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Walmart Workers Demand Fair Pay and Hours at Protest Outside Alice Walton's Penthouse as Retail Giant Cuts Jobs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/18/walmart-workers-demand-fair-pay-and-hours-protest-outside-alice-waltons-penthouse

Sorry, Folks. GREED is an addiction and you “peons” will never be heard by one of the country’s top addicts.

Billionaires are mostly grown spoiled children who feel entitled to be worshipped by the rest of us.

These Walmart workers have more courage and vision than their employer who sees them not as people, but rather only as an expense to be cut to the bone.


As I said, sort of, in my post: They are VERY courageous takin’ it to the streets BUT they will, as usual, be ignored and scoffed at for being “rabble rousers” and not “good little peons and serfs”, nodding their heads like bobble dolls when their “betters” command them to stay in line or get hurt even worse.

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“No one makes a billion dollars. They take a billion dollars.” - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Alice sits comfortably on her greedy ass in her penthouse and doesn’t give a shit about Walmart workers protesting. Alice would deny that capitalism shamelessly creates inequality because she has everything she wants and more, more, more. Her penthouse was paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of working people who are trying to scrape by…


They’re starving the workers so they can build charter schools and kill off public education along with Little Mike.



Wrong direction. It the tax code that needs changing. People do not understand this unfortunately.

I have this argument with my sister all the time. I say STOP shopping at Walmart. She says, “I can’t afford to shop anywhere else.” I say, “why do you think that is so?” She says “because everything costs so much.” I say, “no, because of Neoliberalism, you make too little…and that was done on purpose…but if you and millions like you would just STOP shopping at Walmart…you/we could make a dent in their profits…effing finally.” She says, “but I like Walmart.” And on and on we go on the merry-go-round.

The bitter irony of “Live Better”

I wonder what the Waltons pay their workers in their Crystal Bridges… or something like that pf a name) Art Museum?

There will come a day when The Waltons, Bezos, KKR, Bain, etc… will not be able to exploit employees any longer. Everyday the movement grows and becomes more powerful. Say what you will but we the people will rise up and put a stop to the money hoarding billionaires. There is no reason in the world a few should have more than they can spend in 10 lifetimes while others live in their cars and starve. If someone is working 40 hours a week they deserve better than poverty level wages from their employers. I want the Waltons to stand up and answer to why their employees have to have food boxes for their employees in the break rooms and for Jeff Bezos to tell his full time workers why it is ok for them to have so little income they live in their cars when he has numerous multimillion dollar homes. KKR & Bain need to answer, why they bankrupt companies & families to line their already filthy rich pockets. Your meager wages leave your employees struggling, their children hungry, their lives one meager paycheck away from homeless. Shame on all of you!

Hi Strea:
Yes to everything you said–BUT I would also like to know why the Waltons don’t have to pay attention to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ( I think that’s the name.) This has to do with what the Waltons did when dealing with Mexico—and why is it that corporations can ignore laws----but so many people had to suffer with stupid things like Bloomberg’s Stop and Frisk act. : (