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Walter Scott’s Killing Is a Direct Result of the Current State of Policing in America Today


Walter Scott’s Killing Is a Direct Result of the Current State of Policing in America Today

Ezekial Edwards

It’s déjà vu. And it’s also a nightmare.

Police gunning down unarmed black men and boys is an American horror film that keeps getting replayed. Except that it isn’t a movie you can turn off: It’s a painful, outrageous, and unacceptable reality.


I don’t recall hearing of cops shooting poor blacks in the back for no reason until recently, so I have to wonder why now and not before? Has this always been happening and never reported?

The US seems quite concerned about human rights abuses in certain left leaning countries, while at home, and in certain allied dictatorships, it seems to be rampant.

Perhaps the US should be quiet about this problem in leftist countries (where it’s relatively minor) and concentrate on resolving this problem in satellite hell-hole dictatorships and at home.


I’m sure cops have been doing it going back to at least the anti-reconstruction backlash and institution of Jim Crow in the 1870s. Just ask any old veteran Black Panther.

But in the old days, miniaturized pocket video cameras (cell phones) in the hands of almost all bystanders, and an internet to disseminate the videos, didn’t exist.


Why would you wonder about that? Obviously they don’t want any evidence to challenge their false excuses–things like THEY were being attacked, or that the targeted figure reached for a gun or appeared menacing. In other words, anything that can be used to evoke probable cause for the police shooter’s reflex to kill.


Just asking? The cop stopped Scott for a tail light not working and in front of a auto parts store, why did he not tell Scott to go in the auto parts store and fix it right there, if this was not racial profiling? If Walter Scott had been white, that is probably what would have happened.


This is what passed through my mind while reading of Mr. Scott’s murder and the question of other shootings “while trying to escape.”

  • A man is stopped for a minor infraction, broken tail light, or throwing some litter or J walking. The cop walks up to him and says, perhaps with a grin, “Have you ever seen what a Taser can do to you? It can stop your heart, or put you in convulsions that could break your back.”
  • As he speaks, he raises the Taser and points it at the “suspect.”
  • Terrified, the man bolts and is shot down “while trying to escape.”
  • This is not much different from Hitler’s SA, who shot many “while trying to escape.” Our Brownshirts dressed in blue seem to have the same outlook. I don’t know if it is because of training, or if perhaps it comes naturally to a powerful SA, regardless of the color of the uniform.


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It’s nothing new. For whatever reason, today’s liberal bourgeoisie are careful to confine discussion of police brutality to the treatment of people of color. The beatings and killings of our homeless poor (the majority of whom are white) have been ongoing since Reagan, when the middle class raised the volume on their demands for “law and order,” demanding that our very poor be exiled from the public square.

We know that this generation of liberals really aren’t into human rights. After all, the UDHR includes basic food and shelter as fundamental human rights – even for the very poor. Obviously, this generation disagrees.


Yes, but there’s nothing new about it (except the use of tasers – back in the day, they had to rely on billy clubs and guns). We have exactly what our middle class have demanded for years.


Phil Zimbardo’s prison experiment at Stanford (q.v.) suggests that it’s a multi-factoral deficit in socialisation. Those uni students had been socialised to be obedient to authority rather than be independent thinkers, autonomous in their choices.


Certainly, when the alternative is shooting them because they may have committed an offence against an administrative rule!!! Get some perspective, please. The poor guy abandoned the car, which could have been towed and any questions resolved when he came to retrieve it.


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