so let’s penalize you.”

This went out the window many years ago, probably upon the advent of the big shopping malls. My parents once told me that because these stores have huge rents to pay they could no longer afford to engage in idle chit-chat which was quite common in the mostly mom-and-pop businesses of yore. I personally would love to see some of that come back, and at least in restaurants we can offer larger tips to those who would engage that way. Sadly, those who coined the phrase “If you want a friend, get a dog” were not off the mark.


Brian –
(Btw, lots of new names here of new members – and happy to see you all.)

IMO, the real “Big Brother” begins with the CIA in '43 – two years before the end of WWII.
See: Operation Mockingbird which took our free press –
and two companion programs: Paperclip and Gladio
When you feel you can absorb any more insanity . . .
You’ll find CIA MKULTRA was also a mind-control program among other things.
These are a small handful of CIA operations we know about - there may have been hundreds;
there may have been thousands of them.

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. - Juvenal …

You can’t go wrong following Nature, imo –
Global Warming is the Wild Card and with Global Warming it’s pretty much in charge now.

Humanity has never yet figured out how to deal with the few violent among us –
Still true today. Any uprising must be non-violent and remain non-violent.


While the abusive nature of corporations should always be exposed, what this article describes is not new nor does it need sophisticated technology. Retailers already build significant monitoring into their POS (cash registers).

For example, I worked for a year at Ross Dress for Less. As a cashier, the system times how long it takes you to ring up items. It also measures the time between you hitting the Total key and the payment going through. They don’t want you to say, “It’s $43.97” and then stand there while the customer looks through their purse for a credit card. They instruct you to tell customers to run their cards through as soon as you begin scanning merchandise.

They also time how long it takes between customers. Again, they don’t want you chit-chatting with the customer after they’ve paid. They want you to call the next customer while the current customer is still in front of you.

The Ross computer system adds up all these times and somehow comes up with a percentage score for each cashier. If you’re not 95% or above, it’s a problem, and consequences can range from being spoken to to being fired.

It’s especially not fair since you can’t control how long your customer lingers at your register putting their stuff away after they’ve paid.


Oh I’m sorry, Robert. That’s an awful way to work. Didn’t Ross used to advertised at ROSS as DRESS forLESS?

But with that pressure from management on the employees…maybe we should call ROSS--------- STRESS for LESS----------because with the work rules you had to endure , it doesn’t take much to STRESS out with work rules like that!


Publix is pretty much Wal-Mart-proof, having an extremely high level of loyalty from their customers. One of the main reasons for this is something that Wal-Mart and many other
corporations do not believe in: They treat their customers and their employees like Human Beings, with respect and dignity.