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Walruses Are Jumping Off Cliffs to Their Deaths—Yes, Because of Climate Change

That’s funny to you?

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How about negative population growth _ and this is about walruses not you.

My wife misted up and I was so damned mad I couldn’t see straight. My minds eye imagined Donnie and Mitch tumbling down that cliff. “Our Planet” should be translated and shown in every school in the world and become the game changer and call to reason that “Cosmos” was in the 80s. Young people need to be stirred to such anger at the crappy world they’re being handed that we old farts actually start to fear them and begin to listen. If they wait for the system to voluntarily fix things the human race is doomed, which my not be a bad thing for the species that survive us. The planet will keep on spinning for the next 4 billion years whether we are on it or not.


A walk off means a gentle slope, they are going up that side. And for all I know, they are talking multiple days to get up there, getting pushed by other walruses trying to get on the island too. I’m saying specifically that they are not climbing anything.

They aren’t jumping either as has been commented on, they are falling off or getting bumped off (but again, I haven’t seen it yet).

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That’s okay with you?

Why would it be OK with me? (I assume you are talking about walruses dwindling in population)

And sure, I want NPG. If everyone decided to have 0, 1, or 2 kids but never more, we’d have NPG pretty soon (as the bulge moves through the population pyramid). I’m not telling anybody not to have kids - I had one. I have friends that have 2. I think it is unconscionable to have more than 2 (unless you got twins the second go) if you have even a minor understanding of the world as it is now.

I have none- that is what I advocate for but that is your choice. We need population stabilization and negative growth meaning NO kids. What is done is done- but at this stage of the game every problem we have is due to overpopulation including the disappearance of other species. Competition for food, land, jobs, other resources- yep it’s overpopulation of humans. Remember kids can have kids and the cycle of humans just keeps ticking. You might want to google population connection.

PS you can’t have NPG while people are still having kids, and in developing nations it;s even worse. Over 40% of women have stated that they wouldn’t have had kids - period but birth control was not available to them, and frequently women are assaulted and the men are not tried due to lax or no laws.

Anyway, this conversation is over- on to the walruses and other species as was the topic of the original post.

I understand the math of population very well - I’ve read plenty of info and even wrote a basic computer model for different changing TFR scenarios.

If you want to side with discover (who isn’t even on the site anymore, don’t know if they left or get kicked off) and recommend to everybody they have zero kids, you will get nowhere with most people. I only advocate for policies that I would be happy if everyone did them. If literally everyone had no kids tomorrow - say there was some sterility disease that stopped literally all the babies from being born, that sounds like a terrible place to live in. I feel bad for anyone who chose teaching as a profession or any number of other things. And then at some point poof - no more humans. I don’t see why we can’t solve the problem more gracefully than that.

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Typical - we need “more” babies response- If teachers are there just to urge people to have more kids that is just silly. Yes, I do side with discover- we are in a minority. Don’t understand why people don’t get it- THERE are SEVEN BILLION OF US ON THE PLANET- yet that is not enough for you and many others. I just do not get it. If someone wants a kid that badly- why not adopt? Look I have worked in schools, and I would never advocate for people to have more kiddies just so I had a job. That is selfish. Also, with seven BILLION people of this Earth, I don’t think humans are disappearing any time soon. What is a TFR response? Obviously this is a hot button issue, which is why pols and other leaders do not want to discuss it.

Ok, I should have watched first (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVJzQc9ELTE).

  1. A Walrus can climb a lot better than I thought - they are going up a pretty steep portion (but falling off a steeper cliff which is not the way they went up)

  2. It looks like the walrus is getting crowded off (almost pushed) as opposed to falling off. Why so many walruses want to go up there isn’t clear - it seems like it isn’t wall to wall walruses like I was imagining.

Anyway, sad story even if I wouldn’t call it jumping.

wow, tx for the link - I think.
Apparently looking for a place to sleep away from the waves. Now that they don’t have the ice they seem to think the cliff is their best bet.
I don’t know what you’d do outside of building artificial haul-outs for them (floating-anchored)

Humans cause climate change/global warming- the more humans the more development hence the more global warming. You should read some of the articles that the CEO of population connection has written talking about some of the timid responses or lack of discussion on this topic. We’ve known about it for years, yet people ignore it, and leaders do not want to address it even posing more restrictions on birth control and acting like only women have a hand in making babies- that men have nothing to do with it! Anyway, this affects other species as you can see.-. When all of the land and waterways are dredged, when there are no forests because all of the materials are being used for houses- where will other species go? And where will there be room for humans? The Earth is full- people are living longer in industrialized nations and others as well while babies are being born . The population is predicted to keep rapidly growing not stabilizing period.

BTW - Shay Wolf or Common Dreams - Which ever of you two it is that is responsible for this headline, You should change it. I just saw the Video and

They are slipping/falling and being pushed (due to over crowding)

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Right on. Are you familiar with J. Allen Boone’s Kinship With All Life, which I recently read after 45 years? Very interesting. As best I can recall all of his examples of “life” are animals, but are you aware of the growing literature on plant sentience and communication? Peter Wohlleben is good and he has a new book out, but Brilliant Green (2013), by Stefano Mancuso and Allessandra Viola, with Foreword by Michael Pollan, is mind-boggling and likely pretty close to the mark.

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No problem, I agree about the animals suffering, and wasn’t trying to override the story or you’re post.
I know of somethings that went on that night on the rig that the public has never been told to my knowledge, and was just looking for more conformation about them. Sorry if I stirred up bad memories. Thanks for the response.

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I see.my information on this is stale. I had thought there was a reasonable chance the curve would level out before 2100 perhaps at 10 billion and then start to come down but after reading http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2014/09/18/world-population-wont-stabilize-this-century/#.XLfrTRZlCEd and then the abstract at https://science.sciencemag.org/content/346/6206/234 (I don’t subscribe to Science but maybe I should - they have a lot of Renewable Energy stories I’m interested in), it appears there is no leveling forecasted this century due to birthrate decline in Africa not following projections based on the history of other regions.

That seems like a darn good reason to invest in all the standard good ideas in Africa: education for women (I agree the implication that men can’t be educated to solve the issue is sad, but for whatever reason, rates are correlated with women’s education), free or very low cost birth control, and media in the local language espousing the advantages of smaller families. Too bad our current government is incapable of looking at the issue objectively. I wonder if China’s government is any better given their close ties with Africa. You’d think they wouldn’t want them to collapse.


Human suicides rates in the USA are at the highest rates in 50 years resulting in lower life expectancy in Amerikan society. Suicides in Amerika is the10th leading cause of death in Amerika. At the current rate of Homo sapiens americanus suicides, walruses will take over the country and make it a better place. Or maybe some all too common brain dead swamp creature will replace the void. Either way, we are toast.

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But,but,but, business needs all those consumers. That is where the problem starts & ends.

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