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Want Babies? Maybe Move Away From Fracking Country, New Studies Suggest



Time for Dick Cheney and the Shrub's perp-walks...


Think "pro lifers" might rush to "protect the unborn" here, as they have in their holy war against Planned Parenthood?

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The chemical conglomerate pushes deadly poisons on the world for numerous uses from agricultural pesticides, household products, 'scented" products, food additives, pet products, lawn products/killers and much more including thiose used in fracking. Most chemicals released into the environment have NEVER been tested for safety for humans, animals or critical pollinators, like bees.

ALL chemicals and pesticides should have to be PROVEN SAFE, not proven dangerous! If not for a corrupt Congress in collusion with the poison industry, we might have some oversight and safety! Profits over people as usual!





The truth is we are living in a world where most products are toxic and dangerous/deadly and the "revolving door" between 'regulatory" agencies and the poison/chemical industry is criminal and has threatened all of our safety as well as the environment!


The disruption caused by the chemicals used in energy extraction and industrialized agriculture are well documented. The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) a scientific research group in Paonia, Colorado, has done a very good job of researching the problem with industrial chemicals and the horrible impacts to biologicals in the global system, including human impacts. Here is where a person can go to view the information for themself: [http://endocrinedisruption.org/][1].

TEDX has been in operation for several years and the founder, Dr. Theo Colburn, along with her research staff has published several peer reviewed studies documenting the impacts of industrial chemicals.

I came across this site while reporting on energy extraction in Southern Colorado four years ago. To say that the information on this site flys in the face of current energy orthodoxy would be an understatement. Many comments I received from oil company officials concerning TEDX were very hostile. Dr. Colburn passed away in December 2014. She was a fighter and gave to the cause of a greener world scientific proofs of the dangers that chemicals used in energy extraction and industrialized agriculture presented to all living things.