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Walmart Pulls 'Diabolical' and 'Devious Two-Step' By Pairing Wage Hikes With Mass Layoffs


Walmart Pulls 'Diabolical' and 'Devious Two-Step' By Pairing Wage Hikes With Mass Layoffs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

'Politics at its most cynical' is how one analyst described Walmart's attempt to claim wage hikes were a result of the GOP tax plan


The Walton mafia has simply joined fake news initiators ranging from AT&T claiming that previously ratified union negotiated pay raises were driven by “tax cuts” to Southwest Airlines claiming its previously negotiated purchase of Boeing 737 aircraft resulted from Trump and the GOP’s inequality exacerbation act (IEA) disguised as “tax reform”.

Will serial right wing fake news that we have been buried in for more than three decades ever subside ?


If you are a worker and are not a socialist then it is time to have your head checked for those loose screws.

So said the corporate animal. Millions of us, however, do not.


Proud to report I have boycotted that piece of shit WalMart since its inception. F-ck the right wing bass turds!


A Big Box of lies from the Low Life Leader ™


Yup. And they will still fire you if you or a loved one gets sick. and you cannot work.

Amazon too…


The Walton Family were riding high when Sam’s Club stores opened up in direct competition to CostCo. They got their butts kicked, at least on the West Coast, for the effort. Bad business decisions lead to bad business outcomes. End of story, here.
As to their $11 an hour base pay, that’s a raise in some regions of the country, but on the West Coast it’s a non-starter by state law. This July the minimum wage will go up, again. It’s not enough but working 2 jobs and getting 50-55 hours of work weekly, saving prudently and living like an old Buddhist monk, you will have a life. " Is this a great country, or what? " Bill Blazejowski.


Being disabled and 66 years old living on Social Security I get $1.05 per hour. Being disabled is a 24/7 job. Regular Social Security is about the same or a bit more, on average. The moral is never ever quit working, not until the day you drop dead at work.


Yeah, never been in one myself…


With one hand they giveth a little, with the other they taketh a lot. The latter hand is hidden. Oh great they raised wages to a still not sustainable rate. Yet how many thousands lose their jobs and not only don’t get a p[ay raise, but get zero in pay?


corporate capitalism at its very best and oh yes in case you have forgotten the Waltons are Hillary’s good friends. She sat on the board of Walmart for 5 f-----g years and did not one thing for the workers, especially not for the women, this from a so-called feminist. it gets uglier daily folks, but the good thing is every piece of garbage is rising to the surface. Trump is just the current messenger, the problem is the system we have all been living under and continue to suffer with daily.


What’s horrible is it looks like we are stuck with Walmart for the rest of most our lives. This is truly a cancer on the face of America. As Sears fades into the woodwork, we are stuck with thieving Southern based retailers: Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Cheap, crap, abusive, dead end. It would be nice to see a turnaround on how all this is done. Unfortunately, the neoliberal period has enabled this. Hillary never had to SHOP there, she was just on the board…


I was told more than once that HRC on the board of Walmart was totally acceptable. When I found out that she was there, I figured out what a horror story she was going to turn out to be. It was NEVER acceptable for her to be there. When do Democrats wake up, especially all the women who rammed Hillary at us and said we were sexist if we said no. What fucking bullshit.